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ANYONE Can Buy a Car From Copart WITHOUT A Special License! Here's how...

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Link to the Copart Map: https://goo.gl/6Kxh3L The Broker I Use: https://goo.gl/QTw5z4 Email Me: [email protected] Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/samcracc/ I am not a Copart employee, so this advice is based on my own experience. You should contact Copart before making any purchase if you have any questions. This video is sponsored by Copart.
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G Paul Welch (19 hours ago)
I was buying from them till they said I won a car an didn't pick it up an they want a 400 relisting fee an wouldn't let me pick up a car that I won after I driven 21/2 hour an had money order in hand
MERCEDESBENZS600 S500 (3 days ago)
Great information,how much do brokers charge???
Lafayette Brown (3 days ago)
Do i get my Deposit back from Epairables, and how much do they charge me when i win a bid?
Michael D (6 days ago)
If I use a broker can I get a clean title on the car
Robert Wilson (8 days ago)
I have been to a number of auctions and have bid some winners. Some Auction houses are better than others. Most charge a fee. > whether to the seller or the winning bid or both. Never seen or heard of a broker or hiring a broker. Or Gate fees or Loading fees. I am still trying to get a grasp of many charges..... Broker fee, security fees, gate fee, premium, user fee, member fee etc etc... and the uncured/secured fund >>> WOW : most of which is buried here and there> Not clear in my mind and seems like nickle dime.. I like clean and simple.. When I see many fees and fully transparent and up front, > I fear just how much Items will cost beyond the bid price. I guess that why they must insulate themselves through a broker advocating any responsibility. Just out to get a buck. Honest or fair or Just business.
Random Things (14 days ago)
You can buy cars from copart but they will charge you more for not having a dealer license. You can see the fees table which is ridiculous when the car bidding exceeds $6000.
Hardik Patel (16 days ago)
I'm live in NC,if I'm buying car from outside of my state.do I need dmv title of that state to drive car to my state?
Nathan Tomisich (19 days ago)
Sam gotta say erepairables was quite a disappointment, I signed up for an account with them and was going to bid on a car with them however before I bid I noticed they were listing the current bid higher than what the copart site was saying, I called them to ask them about the discrepancy thinking it was an error and they told me they can only accept bids in $100 increments. Its a BS excuse and theyre using it as a way to make a little extra on a sale. I have looked at a few either online brokers and none of them that I found was forcing users to bid higher than the current copart bid. To anyone reading this I would stay away from them and choose another broker.
Koko Chanel (1 month ago)
So in Florida I need a broker to get unlincesed cars still lol even tho the point of me coming to this section is because I’m unlincensed to buy the car
Mr. QURESHI (1 month ago)
Im from Pakistan How can i purchase vehicle from copart ? Any knowledge about it If i know someone who lived there But i want to that car in Pakistan , is that possible ?
Judah Autosales (1 month ago)
Luiz Rosario (1 month ago)
Sometimes I hate being from Florida,the rules is ridiculous here. It makes the Copart situation tough because it requires you to have even more money to have a car delivered from another state but if you could do it in Florida it would be cheaper to have a car delivered.
Yaswant Sahu (1 month ago)
Jay Moo (1 month ago)
Also if you want to bid on anything over 1,000 bucks you need to put down a non refundable deposit
Shumaila Parveen (1 month ago)
Fitz Films Garage (1 month ago)
I live in Ohio and Ohio does require a license. If I want to buy a car in a different state that license is required do I have to use a broker to get it back to Ohio?
Dwayne Jones (1 month ago)
What does enhanced vehicle mean
David (1 month ago)
But how to buy it if im not in US?
:( my dad got scamd and my dad dose not know what to do we lost everything all the money all because of co part
Retro Dreams Gaming (1 month ago)
Longtime watcher, had to come back and leave a comment on this video. I used Erepairables based on your recommendation. I registered became a premier member at a $200.00 cost, placed my first bids on some vehicles and won! Some GREAT deals too. Yay, right? NOPE. Erepairables never emailed me my purchase/award letter so I called. They said they accidentally awarded the vehicles to there own personal account and would have to transfer them to my account and then send me the invoice and said they would have it done within a few hours. Nope, a day went by, I called and left message, 3 days go by I call again and left message. All of a sudden this company has gone MIA they will not answer my call or my email. It has now been 3 weeks no messages of any kind. Point of the story AVOID Erepairables, they are a fraudulent company. Secondly Samcrac know who you are sponsoring, you cost a follower some needless cash, time and headaches.
