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Anton Kreil – Build and Own Your Own Infrastructure

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Text Comments (84)
Artem Lobov (10 days ago)
This is geared more towards the high earning white collar city worker is it not?
Simple Mind (18 days ago)
Hardcore lessons for the rat race millennials
Finaldontasy (1 month ago)
7:06-7:33 is my favorite part. Debt is horrible!
Marius Draconis (1 month ago)
Is Anton suggesting investing the money you would ordinarily use for insurance, so that YOU pay the medical bills or car repair when required?
Sheila R Graham (2 months ago)
This is what I am working on
2thaiboxing (3 months ago)
Absolute hero!! 👐
Keaos0 (4 months ago)
I needed to see this video 10 years ago...
Shezad z (5 months ago)
True speaker with no greed
maestbobo (5 months ago)
He's wrong on insurances. Even if you're wealthy, it still makes sense to insure. Wealthy people have the best life and health insurances money can buy.
el-sig (1 month ago)
The wealthy own the insurance companies. If they didn't they'd not invest in their plans!
Bassel Al Hindi (5 months ago)
What he is saying is actually common sense if one thinks about it. Unfortunately, corporations flood the media with advertisements designed to make people forget common sense and chase fast wealth. Wealth is hard to make. It Does take 20 years as Anton said. You need to save, build infrastructure (any business) and avoid taking liabilities as you do so (debt with interest). It is the classic way to become rich that in theory should always work. Then, it all depends on how smart, efficient and profitable your infrastructure is.
P Bortoli (6 months ago)
This is the productive part of youtube, im glad im here.
John Ashtone (6 months ago)
For those interested, the book, 'The richest man in Babylon' by George Clason, gives some more tips, and further insight into what Anton is saying. It is a must read, and will in most cases, change everything you thought you knew, on how to get rich. Save save, invest?
LondonSpade (6 months ago)
Damn I thought this would be a bricklaying tutorial
Patrick Bateman (6 months ago)
LondonSpade Hahaha
Amit Verma (7 months ago)
Free Education for the Taxi driver.
Robert Lygo (7 months ago)
Should I clear my UK student debt if I have the means?
Tom Norton (5 months ago)
Only if you expect to clear it as a result of your income before it expires. Otherwise you're just throwing money at it. I cleared what I had left only when I knew it would be reduced to 0 in the following 18 months
Vince P (8 months ago)
What he's basically saying is don't do things like borrow or rent, which move money out of your possession and into someone else's pocket. Instead invest and buy things that don't lose their value wherever possible. Its how I live and it seems obvious to me, but apparently it's lost on most people.
to themoon (3 months ago)
How do i not rent. I have a job in one place, I'm really trying tie understand please don't take it as an insult.
mohammed qadir (8 months ago)
is rent NOT a liability?
Maxwell Channon (6 months ago)
An expense buddy
Darko (7 months ago)
no its not... -_- mortgages will not help you build your own infrastructure because you dont have the freedom to do so
KunLehane (7 months ago)
mohammed qadir its an expense mate
E-Scooter Support Team (7 months ago)
Hello All (8 months ago)
I agree with everything except taking out loans. aren't loans good for trading or business start ups? as long as you're confident . if im profitable trader , wouldn't a loan get me richer quicker ? just have to screen for quality loans ..
Michael Sagoe (8 months ago)
Kallum Rowley (8 months ago)
This is absoloute class. Been trying to explain this to my 51 year old dad for a few months.
