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Forex Trading - The Story Of A Millionaire Trader

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---------------------------------------------------- CLICK HERE: http://www.beststrategytradingz.com/manh2-binary-option-trading ----------------------------------------­­---------- Forex Trading - The Story Of A Millionaire Trader As a world-renowned Forex educator, Mario Singh has trained private bankers from Julius Baer - the third largest Swiss bank in the world with assets under management of CHF 340 billion, and bankers from ICBC - one of the largest commercial banks in the world with a market capitalization of USD 269 billion. A widely sought-after expert in the Forex industry, Mario Singh has appeared more than 35 times on CNBC, each time giving his market views to an estimated 350 million viewers worldwide. He is also one of the few experts on the show to have appeared on all three major segments - Squawk Box, Capital Connection and Worldwide Exchange, and one of the few people to have been invited as guest host. Mario has appeared as a guest expert on Bloomberg TV as well. As an expert in the financial markets, Mario has been invited to participate in numerous panel discussions organized by investment associations and conventions in South-East Asia - such as SIAS, AICE and ACDC - to speak together with some of the top investment experts in the region. Mario Singh¡¯s best-selling book ¡°17 Proven Currency Trading Strategies: How to Profit from the Forex Market¡± is endorsed by world-famous billion-dollar fund managers like Mark Mobius, Executive Chairman of Templeton Emerging Markets Group, and Ray Barros, private hedge fund manager and professional trader. Mario¡¯s articles have also been featured in Australia¡¯s top trading magazine called Your Trading Edge (YTE), one of which is featured as the headline article for the Jan/Feb 2011 issue titled ¡°Currency Wars¡±. He is one of the few Forex experts given the privilege to contribute weekly articles to the YTE blog. My Paper, a national newspaper in Singapore which has an estimated readership of 400,000 daily, had given Mario his own weekly Forex column. He is the only Forex educator in Singapore to receive such a privilege. Other media appearances by Mario include ChannelNewsAsia, Smart Investor, Personal Money, News Radio, City News, Straits Times, FXStreet and Your Choice. As founder and CEO of FX1 Academy, Mario has trained thousands of retail investors on how to trade Forex profitably. Graduates include people from Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Philippines, Vietnam, China, India, Australia, Switzerland, Venezuela and the United States. ---------------------SEE MORE VIDEOS-------------------------- The Truth About Binary Options - Make Money consitently With Binary Options by Dr.Timothy Wallace https://youtu.be/icJKFHJJWYw Binary Options Trading System - How I Successful Binary Options Trading System https://youtu.be/vVLd_YBeErU How To Trade Binary Options - How To Make $593 An Hour Trading Binary Options https://youtu.be/P9qow77VXXs 60 Second Binary Options Trading Strategies - Learn To Trade 60 Second Binary Options For A Profit: https://youtu.be/opDtw6sOqtM 60 Second Binary Options Strategies - How To Make $1000 A Day With Binary Options Strategy: https://youtu.be/oVncjnkEAGo Binary Options Trading 2015 - Free Training About Forex Trading & Binary Options: https://youtu.be/FajrBO-5AFk Click the link below, and leave your email (for free) to receive more and update details information frequently Trade your own accout (for free) here: http://www.beststrategytradingz.com/manh2-binary-option-trading I hope that you all found this helpful!
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zeta reticuli (6 months ago)
It took him 7 month to save a $ 1000.00 dollars, thats slow. i make that in a couple of days!!! hahahahahahahaha
John Lorry (1 year ago)
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Vladimir Anatolevich (1 year ago)
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Jonathan G. (1 year ago)
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anthony toth (1 year ago)
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Jonathan G. (1 year ago)
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Charles Bishop (2 years ago)
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Peverell B. Briard (2 years ago)
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Binary Success Code (2 years ago)
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clayton stoltz (2 years ago)
Max Sterling (2 years ago)
Actually the guy in the story is Hoosain Harneker, South African trader. This is from Kathy Lien and Boris Schlossberg's book Millionaire Traders. I've read that book, they interviewed 12 traders and asked them about their trading strategies. Mr. Harneker was one of them. The creater of this video doesn't want to get sued, so, he is calling the guy Mr. H. hahaha
Gandy Whandricits (3 years ago)
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