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Swearing an oath can be dangerous if you are unaware of who you are swearing an oath too. You may be serving something that you didn't intend to serve if you were not fully aware of the nature of the beast you "agreed" to serve. Maxim: "If you know not the name of the thing, the thing itself is surly lost" so if you don't know your own name, you may lose your rights to your own body if you attach yourself to another god than the god that granted you your one and only true name. If you don't know your own name, you are surly lost.
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jack fruit (2 months ago)
https://en.wiktionary.org/wiki/syntaxis From the Late Latin syntaxis, from the Ancient Greek σύνταξις (súntaxis). an arranging, putting in order array, arrangement, organization, system, order composition, treatise (grammar) syntax body of troops, contingent company, troupe covenant, previous arrangement tribute, levy subvention, pension https://en.wiktionary.org/wiki/%CF%83%CF%85%CE%BD%CF%84%CE%AC%CF%83%CF%83%CF%89#Ancient_Greek Tax of sun/son/sin....
Angela Qaiser NAZIR (3 months ago)
Have a listen to the Vatican Easter mass... they praise the supreme architect... Lucifer. We've all been tricked into thinking the supreme God is a man anyway. The trinity is MAN, WOMB MAN AND OFFSPRING... no gloss intended. Every last one of us came from the body of a woman and still say God is a he... im shocked
Brother Hebert (4 months ago)
Romley. I watched a few vids. Excellent work and presentation. I would like to know what you believe regarding the identity of true Israel. You can check out my site if you like: https://www.ageoflaodicea.com/
Kodey Woodlands (4 months ago)
Brother Hebert Thanks, I will look at the links you posted... I am aware of some of what you are saying but I will have a good look. thanks.
Brother Hebert (4 months ago)
OK, I see that you are not aware of the literal identities. I think once you realize it, you will easily get it. I have already commented on another of your vids, and posted some papers explaining the identities of the cursed seed of the nachash. Here is some on true Israel. http://anglo-saxonisrael.com/content/israels-migrations-series https://comparet.christogenea.org/sermons/suppose-we-are-israel-what-difference-does-it-make The Twelve Tribes https://www.ageoflaodicea.com/the-twelve-tribes/ Marks of Israel https://www.ageoflaodicea.com/marks-of-israel/ The 'holy land' has been cursed by the blood of Christ, and still is today. The Jews are impostors. They operate under the exact things you teach about. Deception. I hope you will look at these posts as well as the ones on my other comment, as I see you are gifted with the knowledge you have already. Now I pray you can connect the dots with the true identities of who is who. Yahweh bless
Justinian Deception (4 months ago)
I am not sure about Israel but I do wonder if the holy land is simply escaping from the jurisdiction of the sea, the Vatican, the underworld of the dead, the corpus juris. I assume that any one that escapes the law of the water and finds his way back to the jurisdiction of land or finds the political standing of the creditor, grantor, has found the holy land, no matter where it physical sits. Israel and the Jews may be just as deceived as any other's that enter into mammon.
Russell Craig (5 months ago)
Rom,.. how can you be sure that the Catholic mass is singing "Give thanks to the sun the light of all nations" as in a reference to the "sun" of our solar system, and not the "son" as reference to Jesus the Son of the Father?
Zz gogfi (4 months ago)
Justinian Deception But, man that attached himself to whatever entity or dominion, no mather what name he uses is considered dead by very God The Father, who gave dominion to Adam, if that man believes in the name of Messiah. If he is dead than he is no longer under authority of that entity that he was submitted before believing in Jesus The Christ... That person is considered to have right to become child of Living God,and if child - heir. A will or testament of God's inheritance came to power when testator Jesus - died. Inheritance of incorruptible life and New Earth... For God makes all things new. He will also give us new names... So our names assigned to flesh have no true power. All believers in Christ are dead to their flesh but alive in The Spirit. We have to believe in gospel to be saved. No document given by men can do that nor nullify salvation through belief in Yeshua HaMashiach / Jesus Christ.
