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5% or 10% on options. No! 300% is what is needed.

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5% or 10% on options. No! 300% is what is needed. Trending trading is all about the winners taking care of the losing trades and still be profitable. If you achieve a 5% or 10% return on a option trade that is a less than 1:1 reward/risk. The only way you can be CONSISTENTLY profitable is with a planned 3:1 reward/risk or higher i.e. 300% Risk Disclaimer: https://www.ichimokutrade.com/c/disclaimer/
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ANKIT PAHARIA (5 months ago)
Wonderful analysis Manesh, I did 1000% gains (tata motors and Wockhardt) options which i picked in last 2 weeks. Fully agree getting too much into option theory is waste of time, charts just gives clear trend especially with mttf support. thanks as I followed setup from one of your older video, great work, keep posting, cheers
Jose Numbers (1 year ago)
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John Bingham (1 year ago)
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Edward Bloom (2 years ago)
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Edward Bloom (2 years ago)
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jxr94115 (2 years ago)
very smart Manesh, I've been trading options this way for a while now.
Manesh Patel (3 years ago)
Lawrence....there are tons of courses on options. The key is understand the "greeks" which a lot of courses do not cover. You should evaluate all them before you purchase anything. We offer an Options 101 course dvd which is available at www.ichimokutrade.com. You can go to the product section and see the agenda.
Everton Melendez (3 years ago)
Hi Mr. Patel. Im a fan of Ichimoku and a fan of your work. I wil buy your book next week and i hope to be mastering Ichimoku some time. Beyond your book, ,could you recommend anything else about ichimoku...
Manesh Patel (3 years ago)
+Everton Melendez tons of stuff at www.ichimokutrade.com
Jamie Lam (3 years ago)
Master class on this one, Manesh. Been watching for a bit. You know your moves.

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