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Anton Kreil - The Most Important Business Card You Own is the One You Put in the ATM

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Text Comments (61)
Sergio Catalan (5 months ago)
How can a hairdresser or a waiter that over the years have saved 100.000 make it grow in the stock market? Assuming they have 0 knowledge as a investor like the rest of us. who in his rigth mind will put his life savings in the stock market when everybody knows 95% of dalily traders lose all their money.
Mr Strange (6 months ago)
I believe this is the first time that i don't agree to what Anton is saying. Sure, working like those people might not be for him but it is for others and they might have their dreamjob that makes them happy. And also.. If there wasn't any people out there that wanted to work in different sectors and everyone wanted to be a trader then how would that affect the tradinglife and the charts? Someone has to make the money for different buisnesses go around. No workers would be very bad.
Crypto Chef (8 months ago)
le wagecuck
Officer Gregory Stevens (8 months ago)
Antony did you ever make videos on what you think/know about trading indicators? Chart interpretation and all that too? Thanks.
gomenaros (8 months ago)
Truth said here.
ncszy (8 months ago)
Totally agree. But if everyone traded or was an entrepreneur there would be nothing to trade. No engineers would be building anything, people working at the companies we trade stocks in, teachers teaching, bus drivers driving etc etc. Society needs winners and losers. And for the few that rise above then what a life it is. No one would have clothes on their backs as it's all made in china. So if all those slave workers traded or had another way if making tons of cash outside the grind then the rest of us would suffer. I'm not saying I am happy about people working most of their lives but there needs to be grunts in this world for western society to have the luxeries we do. Long may it continue. So when I become one of the enlightened few, there is plenty for me to enjoy. :)
THE LION (8 months ago)
So true.
Pavel Machala (8 months ago)
I have a corporate job. I have also experienced part-time jobs in factory whatever during study. Yes, i don't earn millions, but it is still better than anything else. I live in Central Europe, yes i have only about 1000Euro per month. Can I live on that money? Yes I can. I can afford the same life as financial analyst in London city , because everything here is 10 times cheaper.
nebulae10 (8 months ago)
I want my own time
KunLehane (8 months ago)
That is the brutal truth. They would get angry if you said that to them.
untwerf (8 months ago)
I don't get the point Kriel is making... he's saying that the guys in the corporate world aren't earning enough money?
Bozo (8 months ago)
untwerf he is saying that no matter the amount you get at the end of the month as a salary, you will always end up with 0 or negative if you live the life by the 9-5 rule or rat race. Stop taking on more loans and start investing so that money does the work for you
Seneca yamma (8 months ago)
Not enough for the liability-laden lifestyle of getting a mortage, cars, etc.
Oriol Serra (8 months ago)
So true
Rayder4Life (8 months ago)
living in london is so depressive its like you got a depression cloud on your head 24/7 lol, sun is non-existent...
raul maximo (8 months ago)
The market being like wanting to Crash.
Jimmy Vitali (8 months ago)
So is the only alternative to this problem by building a business? Or is Anton suggesting that you can still achieve success whilst being on a salary, however you just need to not have liabilities? Not everyone can run a business, but everyone can reduce their liabilities?
Marcel Burkhard (5 months ago)
Just spend less, basically.
chazz okunomo (8 months ago)
you answered your own question
ian campbell (8 months ago)
CONTRACTORS - yes I’ve thought the same walking across that bridge and London is just getting more crowded. Not all of us have joined the debt mountain. I’ve turned mine the other way around and built up a big pension and will take out the 25 percent tax free amount and buy mortgage free. I enjoy my freedom and travel between contracts. Thanks for your ethos - glad I’m not the only one who saw the vicious cycle of the capitalism system. If anything it has got worse in recent years - we now have leased cars to add to the debt and leveraged mortgages like never before.
Nice observations and insight
Andreas Tzimboukakis (8 months ago)
not everyone wants to be rich, except all of us here in the comment section )
Caligula (8 months ago)
even if you just look at their faces, they look depressed, the look like a cog. They don't look alive
TheGuy123321 (8 months ago)
what is the alternative. turn them into currency speculators and have them lose s---loads of money?? most people cant handle the psychological aspects of trading. its like putting a civilian through DEVGRU training.
Market Forces (8 months ago)
Quite a spooky message
ToddVanObben (8 months ago)
Apt description of my first job experience after uni.
Rich Tommy (8 months ago)
1 Milion likes FFS
Rafael Nádasi (8 months ago)
but you can't make money out of nothing....
Haashir Ashraf (8 months ago)
You can really make money out of nothing in the case of derivatives markets, that risk is being created by the counter-parties out of nowhere and wouldn’t exist otherwise, money in this case is changing hands not because of value being added but because of underlying instruments fluctuating in price. This is an extreme counter example but it’s just to illustrate the point. In most avenues as the person above mentioned you have to add value to the world in some way in order to receive money (it’s a measure of the added value in that sense) and that person is right in that most people don’t have an answer as to what to do with the money when they have it, hence why their ATM balances say zero (or near enough) and they live month to month.