Russell Craig (5 months ago)
Thanks very much for your meaningful and detailed reply Rom. I really appreciate it! I tend to agree with you with regards to the reference and context of the Vatican use of the word "sun" in their requiem. I shall study your reply more deeply as I sense that it has profound significance. God bless you and your family and your work. Cheers!
Justinian Deception (5 months ago)
The Babylonian text within the chambers of the Vatican. The Vatican controls all the laws of the corporations and nations, you must be "incorporated" to be a part of it, the SIGN language derives from Egypt and it is all over the Vatican.... The cross is the symbol of death and Christ died on the cross for us and it appears that Christ has given us a "remedy" within the corpus juris, the world of the dead, but the remedy only comes through Christ's "name". The Catholic church deals in the corrupt debased SIGN LANGUAGE and seems to "never" use the Christian name unattached to their SIGNS. Any name appearing in SIGN LANGUAGE SUCH AS THIS TEXT HERE, does not render a proper "name", the name SMITH appearing in sign is from another world apart from any common law English text appearing as proper nouns. Any words appearing IN SIGN LANGUAGE LIKE THIS, has no jurisdiction with common law of the land, it deals with shipping, the laws of the sea and this is why I wonder what son they are really worshipping because on deeper analyses, the chambers of the Vatican may not be worshiping the "son" or "sun" what we assumed. I hope they are worshiping Christ, but given the brutality of the Vatican and its strangle hold over the Corporate world and nation states, it makes me wonder where Christ has gone, or did we leave Christ??? (Or deceived by Lucifer that was passing himself off as Christ?). I do notice that when you give the Christian name only and the date of birth of the Christian name, (Not the born date) the state loses all jurisdiction with you, and this even goes to Bank mortgages... I think this short documentary is just a wakeup call for people to be vigilant on everything we are told... Lucifer goes to all extent in order to maintain the "illusion" that he is the real God... "Persons", were created by Rome, the Vatican, not by God, so being a person, being an "incorporation" renders your attachment to such a "person" to be under the control of the God (Master) of the "person" ...(Not the God of man) Lucifer has no jurisdiction over man, as confirmed in article 1:26 Geneses, God granted dominion over land, air, sea, and the thing that creeps, (Surname) to man, not to persons or Lucifer. You may assume that you are a man but by holding any attachment to the "things" of persons (Legal title) you have attached your body to the "person" being the creation of man, and not the creation of God, the true father of existence. I assume that the registrar general of the Certificate of Birth, is the first debtor of the Christian name but its the things that have been done after that, that may have destroyed your creditor standing as man and we have fallen into the debtor standing of the incorporated persons... Just a wakeup call for vigilance... as an entertainment film, ... lol ..
KristoFer Johnson (5 months ago)
Love from Merica's* Appreciation*** I'VE always felt that even the bible is a scam... it's all trickry/ spell to get us away from the true Self. The Christ within-
Algo Rhythm (6 months ago)
Dude, great work - make more videos please.
Dan Thomas (6 months ago)
Justinian Deception is a youtuber who uses mind altering, hypnotizing background noise, that low frequency noise is distracting and designed to put you into a trance like state and make it easier to brainwash you. I'm finding many use this type of noise, I call them out, they never respond, nor will they stop using such music, cause it works on the week minded.
Gadien Chapman (6 months ago)
Actually no, I don't think that's a dictionary word.
Dan Thomas (6 months ago)
Gadien Chumpman Cocksucker proper English? Go suck a dick!!
Gadien Chapman (6 months ago)
Dan thomas. thomas isn't a name Dan using proper English. If I wanted to be seen as a complete tool I would be saying exactly what you just said without paying any attention to what the host has been showing us.
