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Anton Kreil - Risk is Subjective Not 2 Dimensional

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Text Comments (44)
vladanr74 (1 month ago)
ebdprod (3 months ago)
I love all his insights, but man though, looking a bit rough. The heavy travel, heavy drinking, and heavy food of anyone in finance (I know and have known very many and they literally all live this way) takes a toll. Getting out by 50 is a must or you’ll croak at the desk.
Oliver Bristow (4 months ago)
Hmm, surely a crucial aspect of risk is also the probability of the upside or downside being realised. The lottery has very high upside and small downside, but you're almost certain to realise the downside, so much so that you can play thousands of times and loose a small fortune without ever winning.
Oliver Bristow (4 months ago)
Although I suppose these points only really apply at the extremes of consistency/accuracy and contribute less to the overall risk profile of a trade within a more moderate range of trader accuracy than does the upside/downside ratio.
Oliver Bristow (4 months ago)
Conversely, if you could virtually always win you could get rich taking trades with unfavourable upside to downside ratios.
Kerry Bailey (4 months ago)
Is this the most boring interview on You Tube?
reiwell del (1 month ago)
Its boring to you, because your brain could not entertain the topic, probably because youre dumb thats why youre tuning out.
God (5 months ago)
just made 5 dollars on my first trade, im gonna quit my job and buy a lambo. cya losers, king out
HAHAH of HAHA land (1 month ago)
so far ive made 12% gain on account within 2 weeks 3 trades,
kebman (2 months ago)
:D Funny! That's exactly what I did too this week! But then I calculated the compound interest on the thing and found out if I do that for just one year, then yeah, it's lambo man.
Okram (5 months ago)
Hands down the smartest man in the room. Brilliant exclamation👍
Bob Bayer (5 months ago)
How come these videos have so few views?? lol. This is total gold. Thanks Anton!
Trent Rodriguez (5 months ago)
10 secrets to achieve Financial Success has 1.1 million views
Kha Nguyen (5 months ago)
because people can't handle the truth! LOL
The Floogiel Trading Co. (6 months ago)
Great lesson... Your advice was spot on!
reiwell del (6 months ago)
Anchoring is probably the worst thing you could do when you assess your risks. This video is probably one of his most important talks.
Evaldukas Old (7 months ago)
good one
Cato Maikano (7 months ago)
Up to down ratio is a really good way to analyse risk analysis and possible ventures... nice explanation...
Cato Maikano (7 months ago)
Objectivity involved also really awesome for a theoretical model approach before implementation...
Shawn Smith (8 months ago)
Crucial points with the job reference to quitting with a liability lined up vs quitting with no bottom line. With no bottom line your ROI can be infinite, only if you take the risk to quit cold turkey, you can achieve many opportunities.
RT222 (8 months ago)
Amazing. Insanity. Blew my mind.
Dream Strippers (8 months ago)
Just had a massive epiphany from this video. Thanks.
Ade Abasanji (8 months ago)
He should write a book. 👍
Doocka Media (3 months ago)
Ade Abasanji I’m with you on that, but that’s true he’d look at it as opportunity cost. This is better than ready a 📚
LondonSpade (5 months ago)
He won't said it would take too much of his time so would be a huge opportunity cost.
csmith6278 (8 months ago)
Big boss player
Cloud Noctis (8 months ago)
Very experienced talk! Thanks Anton and team!
steven lie (8 months ago)
Anton kreil shud write a book!
Andre porcelli (8 months ago)
Great advice that shows a lot of wisdom! Thank you Anton Kreil!
Nam Chung (8 months ago)
Martin is god (8 months ago)
Daddy Anton
Neil Hyung (8 months ago)
I wish i would have had this knowledge in 2009
Kha Nguyen (5 months ago)
You have it now Neil, do something about it. The best time was in 2009 the next best time is now. Go for it!
WatchMeHard (8 months ago)
Very good video! keep that way.
kelvin sande (8 months ago)
what a small talking but heavy lesson ..greetings from Tanzania
ian murphy (8 months ago)
trading eh...wow man ...lovin your insight...KNOWLEDGE BOMBS A GO GO! much love!
Lloyd davies (8 months ago)
Steve Austin (8 months ago)
Good advice bro! Nice
malthus101 (8 months ago)
I think I need that explained again.............
reiwell del (6 months ago)
Your mind is self-preserving, so it will try to preserve your current situation and your environment unless there is something better than it. This is when youre using anchoring in your judgement. What hes saying is that you need to look at it with a clean slate (no liabilities), no liabilities at least try to rid of liabilities mentally if you cant physically.
GerrysPlace (7 months ago)
malthus101.. What don't you understand..
a F (8 months ago)
Great point well said
Aaron P (8 months ago)
Concise and to the point. Great mentoring advice 👌🏾
Ian Smith (8 months ago)

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