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Real Estate License - Practice Exam #1 - Laws of Agency - Free Test - USA -130 Questions

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From www.realestate-exam-guide.com Knowing what to expect in the real test is the first step to overcoming test anxiety and to scoring high on your exam. You can take and practice this real estate exams as many times as you want until you have mastered the questions and key concepts. Our practice exams are proven to help individuals get into their comfort zones and improve their test scores. This unique prep tool allows students to both test their acquired technical knowledge and practice writing a mock exam within the constraints of time. The main topics covered in this Real Estate Certification - Practice Exam #1 are: • Agency Law • Duties of Parties • Real Estate Agency Contracts • The Agency Relationship in Real Estate Brokerage • Real Estate Listings • Earning of Commission • Termination of an Agency Contract • Real Estate License Law • Revocation Procedures • Handling of Trust Money • Real Estate Commissions • Other Provisions What you need to know to pass your exam in all the 50 states. All questions answered and explained. You don't need to memorize the questions and answers because this is not the real exam, instead you should read and understand the concepts behind the question. Don't miss this opportunity to improve your chances of passing your Real Estate Certification exam.
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Text Comments (84)
Super Extreme (21 days ago)
I got one week studying and I feel like this questions is for kinder lol I’m ready
Jose Berrios (1 month ago)
this is a very good program I liked thanks
Ferrara KidsClub (1 month ago)
Why are the questions in broken English? It makes me feel as if this isn't legit.
Rhenae Nunez (2 months ago)
Too busy for my eyes. Small print, distracting music.
Jeff Derbes (3 months ago)
Dude talk ... sucks
MontoyatheRager (5 months ago)
Does anyone know if this is how the real estate exam is? And is this video up to date?
Carina Gomez (10 months ago)
I would like to know if you could help me this questions. 1)The buyers’ offer is less than the asking price. However, the listing agent feels that it is reasonable. In this situation, the listing agent should A. Remind the seller that the buyers are not obligated to accept a counteroffer B. Advise the seller that, in the agents opinion, the offer is reasonable C. Reassure the seller that the buyers are prepared to accept a reasonable counteroffer D. Remain neutral with no further comments 2)The real estate settlement procedures Act (RESPA) applies to A. Commercial properties B. Large apartment complexes C. One to four family residential properties D. Rental involving properties build before 1978 3)Which of the following is required under the Mello-Roos bond disclosure? A. The national origins of the neighbors B. The racial composition of the neighborhood C. The presence of registered sex offender D. Whether the project is subject to additional taxes for more than 5 years 4)Buyers have many different types of loans to choose from, and they often encounter much confusion when sorting through the details. Which of the following types of loans would an agent likely spend the most time explaining? A. Adjustable rate mortgage (ARM) B. 80/20 loans C. 30 years fixed rate loans D. 15 years fixed rate loans 5)Sellers should recognize that their home A. Has one chance to impress the buyer B. Is significantly better than other homes on the market, so there is really no competition C. Does not have to be kept clean at all times D. Will always be attractive to buyers 6)After obtaining the listing, real estate agents should A. Rely on the broker to make reports to the seller B. Make daily reports to the seller C. Prepare weekly activity reports D. Wait for the seller to contact them
Joseph Rovito (1 year ago)
Prep agent .com https://aff.prepagent.com/aff_c?offer_id=2&aff_id=1024
Lucy Hood (1 year ago)
In question 13. I thought that a transaction broker does not represent either party and a Duel Agency represents both parties?
Emma Alvarez (24 days ago)
thata why they say you have to read carefully
Schoolboy Quise (1 month ago)
Correct. A transaction broker doesn't represent either party. That's what the questions says.. In the question the broker isn't representing either party; he/she is just assisting with the completion of the transaction.
Ayepa 1 (1 year ago)
Pearson vue is fucking bull shit
Ayepa 1 (1 year ago)
Problem being theses are not the questions that pop up on the exam. Cause I can answer theses.
Alan Asriants (1 year ago)
Is this for the PA State Exam? or is this for the national Exam
Earl Thompson (1 year ago)
Mike is going to "other" city to take a new job and he "needs sell" his house as soon as possible. In case, Mike's real estate agent should _____/. This test is grammatically correct I see. ijs
DRT PMP (1 year ago)
What I meant to ask is why the questions are autoanswered?
DRT PMP (1 year ago)
where are 130 questions I see far less than 130 - However thanks for this it is a great study guide.
Tim Young (1 year ago)
Hi I hope you are still responding to things for thi, becuase I have one more ? to ask????.... Is it possible to take an online class, and gain certification if you pass the test? I might just have to contact the state of CT to fins out, because you may not have any info for specific states.
Tim Young (1 year ago)
I may consider taking the class and test in CT. Is there any guides or resources that you can direct me to? It seems like it might be good for me to gain some knowledge, and get ahead of the game before I even start.
You miss sepal escrow account in question # 4 in this video you " wrote screw account " :)
Be ta (1 year ago)
Is this the test question?
Kathryn Messina (1 year ago)
I am looking for information on the MA Real Estate Instructor Exam is this for the sales person exam or instructor exam?
charlene judd (1 year ago)
is this new york state
Sharon Van Ert (1 year ago)
Nice work! Proof read your material a few ambiguous mistakes. Love it..