Dan Thomas (6 months ago)
You probably call it music, I call it noise, the music in this video has that low frequency "noise" that makes me ill, I'm very sensitive to it, it doesn't bother the brain dead, but us that haven't destroyed our ears/brain find it irritating. I know you don't produce the sound track, just use it, many youtubers use this type of music, I will not listen to it.
the GLOSSA channel (6 months ago)
What background noise? Crickets chirping? Please provide further details to justify your claims. The only researcher who might possibly use hypnotic speech patterns (NLP) is Sacha Stone, but even that is uncertain. In any case, Sacha is based in the UK and has no affiliation with the Justinian Deception channel.
honda4004 (6 months ago)
KING JAMES BIBLE catholic jerusalem bible may be was to represent the people REPUBLIC SIMPLE FLICK THE COURT TO REPUBLIC " NON je suis la resurrection en vie " now you are free to go !
Kristin Burton (6 months ago)
Psalm 84:11 For the LORD God is a sun and a shield; the LORD bestows favour and honour; no good thing does he withhold from those whose walk is blameless. The ALL CAPITALS God is a sun.
Humanism (7 months ago)
I have tried but I am still so confused.can we have a chat over a cuppa or somthing? I’m local to nsw.25 year old kid boy.been living in me van last 6 years and am over this licence registration game.im explaining this to try and show transparency I dont work and would really just like to be schooled so I can absorb some information from the experience maybe print me own licence plates if that’s the go? And be able to speak and stand up for myself.im over the boys in blue rubbing me up on the highway tarmac for not having a piece of plastic. ✌️ peace and thanx for the info.trying to comprehend. Staring this page from the start
Ron Alan (8 months ago)
Enforcement against the ambassadors of Satan is the wall that most liberty/truth seekers encounter along the yellow brick road. Hopefully that wall won't arise as people claim their birthright and take control commanding administrator to perform and if the wall appears we learn what knocks it down. I think this is where most find themselves. Anybody getting through the wall? Please share if so..
Intellect.website (8 months ago)
Hello How can i reach you? I'm doing some research and cannot find any confirmation that the Vatican owns the Crown corporation. Would you be open to let me e-mail you about this! Thank you
Ron Alan (8 months ago)
I would suspect than in claiming our birthright, as the Christian Name. if that is in fact what we do, we should at the same time take constructive delivery of the legal title to merge the two, so to speak, however keep State as Trustee as they have custody of the Estate? And we take control over both the Estate and Trustee? Thus keeping the illusion. I want to add a Thank You for all the information you have shared and pray God keeps His armour over you as you have endured so much already.
Ron Alan (8 months ago)
if the christian name is the true name, why than is it thought that the surname is the means in which the inheritance passes? If one is created by God with only one true name would not the inheritance pass through that true name? Than as creditor command the administrator to do as you command using the Estate (first and surname) if need be?
Lex Glossa (7 months ago)
Everything else you say Rom makes sense to me, but the implication of the State owning our Surnames implies a prior claim of ownership over us as slaves.
Lex Glossa (7 months ago)
How is the Government the owner of the Surname (unless you mean we are the Government) ? The Government did not create my heritage/clan/patronym my fathers fathers did - so any claim the State makes to that is a false claim in fact it is a fraud. What the State did create was a birthing of an incorporated NAME/ENTITY/VESSEL using our property, it seems that in the absence of our claim to the right to incorporate our names they have got in their first using information given or donated to them by way of a declaration .... how do you follow as heir to your fathers Estate without enjoining with his name some how ? Especially as the BC or CoB have nothing to do with the arrival of a new born baby that breathes ...
Justinian Deception (8 months ago)
Yes, what is "thought" and what is the fact really is in conflict... that is probably where such ignorance exists in relation to the system of government. The government is the owner of the surname so if you than assume such a name to be your name, than you become the trustee legal title holder of the State Government, so when you pass Legal title on, you are representing the government so such title remains with the government through you. That's why they can charge you rent on your own land and call you a "resident" and not a "sojourner" ... If you owned the land you bought, you would not need to pay rates or taxes on such a land so they trick you into believing Legal Title is ownership.. when its not... its just a right to live on the land on the conditions you pay the true owner being your Christian name, the rent. While you hold the legal title surname, your rent goes to your true Christian name that is no longer your claim, giving all such rent paid to your Christian name (Account) to the one that swapped it for the Surname.... Yep, the old snake in the Garden of Eden when he tricked Adam to accept the Legal title from the tree of death... (Tree if Knowledge) ...
