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Simple RF Receiver / Transmitter Pair (27 MHz)

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Build It: http://www.pyroelectro.com/projects/pyro_rf_receiver_27mhz/
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Aina Marie Bonifacio (22 hours ago)
Hi can I have a copy of the circuit diagram for the transmitter and receiver? Thank you! Here's my email: [email protected]
How far is the transmitter؟؟؟
NEY Industries (2 months ago)
Saman Kia (2 months ago)
It would have been great if you could explain the circuit.
Glenn møller (3 months ago)
why is there no crystal on the reciever. can someone tell my why. i really try to learn this stuff :)
Andrei Oprea (4 months ago)
This is a very explicit video about radio telecommunication and I hope this is going to help me for my license projet to make a remote for a light bulb and to control its brightness via a triac or a stepper motor via 2 full H bridge. By the way very clean and nice work.
xinyue Wang (5 months ago)
Fixed code small 2 channels unviersal 433.92 / 315mhz micro transmitter receiver JJ-JS-091 are mainly used in security systems, roller doors, shutters, sliding doors, barriers and household eqiupment.Product name wireless indoor security system remote control receiver JJ-JS-091. more detail, visit http://www.cngiant.net/2-channels-transmitter-receiver_p151.html
Lation Fly (8 months ago)
hi if i want to add the 38 mhz how would i do that?
Michael Swedi Tambwe (8 months ago)
Bonjour !!!! j'adore votre videos sur le Simple RF Receiver / Transmitter Paire en 555, je besoin de ce Schema
mw10259 (8 months ago)
Loyd Skaylz (9 months ago)
Hi. Please can you transmit sound with this
Althaf Mon (10 months ago)
wery naise your project sir plees sheyer carcoot disaining
Monster Rider (10 months ago)
Distance kya milega. ??
Paulo Cardoso (11 months ago)
Help I need a rf wireless controller (transmitter and receiver) for a distance of 2 to 5km. To function as follows: On the transmitter is to connect a "PIR" motion detector In the recptor a led. The operation should look like this: After the "PIR" detects movement, it sends a signal to the receiver, which in turn lights a led. Thanks
Adriana Leon (11 months ago)
hi i have a question. i bought 3 RGB LED light strips that come each with its own RF wireless remote. Each strip is meant to go to 3 different workstations in close proximity to one another. The problem that I encounter is when one station changes a setting with the remote, the other two station respond as well. there is no other way to change settings on the strips other than with the remote. do you have a fix for this? or a trick? anything?
Eng Tem (1 year ago)
circuit diagrams ????
Hussain Muhammad (7 months ago)
Eng Tem 😂😂😂😂please , send my the circuit 😂😂😂😂
ahmad suhaimi (1 year ago)
how to build 4 channel more?
Samanth Pattar (1 year ago)
Diagram pls
Manoj Mehta (1 year ago)
can you give the receiver circuit diagram all together. in website it is written 'here' in the circuit diagram . can you explain me what it means
electromaker (1 year ago)
where is transmitter circuit
Gaurav Mandal (1 year ago)
is this work for quadcoper
ECTRO LIGHTS (1 year ago)
please give me the circuit diagram..of transmitter and receiver
berzini g (1 year ago)
نعاني مت الجوال في المساجد هل ممكن مخطط مشوش لصنعه للتشويش على هذه الاجهزة
Gustin Pachta (1 year ago)
I would like to make two transceivers. If I put both circuits on one board could I use just the 9v battery? If you have a more reasonable solution I would like to know. Also I am curious if I could replace the led with a bigger load with no problems. In the end I hope to have Morse code keys to discretely use in my pocket with my friends during tests. I appreciate your shared knowledge and look forward to seeing more projects and videos.
Andrenaline Eka (1 year ago)
what skema
michele colasanzio (1 year ago)
distance that receives the signal
mehdi mbn (1 year ago)
it is good
Sai Venkatesh (1 year ago)
how can we increase the range??
shah faisal (1 year ago)
piease show me the circut diagrame for thiis and necessary apparatus.Thank you
Sharmila Pardale (1 year ago)
ledij Ke dilevari Ke jagah transmitar fit hai to live kese dekhte hai
Arbănaş Claudiu (1 year ago)
Can the receiver work without batteries? I want to switch on/off a relay without using batteries.
Fernando Valle (2 years ago)
Helo,`Please ,send -me project for my e-mail.
Rishu raj (2 years ago)
How to make a CCTV camera with a mobile camera only camera taken from mobile
ThreeG Shop (2 years ago)
Can i make a walkie talkie using this method?
