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Please watch: "THE US BANKRUPTCY AND THE TRADING WITH THE ENEMY ACT (SOVEREIGN CITIZENS)" https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CCvNDAW0afw --~-- Audio Book- Cracking the Code Chapter 10 (3rd Edition) http://www.welcometothefoundation.com/documents/CRACKING%20THE%20CODE%203RD%20EDITION.pdf SPC University: http://spcuniversity.privatesidesolutions.com EMAIL LIST: https://tinyurl.com/y7ye7dys DONATION HERE: https://paypal.me/yusefel
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High Frequency Radio (2 days ago)
Ven Geance (2 days ago)
I pulled out my checks, got a magnifying glass, and just picked my jaw up from the floor. I am so happy I discovered your channel. I've read the other "Cracking the Code the Fascinating Truth about Taxation in America" by Pete Hendrickson, so I will be sure and read this book in light of your presentation here. i no longer pay "income" taxes on my private sector earnings by the way. The book is worth the read.
TS (7 hours ago)
This is utter nonsense. Don't get legal advice from youtube.
miguel thecreditor (2 days ago)
so why do people sign underneat UCC1-308?
Ron L (2 days ago)
Will destroying the FED, in other words, send them packing by the seat of their pants, work? Game over, go straight to hell. Do not collect $200.
duaneyoutbe (3 days ago)
How is Vic Var. doing? And Jason W. Great teachers. Forever thankful. Wish I could be in some form of touch with them, even just to follow. Wish i could purchase more of their works.
Willem Flattery (3 days ago)
Any authority our servants have is by our consent; if they act outside their authority they are subject to criminal charges under US Codes  42 and 18, and are liable for damages under US Codes and common law. UNITED STATES CODES Remedy of the people when rights violated THIS CONSTITUTION, and the LAWS OF THE UNITED STATES which SHALL BE made in pursuance thereof; and all treaties made, or which shall be made, under the authority of the United States, shall be the SUPREME LAW OF THE LAND; and the JUDGES IN EVERY STATE SHALL BE BOUND THEREBY, any-thing in the Constitution or laws of any State to the contrary notwithstanding. MISPRISION OF TREASON—USC 18 §2382 Whoever having knowledge of treason, conceals and does not make known the same to some judge, is guilty of treason for contempt against the sovereign, and shall be fined under  this title or imprisoned not more than seven years, or both. BRIBERY—USC 18 §201  Bribery of any public official directly or indirectly, gives, offers, or promises anything of value to any person to influence any official act. CONSPIRACY AGAINST RIGHTS—USC 18 §241 If two or more persons conspire to injure, oppress, threaten, or intimidate any person in  any State in the free exercise or enjoyment of any right, they shall be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than ten years, or both. DEPRIVATION OF RIGHTS—USC 18 §242 Whoever, under color of any law, statute, ordinance, regulation, or custom, willfully subjects any person in any State the deprivation  of any rights, shall be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than one year, or both. CONCEALMENT—USC 18 §2071 Whoever willfully and unlawfully conceals, removes, mutilates, obliterates, or destroys, or  attempts to do so, documents filed or deposited with any clerk or officer of any court, shall be fined  or imprisoned not more than three years, or both. CLERK IS TO FILE—USC 18 §2076 Whoever, being a clerk, willfully refuses or neglects to make or forward any report, certificate, statement, or document as required by law, shall be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than one year, or both. DEPRIVATION OF RIGHTS—USC 42 §1983  Every person who, under color of any statute, ordinance, regulation, custom, or usage, of any State subjects, or causes to be subjected, any person within the jurisdiction thereof to the deprivation of any rights, privileges, or immuni- ties secured by the Constitution and laws, shall be liable to the party injured in an action at law. CONSPIRACY TO INTERFERE—USC 42 §1985 If two or more persons in any State or Territory conspire for the purpose of depriving, either directly or indirectly any persons rights  the party so injured or deprived may have an action for the recovery of damages against any one or more of the conspirators. NEGLECT TO PREVENT—USC 42 §1986 Every person who, having knowledge that any of the wrongs conspired to be done or are  about to be committed, and having power to prevent or aid in preventing the commission of  the same, neglects or refuses so to do, if such wrongful act be committed, shall be liable to the  party injured. The Declaration of Independence says: “We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and  the pursuit of Happiness. That to secure these rights, Governments are instituted among Men,  deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed.”
