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Roosevelt Gold Mine - Colorado - 2016

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The Roosevelt is a lost treasure and a mining claim of epic proportions. The mine is a massive undertaking, with a claim that includes a branded and gated entrance, a double battery mill, a power station, and much much more. The mine is a massive beast, boasting at least 2200′ of linear drift workings to a huge lode that measured up to 3 feet wide. From this lode, a series of drifts and raises lead over 800′ down into the depths of the mine. The ores are rich with gold and silver.
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Ben Maier (7 months ago)
Lol good job guys!
Ben Maier (7 months ago)
Awesome I wish I could have that job
Rasim Tümkaya (1 year ago)
I learn so much but still there are missing in my mind
Joshua Johnson (2 years ago)

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