Nathan Tomisich (19 days ago)
I can attest to this also, I originally chose erepairables based on sams recommendation but I noticed they were listing cars on their site higher than what copart showed, There was a car I wanted to bid on and on copart the bid was listed at $225, on erepairables site they were saying the cars current bid on copart was $300. I called them to try to call them out on this and they said its because their system only can increase the bid by $100 increments, This is a bullshit excuse theyre only using it to make a little extra on a sale
Zod General (1 month ago)
which states do not require a broker?
erkan unal (1 month ago)
hey sam , how do you buy cars from other states ? do you go pick them up or do they have delivery service ? second question hope you had more details about buying over a broker , do you call them and tell them you wanna bid on a certain car and how much you wanna bid ?do you pay them upfront ?
onterious huitt (1 month ago)
How to become a broker and how to get a license for buying and selling cars. I want to buy a vehicle for personal use as well but I don’t want a middle man involved with the process unless it’s a personal mechanic that works on cars
Pete Jacobs (2 months ago)
don't use that broker, too many problems. Use atozsalvage.com instead. MUCH BETTER
Ex-muslim Atheist (2 months ago)
This is half true cuz anyone cannot buy good a car without license . Most of the car they sell without license for parts only.
Jim Starzz ox (2 months ago)
therealzooch (2 months ago)
How do I get Copart to respond to my uploaded license? Keep getting the pop up for no reason!
Dana Kibby (2 months ago)
Just joined copart! What broker do you recommend?
Elton Eady (2 months ago)
TonydlP650 (2 months ago)
if i live in California could I buy a vehicle in Colorado? if so would it be CO or Ca rules?
TonydlP650 (2 months ago)
+Jovany Garcia yeah. I don't care about the dents. I'll drive it looking like a golfball. As long as I stay dry and my car runs then I can care less about the sents. But if I wanted it fixed my father in law owns a body shop
Jovany Garcia (2 months ago)
You might need a broker
Jovany Garcia (2 months ago)
TonydlP650 are you buying it because of the hail damage. I am to there great cars
6yap2 (3 months ago)
need a license in CT
chill bang (3 months ago)
So in nc it says you dont need a broker or license to bid on clean and salvage title cars but when i try to bid it says i dont have the required licenses im a little confused here
bigwater52 (2 months ago)
I’m in Mississippi no license required but still says i need one, or a broker also a premium member
david lawrence (2 months ago)
I’m in sc but I can only buy in nc without a broker... crazy
david lawrence (2 months ago)
chill bang I think you can bid on iaai but you have to pay a yearly membership fee
GOW (3 months ago)
can i just get the dealership license and then buy any car i want?
Joe Manfredi (3 months ago)
Is there any point or benefit to buying without a dealer license? Don't you still have to pay broker fees? Can I buy a car without a license in a different state if i reside in a state that requires one?
TonydlP650 (2 months ago)
this is what i want to know
FoWL Auto (3 months ago)
Can you make a video on how to insure the cars?
Rob Schmidt (4 months ago)
Good information. Where in Florida do you live? I live here in St. Pete.
so how much is Copart paying you?
Quincy Kersey (4 months ago)
Lol.. so I've looked into it alot.. I'm in Canada. We need a broker or license.. brokers are only outside of canada.. fees accumalate to upwards of 1000.. then 13percent sales tax.. plus I've seen completely destroyed vehicles see for 10k and that's before all of these fees and such lol...
Jeff Fisher (4 months ago)
Can you help? Copart wont. Im unable to bid on any salvage car or any vehicle and i have my Dl and basic buyer permit active. Its fuckin annoying
Iron Diesel performance (4 months ago)
Copart is a scam
murcone (4 months ago)
Can u buy motorcyclesome too
johnny Versace (4 months ago)
what does live auction in two days means
RenchRage (4 months ago)
Where is this Copart located?
R99pinball (4 months ago)
This still doesnt help. The brokers are all on the continental US. What do the folks in Hawaii do?