Colt (4 days ago)
What ???
Tony Zito (5 days ago)
I bought the book 3 years ago and haven't read it yet! I need to get on it
Eyes wide open (5 days ago)
what happened to the banker dudes monocle?
Eyes wide open (3 days ago)
Dassaer1980...Btw sorry for the lack of paragraphs but as soon as my reply hits the screen all my paragraphs get wiped and I don't know why that happens either lol and it only does it on You Tube.
Eyes wide open (3 days ago)
Dassaer1980..Thanks for your reply. I know about the Mandela Effect and yes I agree entirely with you about the changes over the years, but with Monopoly I just assumed they took the monocle of the banker in recent years - I cant find my copy of the game but my son who is 22 now has a few different versions and non have the monocle. But now I'm realising that it seems some people don't know that he had one ever, that's why I was confused about the "peanut logo" thing - I assumed that monopoly everywhere originally had the banker with his monocle but maybe that's not the case? Perhaps it was only the Brits and their colonies who got monopoly with a monocle lol..Idk its strange............................................. I must admit it seems they have done a pretty good job though with this mandela issue and there are some things I find unexplainable such as Mandela himself. I am 54 and remember him dying in prison - I didn't hear another thing until a couple of years ago when he was back in the news and then he was dead again Lol.                                 I haven't watched much tv in over 15 yrs but when  I realised he had supposedly 'risen from the dead' I remember thinking wtf this cant be right he was already dead Lol...I'm laughing at myself writing this as it sounds so utterly insane even to me!  Anyways I had a little look over the issue and did find that a couple of people had found a few references to Mandelas 'first' death, some newspaper clippings and a passage in an biography that referenced him and his first death....To this day I don't have any explanation for this anomaly...................... I remember the old Ford icon etc but again that is easily explained with logo changes that went unnoticed ...............What I don't understand is how, on a lot of these things, it appears that most traces of the old logos etc have vanished into thin air to the point that people believe they never existed in the first place..........the other one that gets me is words in songs that have changed and a lot of these changes are in bands etc that fizzled out and no longer had careers so it cant be a case of the singers later recorded again but decided to change a word here and there, and even if these things have been changed on purpose by record companies - why would they do it as most word changes were not due to "innapropriate words" and it seems like a lot of trouble for them to go too just to play this Mandela effect out............then again the powers that be are used to taking their time - they've been doing it for centuries!.........So yes,  I've always said to people that some of it is due to not noticing changes or its being done on purpose as a pysop...but those couple of things I mentioned, I cant work out.
dassaer1980 (3 days ago)
+Eyes wide open Yeah it seems to me that a considerable amount of so-called 'mandela effects' are purposeful 'corporate/trademark' alterations (ie- reimagining, re-purposing, upgrading, modernizing, re-branding et al). For example, one can see that over the years the Mobil oil (previously/originally pegasus oil) company/corporation went through many similar trademarked designs till the well-recognized one today. Same with nearly all long established businesses. Same with the Ford motor vehicle logo, coca cola , toys , games etc . Another example is the star wars movie. Where people had never recalled c3po having a silver lower leg, certain scenes not playing out as remembered and particular dialogue remembered differently. There is a video on ytube that goes through many of these star war differences, side by side with snippets from the original against re-releases and the later director cuts comparing changes in all three versions. The cause or origin of most 'anomalies' - re-issues/releases is purposely edited differently by the directors/ companies and marketers/advertisers themselves. Not 'magically' appearing out of thin air but a lot of well known trademarks/brands there is a ckear timeline of changes throughout its history. Not alternate realities, not cern; god, satan; world falling apart , batteries running down. Just Corporations/company's etc doing normal business, making changes on purpose for all the reasons i mention and probably many more i didnt. The man with the monocle??, perhaps someone in marketing decided it wasn't 'current' anymore and it offended those not born into the wealthy upper class (which of course is what wearing a monocle represents lol). Anyway excuse such a long comment .
Eyes wide open (4 days ago)
Brigitte I'm confused, I was referring to the Monopoly game, the banker man always had a monocle over his eye. I'm from Australia so I'm gathering you have a peanut logo for a product that has a monocle? Does that mean that the American monopoly game the banker didn't have a monocle?