Toni Casa Esmeralda (9 months ago)
Affordable homes, homesteads, farms for sale in Adriatic South Italy with low property taxes of less than $100 USD a month. Work your online business in a cheap economical region.
dmit1703 (9 months ago)
this guy should write a book
justjackman (9 months ago)
Interesting but I don't completely agree. Ask someone who's house burns down whether they could afford to replace lost assets. Self insure everything you can afford to replace and have insurance policies for high impact low probability events
Darko (7 months ago)
Justjackman the only way is to pay with cash not pay for insurance for events that will probably happen 10 to years from now
Andrew F (9 months ago)
I would take a 50% pay cut for this guy to be my direct manager
MARK YEN (9 months ago)
Having that boring life now is so that when you are making your money you don’t spend it on crap that don’t pay you, add value and just suck you dry, ie. liabilities. It is pretty clear that when it comes to financial free, it is all about what you do with the money once you have it rather than how much you are earning!! People feel powerless because they claim they cannot control the outcome of everything . I agree, however every individual can control 3 things: 1) What they focus on 2) How they interpret the situation 3) What they choose/decide to do about it!!!
Varis Svärd (10 months ago)
This is exactly what I have done. 1. Limit your liabilities 2. Save as much money you can every month for 2-3 years. Go down to part-time job. 3. Start invest your money wisely 4. Start living life you want.
Sergio Catalan (5 months ago)
Varis Svärd investing your money? Where? The money you saved in three years mean shit.. what do you do with 20.000 ?
KunLehane (10 months ago)
This is so good!
JUSSTTIINFU3K (10 months ago)
Anton, a superb video. I live on a modest income and have over 7 years build my own infrastructure so far £500k in 7 years. I've literally done everything you said. It's not rocket science. I think the reason so few do this is cultural. It's seen as normal and expected that people just sign up to debt instruments, which hamper their ability to accumulate wealth.
Silvio Fusiello (10 months ago)
Anton: "It takes 20 years to become an overnight success" - Me: "Sheeeeeeeeeeiiiiiiiiiiiiiiit!"
B Charles (10 months ago)
I agree with alot of the things that you say except the difference in buying and renting a house! Yes, renting does give you freedom and is an asset, but compared to buying a house is more effective. Because i can turn around and lease the house out if i need to and build equity than to rent a house or apartment and just give my money away. So I do not agree with you on that detail. Unless you can show me otherwise
likes mountains (7 months ago)
Houses are or have been a good investment over the last 20years. Your ROI are good and its often cheaper than renting. Renting has a cost.
CHACE (9 months ago)
If the appreciation on the house minus the cost of owning the house was less than the ROI on other investments minus the cost of renting, then it would be wiser to invest your money and rent. Vice versa. It depends on how you'd invest the money alternatively, how the RE market does in the time you own the house, what level of risk you want, and the list goes on and on. My point is, there's no answer to whether buying or renting is better because it's conditional.
Andrés (10 months ago)
Houses don’t necessarily appreciate and even if they do, do they outweigh the cost of interest and maintenance costs overtime? Not to mention all the fees for selling a house. Its only a good investment if it produces income or appreciates in value over your cost. I would look into owning a multi family home or building that actually produces revenue. Instead of the liability of owning one single family home that you have work hard to pay off over 30 years!
kazimierz ganzke (10 months ago)
I have the same view. Unless you can manage that money more profitably than owning real estate yields. If you can manage the money you could put the money you buy a house with into the market and get a higher return (and the return must be higher than yield from real estate plus the rent!). Owning property, however, is much more secure and lowers your living costs.
john doe (10 months ago)
So much respect for Anton such a down to earth person
Goutam Chakraborty (10 months ago)
Great...our education system should teach these applied finance maxims from childhood to make self dependent nation..
Tbessix220 (10 months ago)
This is GOLD. Do more of these finance and investing videos please
Sameer Ansari (10 months ago)
only thing i don't agree with its your thinking towards crefit and access to liability. used right ( business or investment) out is a powerful multiplier. ofcourse borrowing for trips or other personal commitments is def not the way to go.
Moneytron (10 months ago)
Same same!!
Anthony Duke (10 months ago)
The wife and I have been living and trying to stick to this philosophy for years now, its so good to hear that Mr Kreil backs me up. It feels like the world has gone mad on credit but looks at us, as though we are the idiots. Look at the elite, they OWN property so the money just keeps coming.
baltusd (10 months ago)
taking a taxi issnt saving....
TOYCH (9 months ago)
Yes, but it's what is needed. Time efficiency. Time is money.
