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Running R in the Oracle Database

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A quick introduction to Oracle R Enterprise and some of the things you can do with it. More videos and details coming soon. Check out my blog at www.oralytics.com
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listommania 85 (5 months ago)
hi, i was wondering of ORE is free for oracle enterprise edition
ravinderram data science (11 months ago)
kevin zhang (1 year ago)
Hi Brendan: This is Kevin Zhang again. This is a great video!!!! Can you share the R sample code you had used in this youtube? I'd like to try it out myself in my Oracle BigDataLite VM. Again, thank you for sharing!!!! Kevin Zhang
Adrian Alanis (2 years ago)
Hi again Brendan, I installed ORE, and worked great thanks !. I was wondering does the which and match command does it work in the tables also? Because I tried but seems only work when a use the ora.pull and convert it to a data.frame. Thanks for your tips !
ITZIK DAVID (2 years ago)
Hi Great show But I am also SQL Server DBA and I think there is a new guy in town
Brendan Tierney (2 years ago)
Yes there is. This video was recorded before that happened.
Adrian Alanis (2 years ago)
Hi Brendan, I installed ORE library in R 3.11 but I couldn't connect to my SID. I use the ODBC connection and works fine. Do I need to install something on the server sider or in the DB to be able to use the ORE functions? Thanks !
Brendan Tierney (2 years ago)
There is a server side install and a client side install. Both are needed

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