Brigitte LM (4 days ago)
Eyes wide open That is the Mr. Peanut logo
Zog Darkchilde (5 days ago)
Thanks, that was just what i needed, F.I.S.H.(Free Independent Sovereign Humans)
Troy Johnson (6 days ago)
I can understand if you are qualifying for a ceo position you must know all this crap! Not to exist in life fuck american fucking nazi law
Troy Johnson (6 days ago)
Fuck mans law! And all who enforce this fraud
Troy Johnson (6 days ago)
Ours schools teaching our children absolutely SUCKS they should be taught all this fucking man made crap
Private Account (1 day ago)
The pope holds title to district columbia which been controlling U.S dept. Of education and teaching the public tobbe dumbdown
A E (7 days ago)
The significant part starts around 14:07 on..... You're welcome.
M JK (7 days ago)
...back-at-the-ranch... If you really want that 'signature info', I suggest you start this vid at 8 minutes in... Sheesh! Talk about long-winded!!
Patricia Ribaric (7 days ago)
I'm halfway through this video, and I may as well be watching a calculus equation after only learning simple math.
Bonnie Yuse (7 days ago)
what's with the "circle and triangle emblem" in the right hand lower corner?!? if that's your "thing" l'm concerned...
Mr6LINE (7 days ago)
Nice 👍 video keep it up 🔥 And subscribe to my channel🎧💯🌊
Malaika Abdul-Rafi (8 days ago)
Excellent information. Thanks for the upload.
Kevin Anton (8 days ago)
onemoremisfit (4 days ago)
Hacken - eyed.
jineatisayiam (8 days ago)
So you're saying the all Caps (is the corporation who has money) our small signature is us who signs is liable for all the debt we have. They get paid by the Fed Reserve who has the all caps money and they get paid from us. Federal Reserve is being shut down very soon so the Brits will get no more money from us. Now should we all start signing in all caps to flood the reserve while they are still open.
Tony Zito (5 days ago)
+Clary Woodsby I agree
Clary Woodsby (6 days ago)
Friend you probably already know that every country except for Iran- North Korea- Cuba- China and Russia all have they're own equilavent of the 'Federal Reserve System' which is just another name of the same 'coorperation' that owns each and every Nations financial system,,..if I'm not mistaken Friend there all owned by the IMF (International Monetary Fund),,..an yes I believe that You are exactly right about the Fed going away,, it WILL BE incorporated,, along with ALL the others,, into a 'World Financial System' and this will most likely happen when ALL of the World's money is transferred to a digital microchip computerized system owned by the same ultra-wealthy-elite bankers,, as they already own and control the federal reserve here in the U.S and the vast majority of other Nations financial system and the IMF already..☆~☆!!
Maria Gotay (8 days ago)
Siti Maan (9 days ago)
Its multitudes of unworthy in this comment section
Patrick Tenorio (10 days ago)
They are printing the all caps. Name under signature line making it harder to do this??
Victor Lowe (11 days ago)
Victor Lowe (11 days ago)
Cheryl Morece (11 days ago)
sir your really fugue. Do you sign or not? Above the line or below the line? All caps, missing an initial? What? Be specific please.
Maria Gotay (8 days ago)
Maria Gotay (8 days ago)
ala bar (9 days ago)
he wont because he wants to sell u a book,
Antonio Borges (11 days ago)
This Is NOT Full Disclosure Do Your SF-181 With Chief Nanya Shaabu Eil(R)(c)TM Look For Him On YouTube or Facebook 💥🤘🏽🤘🏽👁
PrinceFcknCharming (3 days ago)
+Maria Gotay Ooooo a bible "expert". Even IF you WERE right, Jocob and Esau were literally TWINS. You DO know what that means right?!? OK so it says in Deuteronomy 23:7 “You shall not abhor an Edomite, for he is your BROTHER." So about a brother: Matt 5:22 "But I say to you that everyone who is angry with his brother will be liable to judgment" or 1 John 3:15 "Everyone who hates his brother is a murderer, and you know that no murderer has eternal life abiding in him." Eternal life = heaven No eternal life = hell If you need some more verses on LOVING your brother (which black and white people are by what you are saying, actually you'd be TWINS) I can provide you with MANY! Know why? Cause God promotes LOVE, Kindness, Forgiveness ALL throughout his book. You should try reading it once in a while... All brother stuff aside tho, this verse seems rather fitting too... Ephesians 4:31 "Get rid of ALL bitterness, rage and anger, brawling and slander, along with EVERY FORM OF MALICE." Galatians 1:9 "If any man preach any other gospel unto you than that ye have received, let him be accursed.” Like it says in 2 Timothy 2:15 "study to shew THYSELF approved unto God" But had you done THAT you may not have been so easily fooled into thinking that black skin AUTOMATICALLY makes you an Isrealite. Sure a black person can be, but it isn't automatic... but that's a whole different STUDY! As a non Christian, it would be really great to actually see Christians become somewhat knowledgeable about the Bible!