Justinian Deception (8 months ago)
If you hold legal title, the equity will always remain with the one that granted you the legal title. If you pass the legal title on in your will than the equity will always remain with the state, being the administrator. The legal title is the false name. The true equitable title remains with the Christian name but while you hold the legal title under the incorporated name, (Name and surname included into one name) you no longer go by the Christian name only, and only in the name of Christ, Christian name, can you be saved from the legal title and by holding the true name, the equity returns to you while you birth yourself into the house of the Christian name. House of the Creditor... I assume...
honda4004 (9 months ago)
Also look up PUBLIC EASEMENT all national people ( not citizens ) have the right to passage freely on all highways and by ways without interference by the roman legionnaires/ police officers now known. No forfeitures or seizures can be executed without consentual admission. So they try to trick you to sign as the citizen. Wikipedia defines it in more detailTHE DRIVING LICENCE MAY BE THE TRICK TO GET YOU TO WAIVE/wave your right to this god given natural right to travel. See what you think as I too have had vehicles stolen and I am sure /shore this easement would result in those thieves BEING guilty
SETEP-ZADOK IS'-RA-EL (9 months ago)
Angela Qaiser NAZIR (3 months ago)
Otto Lund (6 months ago)
In Other News November 27, 2017 http://inothernewsradio.com/podcast/in-other-news-november-27-2017/ Quote: On this show, we’ve talked in depth about the idea that most of us are subjugated into a modern slave system but with a vague reference to the power structures using terms such as bankers or elites. Our guest Dr. Sean Hross brings a tighter focus on those terms through his research exposing the world’s most dangerous mafia, the Pharistocracy. .. Prison for Giureh Sean Hross for making videos for truth and justice and for expressing his opinion + http://www.navigate3d.no/mbbs22/forums/thread-view.asp?tid=1956&start=1
Rights And Liberty (8 months ago)
SETEP-ZADOK IS'-RA-EL jahova is jahova osiris is osiris
SETEP-ZADOK IS'-RA-EL (9 months ago)
“(T)he PLACE/RANK/POSITION separate/from/of (t)he DE-CEASE-D in/among HEAVEN/CONTENTMENT is BY/THROUGH (T)he side SEPARATE/FROM/OF God (OSIRIS OF DEAD) in (t)he MOST HOLY PLACE, and he BE-COMES God and an angel separate/from/of God (OSIRIS OF DEAD), he HIM-SELF IS TRIUMPHANT and his KA/CHARACTER IS TRIUMPHANT” “HE who SPEECH is RIGHT and TRUE, ENJOY the OFFERING by or through (t)he DE-CEASE-D in among his NEW STATE SEPARATE/FROM/OF BEING IN A PARTICULAR MUNICIPAL STATE: called “per kheru,” THAT is to SAY “(t)he THINGS which The WORD or The DEMAND made to APPEAR,” or “per hru kheru,” THAT is to SAY “the THINGS which PRESENTED THEM-SELVES at the WORD” or “AT THE DEMAND” separate/from/of (t)he DE-CEASE-D. (T)he DE-CEASE-D was called “maa kheru,” THAT is to say, “he who REALIZES his WORD,” or “he who REALIZES WHILE HE SPEAKS,” or “whose VOICE or DEMAND MAKES TRUE, or makes to be REAL-LY and ACTUAL-LY”
Lazyboy Researcher (9 months ago)
POWER TO LEGISLATE OVER US IN ALL UPPER CASES. https://youtu.be/78U-wusOe8U I should have mentioned Rom 1:30:00ish is what made me connect with your info.