Lyfe Fonville (1 year ago)
I'm looking for the state of MD Practice exam, can you please help
Hollis2Hollywood (3 months ago)
Have you taken the exam yet? I know it's late but I've been using this practice exam in addition to my course https://www.realestateprepguide.com/maryland-real-estate-exam-prep/?gclid=CjwKEAiArvTFBRCLq5-7-MSJ0jMSJABHBvp0XqojYL7NnigdK2QOu4fCKWjYLLrPL8zJweRPx4Ow-BoCL73w_wcB
Jacory Johnson (1 year ago)
which state is this for
Jennifer Roberson (1 year ago)
Hi John do you have anymore testing
Splash Brothers (1 year ago)
got 12/15 would that be passing this part? taking my exam on the 15th
Hollis2Hollywood (3 months ago)
you need 70% i think so yea
Jennifer Roberson (1 year ago)
did you pass
Michael Squires (1 year ago)
The password is FREE
Extended Stay Tucson (2 years ago)
#Hellen G it is asking for a password @Michael Williams
K. Jacobs (2 years ago)
Thank You
Kellirae Fries (2 years ago)
Ive noticed some questions are incorrect according to my exam definitions for example question 10 should be exclusive agency
Jennifer Roberson (1 year ago)
You have to read the question carefully it says a listing in which the broker receives a commission ONLY that means open listing any broker or agent can sell. but only one broker will earn a commission. in a EXCLUSIVE AGENCY listing the seller can list all kinds of agency listing with any agency but if two brokers find or only one finds a buyer because of that other listing then the selling would have to pay both brokers
Jedi TD (2 years ago)
Wow this was super helpful besides that I had to spell and grammer proof it all. Lol.
Gabriela Amador (6 months ago)
Funny. (Grammar***)
patrick gardner (2 years ago)
Does this apply to Georgia?
Denzyl Tolentino (2 years ago)
+patrick gardner Hello, i am a property cnsultant here in the Philippines, i'd like to ask if how can we be in partnership with you to promote our projects in your country?
Prima Palacio (2 years ago)
Does this apply to Washington State?
Joe Beef (2 years ago)
they better be playing this song while I'm taking the test
Ferrara KidsClub (1 month ago)
I'm hoping for Tupac.
Theresa T (7 months ago)
Joe Beef lol
simon mhamdi (1 year ago)
Lita Belanger (1 year ago)
Joe Beef haha too funny! I love that comment!
Joe Beef (1 year ago)
Jennifer Roberson yup
Kellee Colley (2 years ago)
I love how this kid advertises that the test is free. Well its not. Its 19.95
msevildesignz (2 years ago)
it is asking for a password
Cecilia DaSilveira (3 years ago)
Does anyone have any information about the Florida sales person estate exam?
Denzyl Tolentino (2 years ago)
+Cecilia DaSilveira Hi, i am a property consultant here in the Philippines i am looking for leads overseas to market our projects. How can we be in partnership with you so that we can present our projects there? Hope to hear from you.
Anne Pham (3 years ago)
are any of these questions really on the actual exam??
Andréas Remis (3 years ago)
Does real estate get less confusing? I need to start studying, lots of nuances.
Jennifer Roberson (1 year ago)
did you pass been one year ago
Brunette Latina (3 years ago)
you go too fast, it's totally frustrating,
jdouglas8585 (2 years ago)
Lol Wow
Christelle cene (2 years ago)
+Tommy Manning 😂😂😂😂
Thomas Manning (3 years ago)
+Brunette Latina they made a pause feature for a reason
Cindy Torres (3 years ago)
I still can't find certain answers to certain questions that appeared on the test. EX.. How long does an agent have to find a real estate broker sponsor? How long can a broker keep confidential records in the brokers office?
Darianna Silva (3 years ago)
they keep have to keep it for 6 years and expired and cancel listings only for six months
Rafael Molinaro (3 years ago)
+Cindy Torres keep documents for 6 years
Rafael Molinaro (3 years ago)
+Cindy Torres it is on the book. one year
Bary (3 years ago)
+Cindy Torres one year to be sponsored and the records are kept for 3 years.
LeahsWALKABOUT (3 years ago)
EcropicK 27 (3 years ago)
Thanks for sharing John!
ironguys com (4 years ago)
can you giveme your numver i need the material please text me 323 8042578
Cecilia DaSilveira (3 years ago)
+Mike Hernandez What materail is that? Does it help with the exam?
frlocs2naturalstyle (4 years ago)
Which state is this for?
Cecilia DaSilveira (3 years ago)
+frlocs2naturalstyle What material is that? Does it help for Florida?
Helps a lot!
Antonio Garcia (5 years ago)
Michael Williams- Is this for Texas?
Mack Morrow (5 years ago)
This in comparison to other tests I have taken seems easier...which do I believe is closest to actual PSI test?
Hellen Chaabene (5 years ago)
the psi exam is more difficult
John Walker (5 years ago)
This practice exam has been designed for all the States
Hollis2Hollywood (3 months ago)
There's a national portion and state specific portion in MD. my guess is that it's the same in NY
bella g (8 months ago)
how is that possible when each state has different laws id like to see ny
ptdiamonds (5 years ago)
This was helpful tool to use in studying
Mr. Jean Q (5 years ago)
For what state?
jcmjimmie (5 years ago)
What state is this for?
John Walker (5 years ago)
Geordi Berlingieri (5 months ago)
John Walker ki chfvvch
Extended Stay Tucson (2 years ago)
#Prima Palacio Does this apply to Washington State? @Hellen G

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