ThreeG Shop (2 years ago)
Can i make a walkie-talkie with this method?
pls make a video on how wirless remote cars worck plsssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss
Fungineers (2 years ago)
[email protected] it, im gonna make one!
HVI (2 years ago)
Thanks, I am going to use this as a remote firework ignitor!
ultra gamer (2 years ago)
555 timer is important or not plz reply
sady sepulveda (2 years ago)
hola por favor alquilen me podría decir que distancia alcanza este montaje ?
Disabler (2 years ago)
lol you got me good. i thought you made an actual radio
Mcantony Phale (2 years ago)
Awesome Project Bruh. What is the range of you Transmitter in meters?
Samrat Dutta (2 years ago)
Where is the circuit diagram?
MultiShaun1989 (2 years ago)
how do you make something like this but for longer ranges?
igrewold (1 year ago)
2 uCs (Arduino, Digispark[~$2], AVR, PIC...etc.) and 2 HC-05 Bluetooth Moduleshttps://duckduckgo.com/?q=Digispark&t=ffcm&iax=images&ia=images http://www.instructables.com/id/Modify-The-HC-05-Bluetooth-Module-Defaults-Using-A/there is also 2 NRF24L01 moduleshttps://duckduckgo.com/?q=nRF+module&t=ffcm&ia=webAnd there is the 433MHz modules (A pair, one for TX and one for RX, very cheap, on Aliexpress it is like about $1 or less)http://www.instructables.com/id/Wireless-Communication-Using-Cheap-433MHz-RF-Modul/https://www.aliexpress.com/item/RF-wireless-receiver-module-transmitter-module-board-Ordinary-super-regeneration-315-433MHZ-DC5V-ASK-OOK-for/32298304710.htmlTry the Digispark https://youtu.be/O1aLLBAChq4 https://www.banggood.com/Digispark-Kickstarter-Micro-USB-Development-Board-For-ATTINY85-Arduino-p-1038088.html
Ass Möde (2 years ago)
555s can usually handle up to 15-18 volts
Ass Möde (2 years ago)
increase voltage perhaps?
Adrian Baes (2 years ago)
Hola buenos días quiero fabricar un transmisor inalámbrico para salida de datos rs232 de forma continua de una balanza como puedo fabricarlo o que transmita el peso de un receptor y emisor desde la celda de carga
Usha Shree (2 years ago)
How do you know values of the R,L,Cs used in there?! Help me out ASAP!!! And.. What if I want to connect a buzzer instead of an LED?! #USM
Ali Afghan (2 years ago)
Can we transmitt video or camera by using RF ? if yes What we need ?
Jorge Salas (3 months ago)
camera is possible, you need an arduino, that arduino will take .ppm files . you can then send the photo information byte by byte to the receiver
iSam Ramirez (2 years ago)
I made the same thing with a broken radio in exactly 12 mins. The only difference is that I didn't brag it on YouTube and my one can transmit voice over a quarter mile.
Chetna Patel (19 days ago)
Can you send me the diagram pls
Sam Fosi (2 years ago)
schematic please
Reverend Grunge (2 years ago)
what is its range ?
Đoàn Bá Huỳnh (2 years ago)
+Geoffrey Rj 10m nha bạn
Yogesh Dalvi (2 years ago)
awesome i must say.. :) even i am making the same project . When i looked at the schematic in the transmitter how does that switch controls the ic555 which is in astable mode ....also how is dat switch connected to ic 555 and can i use it for home automation using the ht12e/d encoder/decoder pair. Please i need help!!!!
Brain Panzer (3 years ago)
similar to garage door remotes. whats wit the triple nickels?
All Mixture Videos (3 years ago)
can we make with the help of wirless car
Keith Crovisier (3 years ago)
I am going to build the smallest rc boat possible. I was thinking 27mhz TWO micro electric motors that I can run intermittently for steering... and they have to reverse of course. I would like to stick this into something as small as 5 inches (hull). Where do I go to find this stuff? Suggestions?
Gijs (2 years ago)
+Keith Crovisier i suggest getting your components on ebay, its pretty cheap included shipping.
Keith Crovisier (2 years ago)
+Gijs Wow, Thanks
Gijs (2 years ago)
+Keith Crovisier http://www.instructables.com/id/homemade-rc-car/
Muito bom
Vinoth Axus (3 years ago)
how far is the distance that 27Mhz can work?
