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Error pointed out!... New Holden made in Germany, not China, as was earlier stated in 2017. However, we have still lost the Australian car factories... https://www.salisburyautoparts.com.au/blog/2015/09/next-holden-commodore-made-in-germany When your government sells you out, start to question who really owns your government. Who do they really serve? do they serve a foreign private bank? does your government derive from a foreign district? ... Vigilance is the only remedy.
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Jaynee Douwe (8 days ago)
Romley you are an absolute inspiration and I thank you for that. The SHEEPLE that surround us are in such a deep state of comatose that, like you stated it will all be too late once they've realised what these pedo's have done.
JJ Nobrega (1 month ago)
We are all going to hell in a hand basket ? Is that what you're saying ? I laugh like that too sometimes .. God bless
Dennis Rodgers (2 months ago)
Mathew Lawrence (2 months ago)
This is another great strawman audio. https://youtu.be/7uXmRvEL6W4
Mathew Lawrence (2 months ago)
Hi Romley. Go check out the GLOSSA channel. ALL your videos have been taken down, there is NO content on the channel at all.
Mathew Lawrence (2 months ago)
Absoloutly, WoW the deception just keeps getting deeper. I understood the first part from your videos. But the part about the fake money has me shocked. So unless we go and trade our cash for gold, our money has no value and they continue to own everything we have a name to. Arrrrrrrhhhhh. You should come join us at MeWe, there's no tracking and censorship. Free to say what you want, and you are such a wealth of knowledge. This is a page I run about this exact topic, It all started when I watched your videos. Just trying to spread the word. I am going to copy and paste your above information to that page. https://mewe.com/join/for_we_the_people_cestui_que_vie_trust
Justinian Deception (2 months ago)
I think what has happened is: When the Magistrate calls the name, "John Henry Doe", he is calling the state owned name and the real "John henry" walks into the court room "assuming" that his name is: "John Henry Doe" when in fact, there is no evidence that "John Henry" is "John Henry Doe" ... The reason why the name "John Henry Doe" appears as: "JOHN HENRY DOE" in all caps, on any court charge sheet, is because the all uppercase text is the "BIRTH" of the office where the real name in proper English text is "docked" to. The all uppercase name is the "Office" not the person. There are two offices, office of the creditor: "JOHN HENRY" and the office of the debtor "DOE" and the beneficiary person of the office of the creditor: "JOHN HENRY", is: "John Henry" and the beneficiary of the office of the debtor: "DOE", is, and here is the trick. "John Henry Doe" ... The full name appearing in all uppercase really describes two offices in one name (Identifier) such as: "JOHN HENRY DOE" and because they left the hyphens out of the full name, such as it should appear: "JOHN-HENRY-DOE", (In order to string the signs (words) together into one name), it split the identifier of the office names into two offices: JOHN HENRY and DOE. The office of DOE was birthed on the born date and the office of the creditor "JOHN HENRY" was birthed on the registration date. (Divided the name into two entities, divide and conquer) The reason why they ask us for our full name is to get us to state the two offices such as: "JOHN HENRY" and "DOE" but appearing as: "JOHN HENRY DOE" and the date of birth determines what office we have agreed to be "Docked" to (Doctor or dock-master) and if we state our born date as our date of birth they then attach your real name: "John Henry" to the office of the debtor (SURNAME) called: "DOE" making the name look like "John Henry DOE" giving the grammatically ignorant the presumption that the full name is: "John Henry Doe" when this is in fact a false presumption. If you give the registration date as your birth date, that will identify the office of the creditor: "JOHN HENRY" giving the state no jurisdiction to place the "John Henry" name in joinder with their surname identifier "DOE" birth on the born date... When we hold the name: "John Henry Doe" we are no longer holding our property, we hold the state property and copyright to "John Henry Doe" because our name was and will always be just: "John Henry". By holding their name, what ever they do to their own name and property is not our business but if we attach our body to their name and copyright property, they can do what they like to us because we have claimed their name and copyright property as our own name by mistake. If they throw their name "John Henry Doe" into a prison and "John Henry" being the real person, has claimed the state name: "John Henry Doe" to be his own property, rendering you to be attached to their name that they throw into prison than off to prison you go without a fair trial, being judged as a debtor in "their" private tribunal and not by a proper court of common law. The real governments have been usurped by counterfeit corporate foreign banking copy governments that are plundering the people through this grammatical name change deception... That's how they control us, by getting us to assume their name is our name and getting us to "attach" ourselves to their name and their property. Remember, what ever you buy with a promissory not, has never been paid for, rendering everything still as the property of the one who owns the promissory note you used to buy the goods... They stole your energy by paying you with fake money and will take your property back when ever they chose because you bought such property using their name and their money... You see the tricks yet? ...
