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The video explains BITMAP and BITMAP JOIN INDEX IN ORACLE and when you should create them on a column. BITMAP INDEXES should be dealt with carefully as they can lead to serious performance issues if the table is updated by multiple processes in parallel. Indexing Basics :https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0X9bbtwTnuE&t=1095s Star and snowflake Schema :https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Qq4yhhAk9fc&t=17s
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Somnath Chatterjee (5 months ago)
Brilliant as usual :) . Referring to your first question use of BITMAP INDEX on a particular column or composite column BITMAP Index . I think it depends on the selectivity criteria on the data set which we will run . Accordingly, we will get the performance benefit .
Somnath Chatterjee (5 months ago)
Surely , Tech Coach . You are such a humble person doing excellent job .
Tech Coach (5 months ago)
I have a humble request somnath, If you can share my new channel with your friends as well it will really help me . https://youtu.be/HBQHekM1U2c
Tech Coach (5 months ago)
:) Excellent reply Somnath
Pradeep Kumar Behera (5 months ago)
Excellent.. Really helpful.
Tech Coach (5 months ago)
Thanks Pradeep for your wonderful comment. It will really help me if you watch and subscribe to my new channel. https://youtu.be/HBQHekM1U2c
deva able (5 months ago)
Hi bro..very nice explanation thank you for sharing your knowledge your all videos are vey help ful us..keep sharing bro and pls share PL/SQL concepts like PROCEDURES,FUNCTIONS,PACKAGES,CURSORS,REF CURSORS,COLLECTIONS,TRIGGERS BRO..Pls make as soon as possible bro..we are waiting those PL/SQL concepts from you bro
Tech Coach (5 months ago)
Sure buddy I will work on it soon :)

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