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$Bitcoin, how to trade it Safely! A Traders Workshop!

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$Bitcoin, how to trade it Safely! A Traders Workshop! Trade cryptocurrency safely with high reward/low risk ratio. Learn to recognize a "bubble" and when it will burst.
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Jayron Estrada (8 months ago)
I watched your fibinachi chart video it was very informative thanks !
Kevin Durant (10 months ago)
Please do more crypto. Your knowledge is badly needed.
Devon K (11 months ago)
Do you still support TOS platform still ?
ANKIT PAHARIA (11 months ago)
Manesh Sir, "your new yet biggest fan", My reading says its far better for trader to wait and look monthly or weekly charts and open long on first reversal sign of bounce from TS and hold with STOP can give far more then getting into too many trades. In most of the stocks which are in confirmed bull trend probability of success seems like 90%+(don't have back-tested data this is just from naked chart reading). So waiting like a tiger for deer to come pays lot more then chasing deer. Thanks
Ramesh Nahar (11 months ago)
Thanks a lot Manish for this beautiful timely educative presentation on bitcoin. Every time I listen to your presentation more and more clarity emerges. Wishing you a very Happy and successful 2018.
Mitch Moses (11 months ago)
Where did you get that trend line from is that TradingView?
GunnD (11 months ago)
Mitch Moses indicators>ichimuko
Daniel Thomas (11 months ago)
Manesh I've been following you for 3 years from the UK. You're amazing!
Gianflavio (11 months ago)
thank you!
ANKIT PAHARIA (11 months ago)
Thanks a mil Manesh as always for posting this video, every time there is something new to learn. Wishing you also Merry Christmas and Wonderful and Profitable new year ahead. Thanks

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