Mathew Lawrence (2 months ago)
Thanks Romley, I did find them on ebay and messaged the seller through there, The videos have all reappeared today after asking some questions. The research you did there was great and I have enjoyed watching the series a number of times. I would be interested to know what you have found since then to make some of the information incorrect. Thanks again for your awesome commitment to exposing the deception of government. I have a copy of my daughters birth cert (currently 6 years old) and I find it interesting that they have written it all in discriptive text. I presume that they have done this because she is not yet 7 so not lost at sea and been presumed dead. Or you have exposed them and they are back tracking on the way they write things. Anyway, love ya work don't stop.
Justinian Deception (2 months ago)
Not sure what's happening with that, I don't have copyright over the interviews on the Glossa Channel. I think he is selling the set of interviews so people can still access them. It was a work in progress, some information is not correct as time went on but it was a great channel relating to the research. I was very lucky that Rob did those interviews while I was going through a terrible time with the Police and the Courts. They asked me to close it down but I said to the court that I had no ability because the copyright to the channel was not with me. The research I do is always finding new things so in a way the Justinian Deception clips are the latest in the findings.
Awaken Truth (3 months ago)
Their selling everyone out world wide for their own self greed in this material world they have shaped and formed it into ...
‘The Struggle for Law’ Dr, RUDOLPH VON JHERING . . . In defending his legal rights he asserts and defends the whole body of law, within the narrow space which his own legal rights occupy. Hence his interest, and this, his mode of action, extend far beyond his own person. The general good which results there from is not only the ideal interest, that the authority and majesty of the law are protected, but this other very real and eminently practical good which every one feels and understands, even the person who has no conception whatever of the former — that the established order of social relations is defended and assured. When the master can no longer insist that the servant shall do his duty, when the creditor cannot enforce payment by his debtor, when the public attach no great importance to the correctness of weights and measures, can it be said that nothing is imperiled but the authority of the law? When these things assertion of Eights a Social Burp come to pass, the order of civil life is sacrificed in one direction, and it is not easy to say how far the disastrous consequences produced may reach; whether, for instance, the whole system of credit may not be seriously affected thereby. For every man will do all in his power to have nothing to do with people who force him to wrangle and struggle where his legal right is, clear; and he will transfer his capital to other places and order his goods else where. Under such circumstances, the lot of the few who have the courage to enforce the law becomes a real martyrdom. Their strong feeling of legal right, which will not permit them to quit the field, becomes a curse to them. Forsaken by all who should have been their natural allies,  they stand alone against the lawlessness which has grown up in consequence of universal indolence and cowardice; and if, after all their sacrifices, they earn the satisfaction of having remained true to themselves, they reap, instead of gratitude, ridicule and scorn.
Justinian Deception (3 months ago)
thanks ...
Paul Khan (3 months ago)
I received a message yesterday that this channel was closed down, the videos could still be accessed though. Seems like it's alright today, can someone please let me know what's going on.
deanosslewis (4 months ago)
Holden have have been Opel since the vh haven't they?