Maria Gotay (8 days ago)
Studio Bencivenga (11 days ago)
Good video and I did before - you ll get more respect from the other party if you do so 🤗
Mike Whitaker (11 days ago)
one more reason to end the credit system.. specially if people quit using credit cards and for that matter even debit cards.. dont even use checks.. force the system to go back to a straight up cash only system... caveats would be large purchaces such as land..houses.. cars... and even then a cash system there should still be mandated... payment options still available as 99% of people dont have the cash to buy those things in one payment... doubt this will happen as big money has us as a civilization by the balls.. but hey... its what needs done....
Maria Gotay (8 days ago)
Maria Gotay (8 days ago)
Darryl Parks (11 days ago)
Actuly manopaly money would be better cuz if you want 100$ you wont need to pay intrest (fed bank).
Darryl Parks (11 days ago)
Gotta go back you trading siver and gold. Money is nothing. Mind as well put manopaly money in your pocket.
Darryl Parks (11 days ago)
I agree with you.. but you wany money you get it from the fed reserve bank whatever its called. Sooo.... You want 100$ you get 100$ but that 100$ costs you almost 200$.. Soo even money is credit
Thomas Leonard (11 days ago)
quite frankly I'm watching it halfway through then I'll come back and watch that halfway again and then possibly the whole thing man that's a lot to digest. Thanks
Kirthly Carty (11 days ago)
I would have to watch it again later to fully digest all of the information provided. Thanks in advance.
Kirthly Carty (11 days ago)
I would have to watch it again later to fully digest all of the information provided. Thanks in advance.
jay walker (11 days ago)
Damn! Some of these comments are harsh.Great Video Very informative. For most that don't understand it and the ones that do. There is a lot of info in this video. Just watch it again. And again if you have to. There is a lot to process. Great Video!
Victor Lowe (11 days ago)
WHAT!!!!????? 😨 I could only endure so much of this monologue before my brain switched off. Keep it simple: What exactly do I have to do? 😂
1980shovelhead80ci (7 days ago)
man time is money get to the point women win arguments often just because we want women to just shut the fuck up and get to the point already !!!!!!
Victor Lowe (8 days ago)
Maria Gotay Dearest Maria, you're so right... 😂❤❤❤
Maria Gotay (8 days ago)
+Victor Lowe Men CANNOT
Maria Gotay (8 days ago)
Maria Gotay (8 days ago)
A.G. M. (12 days ago)
Question?? What happens when the check is refused and rejected ? No one is obliged to accept a cheque as payment for anything, especially a cheque that’s been rendered in such a way as to indicate the issuer has no intention of backing it up. One of the fundamental foundations of western civilization is the insistence of its citizens to “ Honour your contracts”. A good man will go hungry before he dishonours a promise. Any other action is dishonourable, discreditable and a harbinger of a failed society.
Maria Gotay (8 days ago)
Cheryl Morece (11 days ago)
Did you understand how to sign it or any form? I didn't and I watched it twice. Please explain specifically since I really dont understand and the author isnt responding. ty
Funny, Federal reserve notes are worth about the same as monopoly money. I hope they enjoy making the US into a third world country, or worse. When you get those gold $500.00 dollar bills, you feel rich, in fantasy.
caveman kb (12 days ago)
I got a question why on some things do they make you print then sign .aksing for a frind lmao
Maria Gotay (8 days ago)
David spiller (12 days ago)
Search the "four corner rule" in the law library definitions and it may negate the signature on that speeding ticket.