Abheesh Khanal (3 years ago)
Hello can you please teach how to make one like that, Or some kind of wireless switch?
Matt Snow (3 years ago)
What is the timer for? The 27.154 is the oscillator right?
BlackTrack LP (1 year ago)
no its the length of his dck... (in cm)
Muhammad Hamza (3 years ago)
Can you send me the circuit diagram
Donna Rose (3 years ago)
I wanna ask, if the values of oscillator, and the inductor choke is higher than the ones you used in this video does it affect the output? Co'z there's no available stock of 2.2uh & 1uh inductor choke, the toroid core, the magnetic wire here. I bought higher values.. But it doesn't work..
Karan Trivedi (3 years ago)
Hey man, is it possible to have audio input instead of a click button to generate transmission signal and recieve it on the other end ? Or are you using a first order filter for recieveing and the audio signal would just get linearized? I am in fourth year of electrical engineering so I dont mind a complicated explanation. please, if you have any info, tell me.
Foggy34 (3 years ago)
+Karan Trivedi i will defiantly make a video when i finish. tho not sure how long it will take me with work and all.
Karan Trivedi (3 years ago)
+Foggy34 nice! post it on yt if it works out!! tell me if u need anything.
Foggy34 (3 years ago)
thats sounds pretty cool. i just got my general class ham license, and am looking for a schematic to build my own rc car transmitter and receiver. 
Karan Trivedi (3 years ago)
+Foggy34 I am taking telecommunications circuits course*
Karan Trivedi (3 years ago)
+Foggy34 nice. thanks I am telecommunications circuits and I think we will be doing mods and demods for am and FM circuits this semester hopefully.
tin dang (3 years ago)
Carlos Garces (3 years ago)
+Os Bros Do Minecraft 22234uo
Os Bros Do Minecraft (3 years ago)
+tin dang hi, how are you?
侯慶元 (3 years ago)
igrewold (1 year ago)
Northaxe (3 years ago)
Can I try with 28MHz oscillator?
lloe otr (3 years ago)
will the circuit works with air core inductors?. replacing all the fixed inductors with an air core inductors?.
Jeylani Osman (3 years ago)
Thanks. Pls let me know if you tell me complete components' values for example capacitance and inductance and etc
Jeylani Osman (3 years ago)
+hecanet Thanks a lot for your help. I found most of the imformations
Jeylani Osman (3 years ago)
+hecanet Sorry. Pls L! and L2 size for exampl in H of the receiver or how to make it. number of turns and length and and so on
Jeylani Osman (3 years ago)
+hecanet the video show only transistor and the crystal oscillator
Jeylani Osman (3 years ago)
what about parts of the transmitter. Pls send me the links or URL
Jeylani Osman (3 years ago)
+hecanet  thanks I found only the receiver at http://www.pyroelectro.com/projects/pyro_rf_receiver_27mhz/theory2.html. what about the transmiiter.there are two white components I this there inductors. what about there sizes?
FlyaBye 451 (3 years ago)
can you show me how to build a 3channel transmitter and receiver for an rc  plane?
FlyaBye 451 (3 years ago)
can you make a video 
randomguyjfktx (3 years ago)
Could this be used for a remote car lock system with smaller batteries?
young mula (3 years ago)
Where can i buy those two things ? What do they call them
zelibober (3 years ago)
2 questions: How far it can transmit signal(max possible range)? Is it possible to fit everything in 0.8 cubic inch of space?
DestructionGaming (3 years ago)
the link in the description didnt work for me... can you provide a separate schematic for the transmitter and then the receiver?
tonyang (3 years ago)
Can i change the value of the crystal oscillator from 2.745mHZ to 6MHZ?. Is it possible?? Please reply thank you
White Wolf (3 years ago)
Can you store the transmitted data in the receiver via microprocessor to transmit again later? Obviously it would be a combined receiver and transmitter.
DCBadeZiR. (3 years ago)
Ashik Alahi (3 years ago)
i need connection diagram of this circuit
mack cartagena (3 years ago)
I need to make 9 pairs of this with different frequency how do i make it? Sorry for my english
mack cartagena (3 years ago)
How much distance it has?
Amer Rehman (3 years ago)
Great tutorial and video! You rightly said (on your webpage related to this video) that it is simple in theory but difficult to implement practically. 
Digital Insan1ty (3 years ago)
can i use a bc547b instead of a 2n2222 transistor?
Dazzwidd (3 years ago)
You might. I wanna know if I can use a 2N3055 instead.
joey Wheeler (3 years ago)
hi i have a project where this is exactly what i need to do but I need it to have a maximum range of 2 meters, is there any way in which i can limit the range of the transmitted signal?