[j] witness (9 months ago)
You create these videos ov 1/[10]th code k n o ov literal dephoenician c Ω p t i c k e y u n o c l o g o. L E T T E R I S L A W IS L E T T E R DO U DECEPTICON KNOW ER LTRS o preacher preaching definition meaningful bullshit code¿
Steve Bronson (10 months ago)
Hey Rom quick question. The Blacks Law Dictionary, 4th edition, is that a revised edition or one from 1951? cheers.
Justinian Deception (10 months ago)
I'll check that, I have PDF's of several dictionaries but I usually use the earlier ones, like the first and second edition but some words that don't appear in the first or second sometimes appear in the 4th edition. The earlier dictionaries at not in print form, they are pictures of each page. I will check and get back to you if I can find out... The best dictionary I have that also covers legal meanings, is the Webster's dictionary, the one on the video, that is the book that I have. Its an eye opener, we all have to be so careful with words and SIGNS... I think the Blacks Law Dictionary, is the dictionary of SIGN, and I don't think its valid to be honest... It seems to be about private law, not land law and correct English... This is only what I assume though, I could be wrong too...
honda4004 (10 months ago)
rom you checking your urine ph weeklyhas to be 7.3 or green on litmus paper its a sign your fit/ish when ive come out of there cells i have been acidic 6 to 5 not good just a pointer for all from horses mouth
honda4004 (10 months ago)
you need to go down the path of bio resonance but in trusting a good man or woman contact peter stevens in australia if you can www.weathercreation.com or joe booker in lismore his friend lynn edkamp is very special joes brother paul booker still races at lismore speedway so may be that route to contact or www.joecellwaterscience.com bio resonce is not pseudo science its true natural logic field pulses the gov have cocktails that will act like rust on metal but it does it to your skeletal structure like cancer but multi disguised to look like other symptoms you feel fine but then crash in certain weather temps or stress situations etc etc
Kodey Woodlands (10 months ago)
honda4004 yes, every time I was arrester and placed in the watch house I got really run down and broke out in cold sores. the food was so bad I was scared to eat it and there is no fruit or juice. the time I was drugged before the court case I was given tea because I refused to drink their over sweet coffee. I dont have sugar in tea or coffee, the officer was really nice to me and said that they got tea for me special even with Mangally milk from a local milk producer and I fell for their trick... was not long after drinking only half the cup of tea that I started seeing ants crawling all over the wall... by the time they took me into the court the ants were streaming accross the sealing and were coming out of the clock on the other side of the court... Magistrate Magee only had one eye! thats all I could see... by then I knew they had poisoned me. my friend Jason called an ambulance after the court hearing because he said that I looked sick or something was wrong while in the court. The watch house refused to let them in to see me and than held me in the watch house for hours after the court hearing. when I was released on bail late that afternoon, I went home and lay on my bed and didn't wake up till morning, I was so run down that I was still in the same cloths and not even a shower. the next afternoon I went into hospital and got checked and they could not see any drug but said that I had antibodies from a foreign eliment like LSD and they found blood and something else that was of concern. they said I was in a bad way. I had to go back in a week but a week after and I was back to normal... the threat from McLeash being the head of CIB in Cairns, was that when they get me in prison I wont be coming out alive... it was a scary time and when locked in thoes places, we are at the mercy of their dogs of society that just do anything for money, even kill... the police are scary and dangerous because they are so dumb that they do what anyone tells them to do for money...
Charlie Van Horn (10 months ago)
4:39...and remember, MOSES IS NOT LITERAL FACT!!!! We are beings of LIGHT and ENERGY...hence, we come from "Gods creation"...this is why their fraudulent enslavement is WRONG. Know this folks, don't interpret the scriptures as LITERAL FACT....it is ALL ALLEGORY!!!!
