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Anton Kreil Answers "Do You Feel Like Gambling When You’re Trading?"

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Inglese29 (8 months ago)
I would say that trading is slightly different to gambling. Gambling in a casino is complete luck. Red or black, or the hand you get dealt. With trading, at least you can protect your stake to some extent (stop losses), and the whole idea is that you only enter a trade once you've done your research and limited the risk. You're still taking some risk though, so the question is valid.
agauerm (8 months ago)
Not necessarily, you have all the psychological issues of revenge trading, over trading, etc... One thing is to have the rules, other thing is following them all the time. I blew up 3 accounts already in my learning path, 3rd account was the worst because was the highest ammount of money, and I did all the things I KNEW I shouldn´t do (lessons from the previous 2 blown accounts).
Pol Thomas KEELEY (8 months ago)
Excellent answer for an excellent question.

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