Randy Cox (12 days ago)
Endorsement, not Indorsement 😑yay public school! But THANK YOU for this info, & I apologize for the spell check, OCD,& regional Spelling Bee champ,1982
Maria Gotay (8 days ago)
Maria Gotay (8 days ago)
Maria Gotay (8 days ago)
True Scotsman (12 days ago)
i never sign my name legibly. i sign different every time. sometimes I just scribble well most of the time. if youre on camera signing something what are you going to do to deny it? don't waste our time.
jay walker (11 days ago)
True Scotsman: From what I am getting from it . It doesn't matter because you are just the representative for the corp. that you are. It's kind of complicated. but I still thought your question was a good one. I was thinking the same thing.
kwazykilla87 (12 days ago)
I’m not going to waste my time to watch this but I believe if you put UD next to your signature it could make it invalid. UD stands for under duress.
steve thomas (12 days ago)
does this work in Canada?
UK NEWS (12 days ago)
Nim-che-che Sadawara (13 days ago)
Can someone make this simple enough for a 5 year old to understand?
Siti Maan (9 days ago)
? What are you 5yrs old...damn.. The man gave you monologue and writ And links to expound on.. If you wanna know research.....hit pause with a pen and paper write pertinent info down and attain knowledge through research..valuable information is for the worthy not the lazy
UK NEWS (12 days ago)
yes i can just ask me
SuperEmitt (13 days ago)
Nim-che-che Sadawara, personally I don’t think there is a way to explain this for a 5 year old to understand because you have to go back to the day you where born and a birth certificate was filed and a fictitious name was formed. True! Because, you don’t remember what happen that day nor was the people you are dealing with today therefore your name is truly not associated with you and for them to be able to hold you liable by said fictitious name you must sign in acceptance of liability for a contract to be formed. All you can do is teach a child how to sign their name as listed at 15:58 in this video and as time goes by they will learn why and how it can protect them when someone wants to hold them personally liable or take something from them, like money or their home as payment. Example: Say for instance I manufacture a product that may kill or maim 10 or 20 people a year. I have millions of this useful product in homes across the world and when this happens I personally do not get sued but my fictitious business name does. Although, the product will not be recalled and maybe some improvements will be made to make the product safer I will not be held for murder or involuntary man slaughter and my product will continue to be manufactured. Although, the product took lives and a settlement was reached I am still left with millions coming in and without the threat of loosing my home or my personal assets. (Note: Learn to eliminate the fluff or the junk, this simply say you cannot hold me personally responsible, even though I may be indirectly for loss of lives nothing more.) Product that take lives every year range from over the counter drugs like cough medicine, improvements made; child proof caps, automobiles, improvements made; air bags, seatbelts, and my all time favorite how the glass breaks so I don‘t have to worry about being decapitated when in a collision as in the past. Back in the 70’s - 80’s if you did not like your name all you had to do was start using another name and change everything to that name, your driver license, all your bill’s etc. and that would become your name as long as you accept liability. Except now with homeland security and other big brother BS you must file some paperwork to change your name nevertheless, you can go by any name you choose. Myself when at a fast food joint and they ask for a name I use Hey-U, and I respond to it and the fun part so does everyone else, in most cases it get quiet because everyone looks to see if it is in reference to them. Simply stating your name is not yours however, as long as you accept it and sign the contracts as the people in power want you too, you will be held personally liable. However, I AND I do mean a big HOWEVER, try to sue one of these elite people that has caused you harm you would not be able too, you would have to sue a corporation or a LLC (Limited Liability Corporation.) Now take this explanation and cut out the fluff, highlight what is only pertinent and you should be able to eliminate 80 percent of the junk in this explanation. Once you have done that it will become clear, now go download the stuff that is referenced in this video and do the same with it. The problem with stuff like this there is a lot of what I call fluff or junk it only confuses matters once you mastered the elimination of the junk it becomes easier to understand whether you are listening or reading. Example of eliminating the junk: “Personally I don’t think there is a way to explain this for a 5 year old to understand” In simple terms to say the same thing as above with the junk gone reads as follows: “No way.” go back to the day you where born a fictitious name was formed your name is truly not associated with you you must sign in acceptance of liability for a contract to be formed. Etc, etc, etc.. More? fluff or junk, it confuses matters, mastered the elimination of junk, easier to understand. Except since we all think differently do in such a way that is right for you, there is no wrong way and if you come across something you