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Oracle's Machine Learning & Advanced Analytics 12.2 & Oracle Data Miner 4.2 New Features

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Oracle's Machine Learning and Advanced Analytics 12.2 and Oracle Data Miner 4.2 New Features. This presentation highlights the new machine learning algorithms, features, functions and "differentiators" added to Oracle Database Release 12.2 and Oracle SQL Developer4.2. These features and functioned are "packaged" as part of the Oracle Advanced Analytics Database Option and Oracle Data Miner workflow UI on-premise and in the Oracle Database Cloud Service High and Extreme Editions. I hope you enjoy the video! Charlie Berger [email protected]
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André Schraider Maizel (11 months ago)
As a machine learning PhD student I can tell that the idea of running the algorithms inside the database is great! So elegant and so smart that makes you think why no one did that before. Usually the bottleneck in real applications of ML algorithms are related with data transfer some how. Applying a dimensional reduction algorithm such as pairwise KLD directly inside the database can not only help you to acquire insights directly from such database, it also helps you to transfer data in more efficient ways when needed. If you know that only a few features are needed for a classification task you won't need to transfer all data stored in your databank. Less data to transfer = less time spent = saved money.
Stéphane Roman (1 year ago)
Excellent presentation. Good intro for those who might not have been aware of those Oracle ML & AA capabilities, and great update on new functions!
chatchai komrangded (1 year ago)
Excellent job Charlie. !
Thomas Teske (1 year ago)
Thanks Charlie - skip directly to 26:00 min for the Oracle Database 12.2 updates.

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