PussMag (4 months ago)
ALL CA locations REQ License, just FYI
Haymaker ubettalookout (5 months ago)
Yea.. how much does he charge u?.. u didnt say that part
GSHeverything _27 (5 months ago)
Thank you so much for videos like that Sam
seth alton (5 months ago)
I've read the first 3 pages of results... why do you need a special license to purchase auction vehicles? Even just in general... why are most auctions reserved for dealers/brokers only? I don't quite understand this (other than the dealers had a law put in place that they could wheel and deal without the public's knowledge of the markup)
Send A Raven (3 months ago)
Exactly, they go to government to get a law passed to make a barrier to entry for the average guy on the street. You need licenses to braid hair and walk dogs now. It's fucking BS.
Nicholas Pullo (5 months ago)
So my state, Pennsylvania, does not require any licensing, but the clean titled vehicle I want to bid on is in Massachusetts. Will I need a broker since the state its being auctioned in requires it, or can I purchase on my own since my state does not require?
Cjgager (5 months ago)
gee - & to get a broker it usually costs $600+ (200 fee + 400 security) - in nj.  you must have money - good for you.
truthinvideos (5 months ago)
The 1st vehicle I bid on in GA was a clean title vehicle. Why was I able to bid on a clean title vehicle? I don't have a dealers license. ????????????????
david lawrence (2 months ago)
truthinvideos GA doesn’t require a license
Tyron Williams (5 months ago)
Thanks man you really looked out for me I'm a fateful subscriber
firuzshams (5 months ago)
I’m on of buyer car from copart, and it’s third time I fail to get better deal. People sell there very problem car by cleaning any engine code tp copart buyer and buyers like me suffering a lot by fixing it very expensive after that and ending up selling less auction price.
Goldstein Rae (6 months ago)
Was wondering can sign up membership with license then get a license afterward and add it.
Fernando Lopez (6 months ago)
Can you do a video explaining the difference title types for example little of salvage and the certification of salvage?
Cowboy Spade (6 months ago)
This is a great video
Why RuMad (6 months ago)
Not california 😧
Melvin Santiago (6 months ago)
Samcrac love your videos planing buy a car from copart but what about manheim have few location in fl im in ocala what about the copart and brookers fees are high ? Thanks
PokerRun388 (6 months ago)
I always learn so much from your videos!
2doorduude (6 months ago)
Very clear video, thank you!
Stone Martian (6 months ago)
Help I need a challenger????
JM Auto Brokers (7 months ago)
If you need a broker to buy from Copart in FL, contact me at [email protected]
shortcomedyclips (7 months ago)
question: why do some vehicles do not require the business licence? are they of lower quality? or whats the reason for? please respond and thank you samcrac.
JOSE PEREZ (8 months ago)
Hi i have this question can I bet on car and if I win the bet have to contact the broker to buy it for me oh is a different ?
TsiG (8 months ago)
If you are out of USA????
Why do I have to have a broker
Dominique Paul (8 months ago)
Do you have to be a resident of that state?
Luis Padilla (9 months ago)
my question is if you dont have a dealer lisence what kind of fees do you have to pay
J Why (9 months ago)
Broker fees?
Thanos ll (9 months ago)
What are your thoughts on autoauctionmall.com ?
devilsabdicate1 (9 months ago)
it just goes to show that the government has its hands on all types of monopoly just like the mafia did.
mrkody245 (9 months ago)
well Wisconsin sucks
Adrian Rodgz (9 months ago)
And what about people outside US?
ExportedAfrican (9 months ago)
Thanks. I signed up but the annual pass and other offerings with erepairable got really complex to possibly not win a single car.
Husam Saleh (10 months ago)
How about buying now ?
JrVtec (10 months ago)
Sooner or later the regulars that buy from Copart will be bidding at retail because everyone watching his videos think it's easy lol.
Nathan Tomisich (19 days ago)
Its really just luck, honestly in most cases you can get cars cheaper off craigslist. Its especially true for cheaper cars, if youre trying to get a cheaper car at auction after the broker and auction fees theres no room for profit. On the more expensive vehicles there is room for profit if youre lucky
Mike Sanchez (10 months ago)
corp is the worst company out there stay away from them!
GeneralPurposeVehicl (10 months ago)
Why is a license needed in the first place?
MERCEDESBENZS600 S500 (3 days ago)
+Send A Raven EXACTLY,smmfh...
Send A Raven (3 months ago)
Like everything, it's another layer of bureaucracy seeking to extract money from you.
James DeVormer (10 months ago)
Has anyone ever heard of https://cheapautodepot.com?