Charlie Van Horn (10 months ago)
3:50 yep, but the birth certificate scam was taken from the babylonian slave system...this is why these zionists love their babylonian talmud. Owned by the jesuit black nobility via The Vatican...controlled by the zionists through their culture of filth...mainstream media, hollyweird, music industry, scripted sports, central banking scams, tell-lie-vision 'programs'. They both work hand in hand to fraudulently enslave us physically, mentally, emotionally....and financially.
Charlie Van Horn (10 months ago)
p.s. there was NOTHING evil about egyptology...it gets the bad rep because of what these jesuits use it for.....and they use it for satanism. Prior to the Romans implementing Christianity...there was no bad or evil...it was just as it was. The invention of the good and evil, or the split/divide, came with Christianity....in order TO divide us...to tell us the moon energy, or feminine energy, was "bad or evil"...and that sun energy, or masculine energy, was" good"...and to ONLY choose one. Which, in reality, NEITHER is bad...as we encompass BOTH...but, when we are following their skewed lies...we search OUTWARD....instead of looking INWARD and realizing we ARE made up of both and we ARE much more powerful than they have lead us to believe. Remember this. They have TURNED these ancient ways EVIL by their satanic rituals, etc. Know this.
Golden Rooster (10 months ago)
Thoughts about flat earth?
FlatTimes (29 days ago)
Justinian Deception, Romley, the Globe is a Luciferian Jesuit Lie. It’s another way to subvert and invert the Truth. Just as we all unknowingly took ownership over our First & Last Names; we unquestionably take ownership over the ‘Globe’. Hence, serving their God without even knowing it. Just as they deceive us in Court with the Glossa in the King James Bible (therefore swearing an Oath to the wrong God); they deceive us with the Globe - which in turn helps them ‘hide God’ from us. Further, there is ZERO measurable Curvature over long distances. This is confirmed with high-tech Laser and Cameras. The Deception goes deeper than we could’ve ever imagined.
Angela Qaiser NAZIR (3 months ago)
Golden Rooster don't forget that here in America we give NASA 60 million dollars every single day to perpetuate the damn lies that we live on some magical flying ball!
Angela Qaiser NAZIR (3 months ago)
Anyone with 2 working brains cells and can read the 1988 lunear document by NASA, the gps, loran, the handbooks all say a stationary, nonrotating earth. Which is exactly what we feel and see. Theres another, the U.S. parent Planisphere also shows how clocks work and earth is like a compact disk where the energy flows in the center and all around. We can't fall off, there's thousands of miles of ice to hold in the waters and it's there but most want to act like they can't see it lol
Ahwarah Marah Pinealah (6 months ago)
As if true seekers for truth have time for such flat digging... yesnoyesnoconcave-whateverhell-ur-th-alienated-state-of-fallen-deceptive- creatures-in-need-for-energy-sources-human-flesh-labour-etc
Sorry Romley. I am a huge supporter of you and Rohan but the earth is flat my friend. I have definitely not been fooled like you assumed I have. 4 years of research under my belt. I encourage you to research flat earth. With your intelligence, I would be surprised if you don't become a flat earther within 6 months.
Narelle Chapple (10 months ago)
They are not who they say they are. They are actors with fake names & fake lives so therefore not liable for anything & when the heat is on or they have fulfilled their role they exit in disgrace like Gillard, Abbott, Whitlam, Rudd or become CEO’s of billion dollar companies or profit off their newly founded charities, write their autobiographies & or pop up on “Their networks”or their bosses networks to cause some controversy & sell some papers or are killed off to play some other role in furthering whatever agenda is in play. Research it Yourself wellaware1.com Dallas Goldbug AKA Ed Chiarini
Free Man (10 months ago)
Just wore out my felt hat so i grabbed my old Slouch hat from when i was in a Parrachute regiment. First i removed the roman wreath skippy badge. It used to mean something then i noticed the twin arch crown then the cross above the crown the Roth shield red Cross. then the Rising sun Badge. Ra Amen Ra. then the 7 fold Pugaree said to re-present the states at terroritories but more likely the seven days the Sun rises and sets. Iesus Horus and Set. YHS IHS Yes.
