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Phillip Taylor MBE review. The Law Firm of the Future

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BOOK REVIEW THE LAW FIRM OF THE FUTURE Adapting to a Changed Legal Marketplace By John M Westcott Jr ISBN: 978 1 78811 969 6 EDWARD ELGAR PUBLISHING www.e-elgar.com www.elgaronline.com _________________________________________________ RAPID LEGAL CHANGE IS UPON US, SO WE HAVE TO ADAPT- WESTCOTT GIVES US ONE SOLUTION An appreciation by Elizabeth Robson Taylor of Richmond Green Chambers and Phillip Taylor MBE, Head of Chambers and Reviews Editor, “The Barrister” Legal services and what the client need from us are stalled at a crossroad so Elgar’s new title “The Law Firm of the Future” written by Jay Westcott is most welcome with its interesting observations. The most important statements are emboldened to place emphasis on the major key points of significance throughout the book. Edward Elgar are to be congratulated for publishing legal management books at a time of such change within the profession. As lawyers, we probably all think we know which way to go but there is always that doubt about whether we have the future of our business activities properly mapped out, or not. And there are many high-quality books now in the legal market to help us, “The Law Firm of the Future” being one of the most important. As the author says, “the market has become too sophisticated for undifferentiated large firms” so we get Westcott’s “building blocks” for adaptation. Do read the introductory chapter first where one finds the mission statement: “most firms would be well served to focus on their strengths which will be readily discerned by potential clients in the competitive and sophisticated market of today”. “Moreover”, Westcott concludes, “by adopting some proven good practices as part of their overall strategy, they can counter some of the distinct problems that have come with unrestrained growth”. The market for books on what the law firm of the future might look has expanded in recent years, mainly because of the options practitioners keep tripping over each time we attend a conference or read a legal magazine. Westcott gives us highly competent advice from his own crystal ball and it will be well-received in all quarters as we seek the new design of the successful practice. It helps! The book was published on 28th September 2018.
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