Levi Lavel (4 months ago)
Founder of the banking dynasty, meyer archell rothschild was a Knight of Malta. The Rothschilds are merely employees of the Holy Roman Empire aka The Holy See
Kodey Woodlands (4 months ago)
Levi Lavel ... Yep... Babylon...
chris gala (5 months ago)
not to be a prick as your right with the rest of the stuff BUT the "commodore" is made in germany
D.G. Starick, Esq. (4 months ago)
Made in Germany but they may as well be made in Turkmenistan for all people care these days.
Justinian Deception (5 months ago)
Thanks for correcting... I put a footnote below the video correcting the error... Cheers. JD.
Justinian Deception (5 months ago)
I got the information from here? ... might be wrong now? .. http://www.news.com.au/national/the-2017-holden-commodore-will-be-made-in-china/news-story/635fb34b3972fb9113e98174e2dbc60c
Justinian Deception (5 months ago)
I better check that, I was aware that some Holden's were German, "Opel" I think? ... but I assumed that the new Holden Commodore was made in China, whatever has happened, we lost the Australian factories... that's the sad part and also the Farming in Australia is having a hard time from these crazy foreign corporate governments.
honda4004 (5 months ago)
Court./.SHIP are you then ma.rr.ied into them as stated in that book ( bible ) never swear an oathe. Also relates to your Holden married to A.N.Oth.E.r
liabilitymate (5 months ago)
Good stuff mate, Australians had better pull their fucking heads in take these circus courts out of action, hang the Coram bastards & BAR bastards, wake the fucking brainwashed coppers up, return them back to Common Law, or this place is gone...
Josh Thomas (5 months ago)
Rom, how can we help set Rohan free from unlawful captivity? I want to help.
Anthony Leach (5 months ago)
Rom you are correct , no one gives a crap mate, I can’t see it changing, it is a shame mate!
Justinian Deception (5 months ago)
ha ha .. yes I know, at least some of us put up a bit of a fight, most just take it up the you know what .... it is a shame, at least some can see the fraud or are waking up to it... Cheers.
mele host (5 months ago)
People should be more worried about their ancestral family being wiped by multiculturalism than a brand. I get the point though as Australians Holden was dear to many and the culture.
bill frost (5 months ago)
anyone know of groups clubs etc fighting against these fucking assholes , im in perth wa
bill frost (5 months ago)
fuck governments never voted never will ,,end governments world wide
Josh Thomas (5 months ago)
I gave up a family to turn against this tyranny Rom, 100% behind you.. I mean that.
Josh Thomas (5 months ago)
A friend once said to me.. leadership is a lonely place. I agree. Thank you for your esoteric wisdom.
Justinian Deception (5 months ago)
Once you see it for what it really is, it becomes an obligation to stand for truth and what is right. What they are doing is absolutely criminal and its a fight that we have no option but to stand. Even the brainwashed will stand once they see the reality of what is happening.
Jamieson Scott (5 months ago)
The Lima Declaration...
Justinian Deception (5 months ago)
yes! .... private foreign corporate governments want to start being very careful...
Jamieson Scott (5 months ago)
Jesus Was Wrong Treason is also covered by firing squad & guillotine (the French preference)...
GTBTP (5 months ago)
Isn't the penalty for treason still 'death by hanging'?
Justinian Deception (5 months ago)
now its all looking like it was true! at the time I heard it I thought it was some kind of sick joke... but now we see it in full swing and Australians in Government are working against and for them to help them plunder Australia... Police and Security are also upholding and serving this dangerous system. They are just the goons of society that are used to destroy it because they can't think for themselves.
It was too late back in the late 1800s. The best we slaves can hope for is that the communist manifesto socialized medici-ne we're all forced to use will offer assisted suicide soon.
A Christian Jew (5 months ago)
Comondoor looks good, but you would have to stab me in the eye with a rusty fork to own one!
