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Buying your next property investment: Due diligence spreadsheet - FREE Downloadable spreadsheet

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Buying your next #property #investment: #Due #diligence #spreadsheet - FREE Downloadable spreadsheet How do you know that the property your are buying will provide the desired Return On Investment (ROI)? Demo video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jI2QwlcZdTE&t=3s Download spreadsheet: http://www.optimiseaccountants.co.uk/due-diligence-free-downloadable-spreadsheet/#.Wb-MRNN96Rs It is important that you understand the number of the residential property investment to ensure that the numbers stack up for you to make money. There are may aspects that the spreadsheet will go through to assist you in the buying decision making process: - The purchase costs and associated fees - How much Stamp Duty Land Tax (#SDLT) will need to be paid including the 3% surcharge - Refurbishment costs analysis, where to buy materials and where to identify reliable trades people - Total amount you will need to invest (deposit + refurbishment costs + purchase costs) - How much profit you will make (rental income less rental expenditure) Once you have identified the above numbers you will then be in a position to see how much money you will make on a monthly basis. This will then help you to work out the Return On Investment (#ROI) What about tax? This spreadsheet also asks you to enter in your other streams of other income such as employment income, dividends and self employment. The spreadsheet will also tell you how much tax that you will pay on the property based on the budget tax changes, in particular #Section24 mortgage interest relief. How significant are voids to your property financial performance? We have also written some articles that might help you make more money and pay less tax on your investment Managing voids to maximise your income: http://www.optimiseaccountants.co.uk/how-significant-are-voids-to-your-property-financial-performance/#.Wb-NfNN96Rt Managing maintenance costs to maximise ROI: http://www.optimiseaccountants.co.uk/managing-maintenance-costs-to-maximise-roi/#.Wb-OJdN96Rt Book Keeping And Accounts For Property Investors: http://www.optimiseaccountants.co.uk/book-keeping-and-accounts-for-property-investors/#.Wb-NiNN96Rt 10 Properties, £2,000 Net Cash Flow Or 15% ROI – What Is More Important?: http://www.optimiseaccountants.co.uk/10-properties-2000-net-cash-flow-or-15-roi-what-is-more-important/#.Wb-NjNN96Rt #Allowable #Costs For Property Investors: http://www.optimiseaccountants.co.uk/allowable-costs-for-property-investors/#.Wb-Nj9N96Rt
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Rocket Tang (7 months ago)
Does the link for the spreadsheet still work. I got to the page with the link and filled in the info, but nothing happened after submitting. Help please. Thank you.
Optimise Accountants (6 months ago)
Brilliant. Please let me know what results you get from it.
Rocket Tang (6 months ago)
Optimise Accountants thanks for your reply, I managed to download the spreadsheet from a different device.
Optimise Accountants (6 months ago)
Thank you for sharing he message. Can you share a link to a screenshot to show what error you are sadly receiving?
Amjed Khan (1 year ago)
looks realy useful. how do I down load spread sheet?
Optimise Accountants (1 year ago)
Please see the url to download the spreadsheet: https://www.dropbox.com/s/3xe5aa44u6l18wj/Due%20diligence%20and%20KPI.xlsx?dl=0
Amjed Khan (1 year ago)
sorry still couldn't see it, this is what I see "Purpose: This spreadsheet has been designed to help you decide whether or not the property meets your financial objectives. It is also intended to help you understand if you should be the property in your own name or in a limited company Disclaimer: Please note that this spreadsheet is to be used for guidance and educational purposes only. The information within the spreadsheet does not constitute as advice by Optimise Accountants and will not be held responsible for any decisions based on this spreadsheet. Category How-to & Style Licence Standard YouTube Licence"
Optimise Accountants (1 year ago)
Hi +Amjed Khan If you look at the description there is a URL to download the spreadsheet Hope you can get to the website but let me know your email if not and I will send it to you

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