Tony Rantz (10 months ago)
So what happened to the car? Domino's car ruined? Where's the video about it?
Radio Rescue (11 months ago)
brokers = big money you're better off to go to a state that you can buy without one if it's not to far.
Ruvalcaba (3 months ago)
you know the public states fiendlY?
Daniel da Silva (11 months ago)
Thanks for your help man, now I’ll buy my first. Car
Tomas Boragina (11 months ago)
J Why (9 months ago)
Tomas Boragina ooO
Jonathan (11 months ago)
What if you live in another country. Is it still possible to use copart
Scott W. (11 months ago)
When you gonna upload video for pizza car if its legal or not drive on the road ??? Its like cliffhanger in a show and wont be find what happen till next week lol
Reefy M (11 months ago)
Would fixing up a sports car be a good option for a begginer ? Say one that needs a front end replaced but no damage to engine or power steering whatsoever
mr inspector (11 months ago)
the best broker is at www.atozsalvage.com.  No registration fee, no yearly membership fee, only pay when you win a car and is a flat fee of $299 for bids under $5k and 4% of bid for bids over $5k
Auto Auction Rebuilds (11 months ago)
Another great and informative video.
Mohammed Hossain (11 months ago)
why do i never see a link in the description box...
BigDk DPS (11 months ago)
Fuck Copart. I hate their business practices.
Ron Kegley (11 months ago)
I have a few questions if youndont mind answering. I live in Ohio and want to buy a wrecked CTS-V to strip out and use the engine and trans in my Iroc. Is there a way to have the car I'm interested in looked at and see if it runs and shifts right ? Once I do buy the car how long do they give you to pick it up before they charge storage fee's? Thank you and keep up the great video's.
Just A Car Guy Named Tom (11 months ago)
Hey, Samcrac! Do I need a broker to help buy a Salvage title pizza?
Niche (11 months ago)
Way to go dude. Now all these stupid ass rookies are bidding top dollars for on these cars that aren’t even worth that much. You just had to run you’re mouth on YouTube! All this so you can make some money off YouTube. Before I used to buy cars 2 to 3 thousand dollars cheaper now good luck. IDK IT SOUNDS TO ME LIKE YOU WORK FOR COPART? 🤔
Tom Fielding (11 months ago)
In some states like PA you can buy anything. Which worked out for me because I didn't do the research before I bid the first time! It's important to pay attention to that stuff.
Arlind Banushi (11 months ago)
Is there a ford focus like this on COPART? https://www.google.it/search?client=ubuntu&hs=IDz&biw=1293&bih=622&tbm=isch&sa=1&ei=-2WFWuHQCYHDgAbO0YaoBQ&q=ford+focus+INCIDENTATA&oq=ford+focus+INCIDENTATA&gs_l=psy-ab.3..0l2.50324.54286.0.54484.
Justin Kelly (11 months ago)
So how does it work buying from another state? (Like Georgia for you)
DumbButFunny (11 months ago)
ok i buy on copart here in Georgia and i use a dealership as my broker because they have the title rebuilding license. The car doesn't actually become mine until after the state does its' inspection and mails a rebuilt title to the dealership. What i wanna know is how do you rebuild your titles if the dealer passes the vehicles to you after you buy them?
EaZee (11 months ago)
I bought a Toyota 86 2017 4K miles for 3600 bucks! From co part
J Why (9 months ago)
EaZee how much you sell it or how much is it worth once u fix it if it’s ongoing project
EaZee (9 months ago)
J Why engine was brand new, needed suspension work and body work. Not too bad
J Why (9 months ago)
EaZee anything wrong with it?
jinan0014 (11 months ago)
the Broker fees are not cheap...and some even require deposits as well. So, by the time you pay Copart fees and Broker Fees....not easy to make any sense in buying...
sneeky7 (2 months ago)
If the broker charges a deposit, do you still have to pay the Copart deposit when you bid?
Brian Rota (11 months ago)
can you do a video on your broker? It looks like it cost quite a bit of money just to sign up with them
bigwater52 (2 months ago)
Inspect A. Wreck email?
Jose Rodrigues (2 months ago)
+JM Auto Brokers pm me loooking for a broker aswell
Willrowhood (2 months ago)
+JM Auto Brokers I am also interested in a broker
TonydlP650 (2 months ago)
what is your email?
xan x (3 months ago)
Inspect A. Wreck I need a broker to

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