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The 3 things you need to do to get a mining job

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This is what you need to do if you want to get into the mining industry
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VISHVA KIRAN (2 months ago)
Thanks for such a good information i'm a mining engineering from India.
T ee (8 months ago)
Thanks for posting this..I am in a position to be able to leave my job after 21 yrs (prison guard)...and move interstate  at a moments notice...but am told not to do any courses as mining management prefer to train you themselves...can you suggest any courses that would be an advantage please? Thank you
The Mining Coach (8 months ago)
Wow haven't seen this video in ages, the good news is i can sort you out. Because of the interest/demand from overseas (the courses that we supply to the industry have been written to the standard used in the Western Australian Mining Act & Regulations which is seen as world’s best standard) we started a new company to deal with new starters to the Australian mining industry, its call the Mining Coach. It gives you step by step instruction on how to get into the industry. As part of what I do for the Mining Coach website, I write a blog that has over the last couple of months covered most of the important questions that people have about the industry. Here are the links to the ones that I think help a new starter to the industry and a video that shows the training we do. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6Sk-f_JPV1M&t=11s http://miningcoach.com.au/uncategorized/white-rabbit-hole-australian-mining-training/ http://miningcoach.com.au/industry-news/hardrock-underground-miner-career-can-take-around-world/ http://miningcoach.com.au/industry-news/robots-wont-taking-underground-mining-job-anytime-soon/ happy to have a chat if you want regards Andrew
Michael Turner-Smith (1 year ago)
The mining safe. Don't you really think that a new miner would tend to tread safely than a more experienced miner. I'd tend to think that a new miner will be more on his/her toes when around the most dangerous areas, as opposed to the experience miner, who is as susceptible or more susceptible to forget or become careless about their surroundings.

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