A Christian Jew (5 months ago)
john selway (5 months ago)
The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing. Edmund Burke Thanks - Romley for being a good man. Our country has been betrayed, whilst we Aussies are controlled by debt and lies. Many are waking up - the movement is growing.
Mathew Bateman (5 months ago)
john selway this is why were all screwed, because the masses are too busy with sex, drugs, TV and consumerism!
Scott-Steven (5 months ago)
Exactly right Rom. They don't give a shit, because they are so brainwashed into being greedy, materialistic, and cannot put their pants on in the morning without turning on the controlled media to tell them how to do it, and to be told that they are better than their neighbours and friends. Divide and conquer. As long as our trinkets are nice, we will sacrifice everything even at the cost of our childrens future.
Crypto-Gener8tor (5 months ago)
Thank you once again brother. Always straight to the point in your vids, great job.
ian coster (5 months ago)
Another great video . when will people wake up to all this ???
Doesn't matter if they do- it's been too late since before your grandparents were born. Best they don't find out- they can still believe they have a reason to live.
A Christian Jew (5 months ago)
Doubt it, the age of the snowflake is upon Australia!
Charlie Van Horn (5 months ago)
2:51...the ones NOT on the list yet...aka those who do NOT have"Westernized" Rothschild central fiat SCAM banks in their country.....YET.... Syria....Iran....Cuba...North Korea. Go figure...where has the current conflict with the fake/created ISIS lately...SYRIA. Hegelian Dialectic....problem>reaction>solution....or...thesis>antithesis>synthesis.... Create a problem in a country who HAS NOT accepted the banking scam. use Rothschild owned mainstream media (they own Reuters folks, lol) to label said countries president as "bad", in Syrias case..."using chemical weapons on his own people" lol..which is bullshit. brainwash the robotzombiesheeple so THE PEOPLE cry out "for something to be done". Problem, or Thesis complete. Reaction, or Antithesis is started...send in military presence to "fight them", meanwhile also have created ISIS involved as well, so the sheeple are confused...plus...you destroy the country much quicker this way. Solution, or Synthesis..... ...when the country has been absolutely decimated to shit....its people murdered, displaced (sent to "Western" countries to be enslaved tax payers in the oh-so-great "democracy" system, lol), its buildings destroyed, ruined, etc. You then murder the leader....install a puppet royal elite/zionist controlled president and set up the Rothschild central bank...because....SURELY, the country now needs to rebuild!!!!!!!!!!!!! Indebted for life!!! This is how the elites do it, folks. Ready to see if they will attack Iran and North Korea to TRY to do the same thing? p.s. Cuba will just fall into it by proxy, similar to how Puerto Rico is part of the corporation called the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA (no hyphens, so its fraud...but the sheeple are illiterate so they get away with it, lol).
watchtheirhands (4 months ago)
I have to question whether there are any uninfected countries left. These world leaders are clearly nothing but puppet actors and the Trump - Jong-un feud is laughable. Bread and circus distraction. Check into what takes place when one visits North Korea and it's like a theme park in which your every move is controlled with chaperones and no-go zones. It's like a prop they pull out of the drawer for their phony fear stories. Seek Christ Jesus and the Holy Spirit.
Mathew Bateman (5 months ago)
Charlie Van Horn this is not 100% true, why or how? Well the Bank of England is owned solely by the UK Treasury on behalf of the UK Government. This is fact! I don't think these Internet websites promoting this thread are true!
Josh Thomas (5 months ago)
Romney you are a modern day Jesus.. I have 100% respect for you
Charlie Van Horn (5 months ago)
Cuba is on the list now, so they got em. Iran, too, apparently according to this link---> http://humansarefree.com/2013/11/complete-list-of-banks-ownedcontrolled.html Waking up, folks? I hope so! Been waiting for y'all for almost a decade.