don’t understand like a word or an action like how a contract is formed look it up. While you are at it look up what voids a contract versus a binding contract since that what this video is partly speaking about. Eliminate the junk and you can sum it in a sentence or two. What is this video talking about, sum it up, contracts, liability, the law, the elite and how they use the law in their favor, do the same, how to keep from getting screwed by them, how you sign your name, how it can help or hurt, etc. if you got this far here is a little secret (register the name you go by as a fictitious business name, there are a lot of advantages to doing this. Go learn why, basically that is also what this video is talking about, become a corporation and LLC. Liability - 1. obligation under law: legal responsibility for something, especially costs or damages 2. debt: something for which somebody is responsible, especially a debt 3. disadvantage: something that holds somebody back or causes trouble 4. somebody who is burden: somebody who prevents a successful outcome or causes social embarrassment 5. likelihood of something: likelihood or probability of something happening or li·a·bil·i·ties, npl money owed: all debts and other financial obligations that appear on a balance sheet
Bruce Bigby (13 days ago)
Correction. At about 19:46, you misread the quote, "We told'em. We put it right there on the check leaf. We can't help it if they're too stupid to know that they are the authorized representative." You said, "... to know that they are NOT the authorized representative." Nevertheless, great work/find. Thanks for sharing. Okay, so since we are the agent, and we can't be liable, what does that mean in practical terms when we sign a check as an agent, aka authorized representative?
Zetetic Eye (3 days ago)
High Frequency Radio yes, and I did! But then one must wonder which was correct: the written or the spoken
Maria Gotay (8 days ago)
Call the CREATOR
Charlie Jeans (11 days ago)
Lost me. If you don't sign you don't get the item. Or you get locked up. If you refuse to sign 5he court will appoint another to do all things necessary to dispose of your property.
Bruce Bigby (13 days ago)
I realize people read, but there was such emphasis in your voice, I figured that you might want to correct your video. Some content producers do that with pop up text somewhere. I mean no harm. It's just a suggestion. Of course, I noticed because I read the text, and I would not have been able to bring it to your attention otherwise.
Bruce Bigby (13 days ago)
+High Frequency Radio Agreed.
Conscious Observation (13 days ago)
I'll have to watch this again. Lots of new and somewhat confusing info
martin bisschoff (11 days ago)
Do it friend. All fact.
myles dempsey (14 days ago)
Eric Veritas Blair (10 days ago)
$64,000 Dollar Question actually...
Thin Blue Line (14 days ago)
Huh.. in layman's terms please
So u actually have to write "Auth. Rep. All Rights Reserved" to make it official right??? The only problem is sometimes u don't have much space to write all that with the signature. I guess we have to practice writing extra small letters just in case.
+Maria Gotay ...Shalom family.
Maria Gotay (8 days ago)
martin bisschoff (11 days ago)
And add " all rights reserved." Watch the "official" get nervous.....
HM (13 days ago)
whenever you sign on a line also write Auth. Rep or Authorised Representative underneath the line.
Newer Account (14 days ago)
Thankyou so much for this video, great job editing it all together, I appreciate your work as always
David Mecey (14 days ago)
All the UCC stuff is complete BS. Yes it all means something just not for the average guy. It means nothing to you but you will get in trouble if your trying to get something for nothing.
David Mecey (4 days ago)
+Carlos Rios https://www.law.cornell.edu/uscode/text/42/chapter-7/subchapter-II
Carlos Rios (4 days ago)
+David Mecey how can I find a ss# contract? I would love to read it.
Clary Woodsby (6 days ago)
High Frequency,, I don't think that David Mercey was trying to be sarcastic or a smart-allic in the beginning,, I could be mistaken but I think he was trying to make the points that these bankers and their courts have made it to difficult for the average working man to look into and understand and that if you try to use any of this ucc information with the average courtroom judge your not going to get very far because only a few of them aren't brainwashed... Truth is that there is 'no law's that requires Americans to pay a federal income tax on they're wages,, and this is a fact,, there was a group that took out an ad in a major New York city newspaper offering 50 thousand dollars to anyone that could show or produce the law,, needless to say it was never collected because there's absolutely no law..!! Sherry Peel Jackson was a former irs agent high up in the agency and she couldn't find it,, but she was later prosecuted by the federal government for speaking out basically,, they trumped up charges against her. Another authority on this subject,, which I'm not,, is a guy with a y-tube channel at 'atexascash.com' or 'stop the pirates. com'... Thanks Guy's..!!
martin bisschoff (11 days ago)
They get your honest work, sweat, tears, the works mate. And charge you tax until you die. Based on "money" ( FICTION ) created out of thin air. Oh yes, if you default (on the interest payable on this fiction ) they also reserve the right to blacken . tarnish your good name. Get used to it. With respect.