Tem Po (10 months ago)
Plus having a car is a money pit, you have to pay for the maintenance, gas, insurance, parking space. It's better to avoid all these expenses if you live in a big city.
M (10 months ago)
It is if your time is more valuable than the extra time you'd spend not taking the cab. Say you average $100 per hour and have no free time, and a cab saves you 30 minutes travel time and costs $25 more than the tube or whatever. That cab saved you $25.
servet y (10 months ago)
Keep pushing us thanks.
Alvin Jacobs Blydenstein (10 months ago)
Like i've seen the long version at least 5 times front to back and i still find value on it every time
bigbobabc123 (5 months ago)
Alvin Jacobs Blydenstein it’s his video titled, 10 secrets to achieve financial success
74747Kyle (5 months ago)
what do you mean by the long version? do you have a link i can go to, to see this 'long version'?
Alvin Jacobs Blydenstein (10 months ago)
This is the highest value content on the internet. Idk who the filmmaker is but just thank you mate. And of course Anton is such an inspiration
Arnautovic9 (10 months ago)
Music to my ears.
Owen (10 months ago)
If you put your seat belt on then you won't have to hold on to the handle
Jesse Dammann (8 months ago)
He’s building his own infrastructure
BUSQU3TS (9 months ago)
When you're wealthy you don't need seat belts.
That's Rich (10 months ago)
Exactly! This is a huge reason why I became a minimalist and digital nomad, options and futures trader. Of course, I also like traveling full time. But, living a lifestyle that barely costs me $500 a month to survive, makes it extremely easy to build my risk capital reserves quickly and compound my returns exponentially. Plus, I have the added benefit of being able to conduct my investing at any location of my choosing. I have no employees, no customers, no inventory and most importantly, no boss. I cannot be fired, downsized or become obsolete.
Jody Rhodes (6 months ago)
That's rubbish. You see the job as an asset. It's also a massive risk. As for the $500 a month sure you can. Not. if you want to live like a caveman, why bother with the trading. You can become obsolete within seconds, sleep well
Maxwell Channon (6 months ago)
Inspiring! Thank you for sharing
That's Rich (9 months ago)
MulliganGambler Thailand is on my list within the next 18 months.
That's Rich (9 months ago)
dmit1703 I am a minimalist. My priority is experiences instead of things, so I pretty much live out of a backpack, volunteer at places that cover my room and board, or do hostels or very cheap apartments in places. The $500 a month is mostly in the U.S. where it costs a lot more to live. Other places are cheaper. With hardly any expenses it works well.
That's Rich (9 months ago)
M Ibrahim It would be very difficult to give tips. There are so many moving parts to a minimalist trader lifestyle.
Marquin Brewer (10 months ago)
That's pure science Anton is dispensing! Gold! I hear it loud n clear!
David Arnott (10 months ago)
Ive built up my online business over a few years. I can choose 2 palm trees and a hammock as my bedroom. I could make more if I had a career/job in one place but this way I can rent great places for less than the cost of UK monthly council tax and if I get bored/pissed off I can just choose somewhere else. Adding portfolio management/trading through the PTM now and loving it.
Sebastian (10 months ago)
ok then tell us how to start building the infrastructure
TOYCH (9 months ago)
Start saving and growth investing
Varis Svärd (10 months ago)
Stop smoking, sell your car, stop taking credits, buy only with cash, safe 500-1000$ a month for 2-3 years, start invest small in stocks or FX. Done!
Silvio Fusiello (10 months ago)
00:54 - "what you've got to do, and it might sound obvious, and what you have to do is save and build your asset base..." He literally spells it out in the first 3 minutes of the video :)
Xplocial OnlineNetworking (10 months ago)
Sebastian sign up for his course
George Ibrahim (10 months ago)
Spot on. Don.
MANGESH DANDANE (10 months ago)
Hey there... I wanna join your Mentor program but cant access your web... it shows Access Denied...
D P Murray (10 months ago)

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