Dazzwidd (3 years ago)
Connect the transmitter up to a 27mhz cb base station vertical antenna if you want it to go further
Dazzwidd (3 years ago)
Just cut the antennas down. The transmitter might not need one at all. With something this low powered it won't hurt it.
Andres Agredo (3 years ago)
it is any way i can buy this from you?
xtapodi45555 (3 years ago)
I am not a professional but when i need to detect the range of 2 antennas ( a receiver and a transmitter ) i usually go with a power check ( if the receiving strength of the signal is stronger than a set value , then you are close enough ) , or with a reaction speed test ( have the transmitter send a package containing the time it was send and when it reaches the receiver check the time difference  . [if you do the check thing often, you don't even need and "complicated" math formulas to do the work] set them a specific distance you want apart and then save the time difference as a default check for the min or max range). Hope i helped you. gl on your project
Andres Agredo (3 years ago)
joe dis you had it work? i am looking for the same. 2 mts max. to detect when the transmitter is close to the reciver
ElfNet Designs (3 years ago)
27.1450 MHz US CB radio band channel 15A (remote control allocation) So whats the usable range of this? I prefer to use the 315, 433 or 900 MHz band for my remote control applications but this may be something interesting to dink around with.
bigpimp347 (4 years ago)
all the people asking about changing frequency, change the crystal..!!!! from 27.145 to what ever frequency is legal to use in your country..
birds paradise (3 years ago)
+bigpimp347 ok fine....i have made this transmitter in your project, how can i make it more powerful enough to reach at-least 200 meters....should i put higher frequency crystal or should i  increase the clock frequency of 555?? plz tell me after mixing both signals..you have finally put the signal in last transistor circuit...is that part needs to be changed to send signals far?? plz anyone help.....and what about the receiver? should that be modified too, for longer range? tthanks
ElfNet Designs (3 years ago)
Yes 27.1450 is Channel 15A in the US CB radio band allocated for remote devices. Depending on the country is correct also for whatever frequency you can use. 49.860 i think is correct is another RC frequency BUT it has a dual allocation for voice and data (RC toys, cordless phones, baby monitors, wireless headsets). The other RC bands I know of are the 72 MHz band (model planes), and the following share a digital and analog voice allocation: 152 MHz (Commercial), 315MHz, 433MHz, 452 MHz (Commercial), 900 MHz,1.2GHz, 2.4 GHz, 4.6GHz, 5.8GHz and 6.0GHz bands. but most of those are for consumer applications like keyless entry devices, garage doors, ethernet bridges, cordless phones wif, etc...) Of course one can get away with any frequency they have a pair of TXO's for as long as they are not blasting power out and causing issues..
bigpimp347 (3 years ago)
+ElfNet Gaming 27.145 is actually an RC frequency so you can probably get away with other RC frequencies, or anything above 28mhz if you hold a Ham licence as i said all depends what's legal in your country..
ElfNet Designs (3 years ago)
You cant just change the TXO to anything unless you hold a proper license.  Unless your one of those doomsday prepper nut jobs who have no regard for the FCC rules and laws governing communications, then knock yourself out.
bread (4 years ago)
omg thats so primitive and stupid becose you just took the parts out of rc car and remote and putted led to receiver and a button to transmitter and the frequency 27 is usually for rc cars. and no,you can signal morse code with that peace of shit...
Nick Van Iwarden (3 years ago)
| that's* | because* | of an RC car* | putted ? | connected an LED* | to the receiver* | to the transmitter* | 27Hz, MHz, GHz? | can/can't? | piece* |
mamdobreklapki0 (4 years ago)
Could someone tell me what is the range of those?
Robert Doroshenko (1 month ago)
Looks like about 18 inches
amol k (5 months ago)
Aziz Kablouti (4 years ago)
Pyroelectro I got many old rc toy car that some of them uses tx/rx and some of them don't. They don't seem to have good transmission anymore. I want to make a rc system like them and maybe upgrade them could you help me because I have no experience in electronics . Tyvm
Nitro (4 years ago)
Now hook up the receiver to a blasting cap hooked up to some IED and have fun
Dazzwidd (3 years ago)
Then while finishing setting up a 27 meg dxer up the road keys up triggering it and blowing up the terrorists. Cool idea ;)
Nitro (3 years ago)
+Jason Ortiz yes
Jason Ortiz (3 years ago)
+th3thin9 no
ElfNet Designs (3 years ago)
I though this same thing about mid ways through this... terrorists can now remote detonate using old electronics from the trash bin.