Jan Med (5 months ago)
aliens, robots?or borgs?
dee gee (5 months ago)
Thank-you-for-your-videos-and-your-courage. I-have-always-wondered-why-the-url's-were-written-this-way. I-have-your-videos-offline-for-educational-reasons. I-am-located-in-north-america,-so-know-that-your-reach-is-vast. I-now-know-my-name. Thanks-again.
Liam Mullins (5 months ago)
Go to expertinalllegalmatters.com or search for Steve McCrae on YouTube and you will get remedy. Set up your own estate/ trust and become the creditor and then you won't have to pay their taxes, fines and other bullshit debts of the Vatican.
Crypto-Gener8tor (5 months ago)
Your welcome.
dee gee (5 months ago)
Crypto-Gener8tor Thanks!! Oh what a tangled web indeed.
Crypto-Gener8tor (5 months ago)
We have been told so many lies for so long now and they weave a tangled web for us all to unpick. The last thing I was trying to do was point out your error but more that I wanted you to have the proper info. There are so many layers to this whole MATRIX-AGENDA and many times I have to watch the vids more than once as its just so much to take in. I got the point in your comment that this info is spreading far and wide which is absolutely awesome. Exactly what we need. The more people that realise whats been going on for millenia now the better. I try and explain to family and friends but it can be hard work at times. Once we know the truth its impossible to close the case again. The world I live in now is completely different to one I lived in only last year. I'm just trying to learn as much as I can and this channel is one of the very best. Romely really knows his stuff. Have a good one friend.
dee gee (5 months ago)
Crypto-Gener8tor I'm not sure I comprend what you mean by asking what I mean, if the view of my error is all that people see, without checking too see if any of the replies have bought it to my attention, before leaving a reply about my error, well that my friend would be a waste. Don't you think?
jesus jones (5 months ago)
Britain was exactly the same. We made British cars and was an industry but was controlled with so much red tape destroyed the industry. People believe that we should join the EU to cut out the red tape...........This was confirmed with someone who was in the industry and had a black satanic degree on his head. He knew nothing of what was going on, so his only answer was to follow your leader. If someone is creating so much red tape surely you need to question that first???
Kim Lawley (5 months ago)
Charlie Van Horn you've omitted the most important free state Switzerland the dirty little pig and the Bank of International Settlements the mother of it all
Charlie Van Horn (5 months ago)
Britain also houses the "Financial Branch" of the Western zionist/royal elite system of control....The City of London my friend. "Religion Branch" is The Vatican. "Military Branch" is Washington, DC...all 3 are city states...NOT part of the countries they reside within, and NOT subject to those countries laws. Why do you think the British pound is worth so much more than the USD, CAD, EUR? It is because the Rothschild central banking fiat scam begins with their chosen "Western" central bank....which is located in The City of London. These elites need to TRY to hide inflation on us, lol. This is why so much industry is sent overseas....our buying power simply cannot afford to make products in our own countries, as the cost for materials is so high due to the devaluing of the dollar...ON PURPOSE. This illusion lasts about 100 years or so...which is why they will turn their attention to China, the new #Murica, and eventually force their new Yuan Renminbi off its gold backing....and onto a fiat Rothschild central banking scam and they will begin to pillage its value for yet another 100 years. Rinse and repeat....this is how the elites who enslave us....literally....control the tools we need to exist in their enslavement system. That is also why Guaranteed Living Wage will soon be implemented in many "Western" countries....again....to extend the illusion. By giving people 2.5 times MORE than what "welfare" gives people each month....you prolong the illusion as these people think "Oh, we got more free money!"....and what do they do? THROW THE MONEY RIGHT BACK INTO THE MAJOR CORPORATIONS WHO NEED TO KEEP THEIR PROFIT MARGINS UP!!! The top of the pyramid CANNOT survive when the bottom is broke as fuck!! Wakey wakey, people. Everything is a scam.
jesus jones (5 months ago)
Absolutely bang on!!

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