Vaporize.com.au (10 months ago)
Yup. Ra. Scary Scary stuff. As depicted in Ancient Hieroglyphs. - https://skullsinthestars.com/2014/03/31/the-curse-of-asshole-ra/
SocietyOfTheSpectacl (10 months ago)
jesus jones (10 months ago)
Superb!!! and so true.
SocietyOfTheSpectacl (10 months ago)
if you try to google it , SON not SUN comes up. I think this one was a dead end.
jesus jones (10 months ago)
https://images.duckduckgo.com/iu/?u=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.templemount.org%2Fsoltemp.jpg&f=1 Looks like something you find on a computer?
SocietyOfTheSpectacl (10 months ago)
jesus jones (10 months ago)
Son and sun vibrationally are the same. zion/Sion are the same vibrationally too. The son/sun too; and you see this on churches like on my local church.
Truth Seeker (10 months ago)
Kman (10 months ago)
Truth seeker - Why write in all capital letters? i do not know how to read ASL...Although, do recognize as such.
Truth Seeker (10 months ago)
mele host (10 months ago)
The Vatican worships the sun as it symbolises the 1000 Points of Light, which is the 1000's of organisations working to bring about the Order. The Zionist Vatican Order. They also worship Dagon the fish God, but more real, the rule of the Sea, which is the mer-chant system and its laws.
Charlie Van Horn (10 months ago)
And they worship the fish because they were borne in the Age of Pisces...which came to an end Dec. 21, 2012 ;) If you got a birth certificate...you ARE property of The Vatican. They own all....profit off all. It's ALL fuckin FRAUD.
Otto Lund (10 months ago)
Exclusive- Judge Anna Von Reitz - A Country Enslaved - Taking Back America + https://tinyurl.com/y8vl5ter This page is an index of the writings of Judge Anna von Reitz from Big Lake Alaska http://annavonreitz.com/ Creation of the Birth Certificate Trust https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hyq9PhuMjus Edward Mandell House http://www.gemworld.com/EdMandellHouse.htm Google { legal name fraud https://www.google.no/search?q=legal+name+fraud , 1998 crown copyright in the information age https://www.google.no/search?q=1998+crown+copyright+in+the+information+age , anna von reitz site:abeldanger org https://www.google.no/search?q=anna+von+reitz+site%3Aabeldanger.org } UN UNCED: Earth Summit 1992 by George Hunt, depopulation, bank scams, fascist new world order agenda http://www.navigate3d.no/mbbs22/forums/thread-view.asp?tid=1863&start=1
honda4004 (10 months ago)
Dear m. Recently had this off wiki chief mayer I place Non je Suis la resurrection en vie. And where that phrase is in city of London End of email. With gratitude My note is that I have never come across starting a email with the main letter of the given name. Is this common ?
honda4004 (10 months ago)
Recently saw this on a brown envelope here in uk MELVIN UNKNOWN Latin for unknown = incognita ?
Sojourner onmhyway (10 months ago)
Good video. Thanks. Learn more. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oN7aMdgEK9g
Ruby (10 months ago)
The god of the Old Testament is Satan. Marcion compiled the first New Testament. Marcion and the original Christians believed YHWH was Satan. Who incited David to count the fighting men of Israel? a) YHWH did (2 Sam 24:1), b) Satan did (I Chron 21:1) 20 - Unveiling the Evil OT God https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fXAAavy7g9Q&index=1... http://www.thecrowhouse.com/nwofs.html
who is making the claim? (10 months ago)
the babtists in the sounth may be upset to learn about this....that they are practicing catholics....
Steve Bronson (10 months ago)
Practicing hypocrites, not catholics.
D avid (10 months ago)
good vid and thanks for all yr info..learning a lot. 😁👍

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