Josiah Ben ISRAEL (11 days ago)
+High Frequency Radio I'm totally ignorant to your level of thought, but I'd like to learn more, how can I contact you?
form49 (15 days ago)
Hey, if I was smart enough to know how to pronounce "large S" I wouldn't be watching this video.
Newer Account (14 days ago)
form49 the easy way out
Newer Account (14 days ago)
Newer Account (14 days ago)
form49 🤣🤣🤣🤣
Turd Flinging Honkey (15 days ago)
Person: mask; false face; character. Romans 2:11 KJV : "For there is no respect of persons with God" ALL PERSONS ARE GOVERNMENT AUTHORED/FATHERED GRAVEN IMAGES, used to usurp authority over man. (1 Timothy 2:12 KJV)
jay walker (11 days ago)
Martin: You know that's right. Big time difference.
Turd Flinging Honkey (11 days ago)
"Turd Flinging Monkey" is where i got it from, and i am a beige man, not a monkey! ( lol or a person!)
martin bisschoff (11 days ago)
Correct. Vast difference in meaning between "people / citizens" and HUMANS. A vast difference.
jay walker (11 days ago)
Turd Flinging Honkey: That is one of the best names I have ever seen on the internet.
Robert B (16 days ago)
What if such signature is not accepted by whoever asks me to sign?
eyemack aunt (15 days ago)
on what grounds could they not accept it? who can say what your own personal signature is? we get to choose our own,, it doesn't have to be your specific name even,, you can leave letters out or just use initials,, or just do an x as long as you made the mark,,, as now days they can use ur dna or fingerprint pattern or scan your eyeball or retina,,also no one uses cheques anymore we are moving into a cashless society,l, sure there will always be times when you have to physically sign for things,, but its becoming very rare and mostly,,those are things you WANT your signature on ,, you WANT to be accountable,,like if its to receive a package,, or to prove a car is yours,, I guess this imfo woulda been nice 30 years ago eh,,
Moziah Corporation (16 days ago)
Bravo! Peace to all, Gods, creditors and Private Bankers! Well done good brother Yusef! Guide them out of the triple state of darkenss. If you do not wish to be liable you MUST sign as an Agent/Authorized Representative and make it so clear and blatant that a blind man can read it. Especially with situations involving their ships/courts. You must make this a religious effort and as second nature as blinking your eyes. Your RES (Human Energy) is transmitted into the commercial world by way of your SIGNATURE. Look at any legal document from a court or bank and you will see the bank rep, clerk and even judges signature preceded by the word "BY:". They are invoking the law of Agency and reserving their rights not to be liable on the instrument. They want you to do that as Accomodation Party/Surety. From credit card receipts in stores to checks to applications especally governmental applications to contracts...YOU ARE NOT THE FICTION CORPORATE TRADE-NAME. You are the RES the Human man/woman with UNLIMITED COMMERCIAL LIABILITY /CREDIT standing on dry soil without a drop of water in sight. MASTER YOUR SIGNATURE It is the Nexus by which they get your RES and transmit it into the commercial world. When you were born, your STRAWMAN/WOMAN died on paper. It can only come to life with your signature. Reserve your rights with your signature and make it as plain as daylight. If you get someone who spews "you can't sign that way"..immediately ask them.. "Are you giving me legal advice?"..watch them shut up quick and head for the hills. If they ask "Are you a Secured Party?" If you filed a UCC-1 you can confidently say "Yes". As a Private Banker, part of your duty is to ALWAYS put THEM in a position to pay/compensate you. Either with your copyright notice, administrative procedure or UCC-1 lien. ALWAYS PUT THEM IN A POSITION TO PAY YOU! The Trade-Name is your biggest asset TAKE CONTROL OF IT TODAY! MASTER YOUR SIGNATURE and learn Indorsements and endorsements! Thank you again brother Yusef. To the East my Brother. Van Glorious!!
martin bisschoff (10 days ago)
Maria Mesa. Look on 'Youtube." Tons of topics researched and commented on by good "humans" that are fighting and standing up against this giant fraud. Take your topics ( any one ) and a wealth of info will come up. Mostly explained in layman's English, which makes it easier. Good luck.