Ang Low Tah (4 years ago)
May I know what is the inductance of the toroid core because it is difficult to find toroid cores with a value of AL=25. The website that I buy electronic devices do not give enough information. 
shirley teran (10 months ago)
ElfNet Designs (3 years ago)
Build you own if you cant find one... Its not that hard to do
ooi zi yu (4 years ago)
How can I change the frequency???
Dazzwidd (3 years ago)
Depending on how much you want to change the frequency you can just change the crystal
ElfNet Designs (3 years ago)
I'm not going to math it for you but you probabaly should have the RX and TX antennas the right length at least 1/4 wave. there are tools online you can figure this up with. If I was you though I would go on the ebay and just buy an RF remote control unit that has multiple relays.
birds paradise (3 years ago)
+ElfNet Gaming ok fine....i have made this transmitter in your project, how can i make it more powerful enough to reach at-least 200 meters....should i put higher frequency crystal or should i  increase the clock frequency of 555?? plz tell me after mixing both signals..you have finally put the signal in last transistor circuit...is that part needs to be changed to send signals far?? plz anyone help.....and what about the receiver? should that be modified too, for longer range? tthanks
ElfNet Designs (3 years ago)
Change the TXO (crystal) but make sure you are authorized to operate on the frequency and allowed to use it for data and not voice.
Totz Freelance (4 years ago)
Great man!!!
Mahfudz Fauzi (4 years ago)
the sender or transmitter circuit runs smoothly because when radiated detected in toys handy talky, but the receiver circuit there is no response at all, it really makes me stress
ElfNet Designs (3 years ago)
Your receiver is not on frequency then, If you have access to an RF service monitor you can easily align the receiver otherwise you have to fiddle with it (caps, coils, etc)
Zhe Xian Lim (4 years ago)
My circuit is working but the antenna is not functioning, can I know why? :( 
Adarsh V P (4 years ago)
How can I change the frequency at which this works?I will need 7 pairs of transmitters and receivers for my circuit and all working with the same frequency is not an option.
42069 Gaemz (4 years ago)
Could you replace the button with a microphone and the green LED with a speaker? I really want to make some homeade walkie talkies.
Pownyan (4 years ago)
+RedstoneAtMax If you want to send wireless data to arduinos i would suggest buying a cheap 433MHz transmitter/reciever pair on ebay and use the virtualWire library. the transmitter and reciever cost about 1$ /pair
42069 Gaemz (4 years ago)
Also, would it be possible to send serial data over this wireless system? It would be useful for a remote controlled Arduino.
Nathaniel Kelley III (4 years ago)
Hello I want to build something like this for a sustain pedal for an electronic keyboard: I'm new at this  where can I start?
Ang Low Tah (4 years ago)
PyroElectro may I know how to amplify more to the circuit (or some other way) because I want the receiver and transmitter to be able to connect/cover a really long distance(e.g. 100 m or more). Actually I wanted to make a homemade RC for myself. Anyway thanks in advance. 
Blesroy (4 years ago)
please tell me where to find the schematic…...
JF Zeevaert (4 years ago)
HI PyroElectro. Your video is very interesting to understand how it works. But is it possible to increase the range (without increasing complexity?) Let's say 50 meter or better 100 m. Thank for your help
ethan graham (4 years ago)
Fart it's what I thought of that video. Right now I am building a full rc car with a real freaking receiver!!!!!
Nicolas Pacheco (4 years ago)
Hello I must say that I loved the video, but I need to create a wireless switch for a motor, I could help
Victor Herbert (1 year ago)
U can use this project as base, then the signal to a flip-flop that changes the on/off state of the output, the output can be the connected to a transistor or a Triac (for High Voltage purposes), or even a more sophisticated IC, like a amplifier or drive.
Jaishree Patel (2 years ago)
could you help me please
Muhammad Hamza (3 years ago)
+PyroElectro Please can you send me the circuit digram at [email protected]
PyroElectro (4 years ago)
If you've never designed any RF-wireless circuits before, I would suggest using a pre-made wireless module pair first. Then after you understand how it works, try building your own wireless transmitter/receiver pair.
DestructionGaming (4 years ago)
okay... it shows the schematic... but for what it only shows one big schematic... can you make a new video that shows the schematic for the reciver and a seperate on for the transmitter
DestructionGaming (4 years ago)
there is no schematic on your website

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