Dragos Xtc (8 months ago)
You’re asking the wrong question, the real question is “what to do with the money once you have it?” .. that’s what most people don’t understand. Of course money doesn’t come out of nothing, if you have no money to begin with you must start adding value to this world and money will soon follow..
Luccardi (8 months ago)
Rafael Nádasi every person is able to save at least 10% of what comes in. Just save up and invest
Catalin Cata (8 months ago)
Никита Асеев (8 months ago)
Damn, that’s powerful stuff !! Thank you so much, man!!
Francisco Villares (8 months ago)
It's an expensive business,being alive.Anyone who has struggled to be free knows how much it costs💰
marcus l (8 months ago)
too fucking right! the system has made sheep out of decent people. were making money for fat cats sitting on their aris! time to break free!
geggs1 (8 months ago)
Just remember that family is number one. Don’t worry about money because it comes and goes.
Solomon Childs (8 months ago)
It is sad seeing that, but for some of them there it may have been a tremendous achievement
Paul Carless (8 months ago)
priceless, ......as you say freedom is an asset
JeffreyLRyan (8 months ago)
This is the perfect definition of freedom. What business card gives that freedom to you.
jeffrey dahmere (8 months ago)
I agree but on the other hand are not those people that spend their money on stuff and make part of our economy works
swankrecords (8 months ago)
They make a daily sacrifice for the greater glory of others. If they did not work for free there would be no Anton.
They aren't sacrificing anything. Everyone has an equal opportunity to do whatever and they've decided to work that 9 - 5 office desk job. Not because they have to, but because they've chosen to.
Haashir Ashraf (8 months ago)
swankrecords They don’t knowingly not willingly sacrifice a thing for the success of people like Anton nor any greater good, their finance workers, consciously the majority of people walking on that bridge are motivated by self interest, I don’t think most of them would work for nothing or close to nothing and why should they. But Anton is not exploiting them at all, he’s a financial trader, he may trade against some of them in the markets but retail traders don’t constitute the bulk of the volume, Anton makes money regardless of whether or not they work for ‘free’. If he happens to trade against any of them they have a chance to be right and beat Anton and make him less wealthy, if they think they can beat people like Anton the market is open to them and will reward them , but I’ll conjecture that most of them aren’t in that game to even contemplate whether or not they can let alone do it.
Miltos K (8 months ago)
Any idea whey the ITPM server page returns the following? Access Denied You do not have permission to access the page on this server.
Pol Thomas KEELEY (8 months ago)
Home truths. Wisdom.
Faraway Store (8 months ago)
Good to hear. I stayed there for 18 months and have since been in north Thailand for 18 years. You couldn't pay me to have a job lol.
Niall Ronan (8 months ago)
Fair enough. But these people might actually love what they do and obviously don't know anything else due to their educational direction they took in life. Everyone has a a choice and some people aren't cut out to be business owners and entrepreneurs and rather have the safety net of the monthly paycheck or on the other hand they may well be supporting themselves while dipping their toe into a business on the side, always nice to have a safety net when starting out. Anton seems very smug here and condenscending ..
M Ibrahim (8 months ago)
They're working to live..
Officer Gregory Stevens (8 months ago)
working to live and living to work are virtues...
talkingbob (8 months ago)
Driod Skull (8 months ago)
A man who does not work doesnt eat
I guess they aren't going to live through retirement then.
Mo (8 months ago)
M Ibrahim Nah they are living to work..
Stephen Shuman (8 months ago)
I love the wisdom Mr. Kreil is sharing
Officer Gregory Stevens (8 months ago)
More like cynicism.
Michael Mercurial (8 months ago)
This Anton guy is heaven sent. Says things with such clarity and impact. Knew of him since 07
anthony carlin (8 months ago)
yep you can have a fancy title and grind away all week thinking you are somebody and have a sense of entitlement but at the end of the day if your weekends are spent at the bar and after the monthly wage comes in you have no money left, then you really are losing at life. A real winner is the one who understands this concept and therefore makes his own money and at the end of the month sees the rewards in terms of bank balance rather than a title of say division manager at said corporate.
Bilbo Ballbag (8 months ago)
you can find happiness in other things that do not cost a fortune. It's the little things in life that count :)
thedoode22 (8 months ago)
So the guy who religiously works a job, comes home and goes to bed (without any luxuries or pleasures) and decides to invest that extra 10% of their income that's freely available to spend is winning eh? Sure, they'll be wealthy later in life but I personally wouldn't like to look back on everything with my large pot of cash and think, "yeah, should have enjoyed my life more when I was younger"
anthony carlin (8 months ago)
well i knew this before him but he is a legend i love his views on the world and life. everyone on that bridge oblivious to reality and him standing their filming them and giving a speech while they walk past thinking whos this cunt, when in reality if they stood and listened to him they would come off that bridge and never return to their job as they would have a whole new outlook on life.
Robelo (8 months ago)
Never will happen to us buddy, because we found Anton.

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