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The first video in the series on data warehousing.
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Text Comments (39)
Kalyan S (4 months ago)
nice explanation. keep microphone some distance
MikaGrettaFreya (1 year ago)
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Ioanna Htr (2 years ago)
so annoying voice recording
Shamshir Ahmed (2 years ago)
It was very useful. Thank you
Retired Teacher (2 years ago)
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Kris Maly (3 years ago)
Javaid Ali (4 years ago)
very good
Sitaram Kamarajugudda (4 years ago)
Very good explanation ....confident....
Mr Teeth (4 years ago)
Good explanation.
ChaZ-E (4 years ago)
Why warehouse, database won't suffice for providing data for analysis?
Javier Campos (4 years ago)
Different reasons, the first is that a transactional database (used by your system) is optimized for transactions and sessions not for analyitical queries, these may eventually slow down the database's response time to a functioning system so problems on speed are shown to the users. On another hand, a data warehouse's structured is optimized for analytical queries, it's not a copy of a transactional database but a condensed one based on the considered important data.  Another reason to recomend is when a company has different systems working on different databases, you may want to unify the data on a single structure on which you want to get reports.
Hari vallabha (5 years ago)
a ppt of this...i'l b obliged :D
Nyana11 (5 years ago)
corrupt fuck banking system
Avinash Br (5 years ago)
Very Helpful Thanks a lot
Tom Brown (5 years ago)
Good points, needs to be re-done for video/voice though
Raj Phansé (5 years ago)
Excellent intro to DW.....
Priscilla Berry (5 years ago)
Good Intro
sravan kumar (5 years ago)
thank you..your voice is awesome....
Pavan Kumar (5 years ago)
A nice one if you have extended the discussion with features such as 1.Subject oriented 2.Integrated 3.Time Variant and 4.Non volatile and more over if you have discussion regarding OLAP and OLTP and difference between them it would be much more helpfull hmm any ways good job
SAJID BRANE (5 years ago)
it is cool , good
Anubhav Raikar (5 years ago)
Informative.. Thank you!
Zep (6 years ago)
Concise and efficient. Thank you!
Janett Álvarez (6 years ago)
The best, I think was the features definition, excellent!!
mac man (6 years ago)
I like your voice.. sounds HOT
REIVIORSE (6 years ago)
Thank you for calling customer service. lol
rodger (6 years ago)
They even out sourced the voice over work, AMERICA
JR Neto (6 years ago)
TY u 2
HeartMcBlue (7 years ago)
Thank you. It was simple and clear and it helped :)
Andrew Chen (7 years ago)
it's like india accent
Senthil Kumar (7 years ago)
really nice and great job
Senthil Kumar (7 years ago)
really nice intro for basics... good job!!!
fivekitten (7 years ago)
Clear, simple, voice is nice, timing is good, I was appreciative of the text along with the voice and pictures, informative for beginners (and that's why it's an introduction :). Thank you. I'd likely choose one of your videos if it was on a topic I was interested in.
samuelpaul05 (7 years ago)
nice video, simple and clear.
Isuru Madusanka (7 years ago)
Great work as said! Need more videos like this one.,..
Somasundaram Guruswamy (7 years ago)
Simple and best.. thanks..
Amol Thodge (7 years ago)
Pretty much useful and exact explaination
Johnson R. Kancharla (8 years ago)
appreciative effort...It would have been much better if you included introductions to BI/DW deployment techniques. Would be great if the session for much longer period of time with extended informaiton. Good attempt !!!
Suresh Siddagari (8 years ago)
good stuff !
CoolTop (8 years ago)
Excelent overall presentation within 5 min span... keep moving

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