Maria Mesia (10 days ago)
Moziah Corporation I have take note of all your comment. This is the first time I had heard what you said. Waw. Yes, waw ¡¡¡ Because I am very interested in your information, I have some questions about your statement. If it is ok with you, I would like to send you an email with personal information. Would you please help and enlight me ? • What do you mean "Master your signature". • How can I "Master my signature" and "take control of it". • What is a UCC-1 and what is the benefit of it for me. • If UCC-1 is a form, where to get one and where to file it. • How can I become a Private Banker • How is that filing UCC-1 one become a "Secured Party". • What do you mean by "always put them in a position to pay/compensate you". • Where can I learn Indorsements and endorsements. ¿ ? Where can I find more about the information you shared here ? Some kind of organization ? A book ? A personal education with a mentor on the theme ?
martin bisschoff (11 days ago)
Correct. 100%.
martin bisschoff (11 days ago)
Correct. 100%.
Curious George (16 days ago)
Sovereign citizens .. conter.contra sounds....
Maria Mesia (10 days ago)
+Michael Keenan Have you read Moziah Corporation comment ? Is he refering to "sovereign citizens ?
Michael Keenan (11 days ago)
I hope you know sovereign citizens is not a real legal concept right?
grayeagle (17 days ago)
Providing a few more clear examples of applying this information in the real world would have made the entire difference in the ability of the viewers to actually benefit from this info instead of being a bit confused and definitely fearful to ever try to apply this info themselves. I say you really blew it brother by leaving out this part of the video. Do you always make this same mistake in all your videos? If so, it would be SUCH a wasteful overall effort because even the sharpest person able to follow along throughout this video still has to walk away being unsure at best and therefore unable to ever benefit from the info provided. And also what about writing underneath your signature "WITHOUT PREJUDICE UCC 1-308"? Where can that come in to play? You must add this part to your videos brother. The point is to spread the information in a way so that people can benefit from this info, right?
martin bisschoff (11 days ago)
Why "fearful?" You are, by signing like this, the "honest" party.
High Frequency Radio (17 days ago)
You did read the description that this us an Audio Book? Cracking the Code chapter 10? Are you always this inept? So in a hurry to down someone? What about reading the description first? It is this reason so many of you fail. You fail to read. You really think my listeners dont know about UCC 1-308. Sit your new ass down, be quiet, and examine thoroughly before you speak.
Jim Flask (17 days ago)
Qanon is not telling people about the slavery
overwatch splittail (4 days ago)
Jim Flask Are you an insider?
Jim Flask (4 days ago)
overwatch, the nanobots were deactivated but they dont know it yet, when they activated them with the cell phones its not going to work, their manufactured pandemic is a dud already.
overwatch splittail (4 days ago)
steve thomas You are right, Steve, we've already been seeded w/ the nano dust.
jay walker (11 days ago)
steve: Tell em steve. Nobody seems to have a clue whats coming do they!
steve thomas (12 days ago)
Qanon is a shill and most are buying the stall game being played...we are almost out of time when 5 G goes live we are literally toast
Jim Amirault 5G*KillZ (17 days ago)
I just did it today on all my New Hire paperwork! W-4s Included!
Jim Flask (16 days ago)
ignorance of the law is no excuse, tell them they should go to law school
Jim Amirault 5G*KillZ (17 days ago)
+Jim Flask ** Just waiting for HR to call and ask me "What the Hell is this!?"😄
Jim Flask (17 days ago)
Power to the People!! Unlimited Rights To Contract!!! Hale v Hinkle
Yal Johnson El (17 days ago)
https://www.karatbars.com/?s=yaljohnsonel85 Other to bet and better the system by giving your money back with gold and become a affiliate and get pay in gold your choice no taxes in gold right
John Quinn (17 days ago)
Propaganda for the sheep
Newer Account (11 days ago)
martin bisschoff I’m my gosh, I was on lunch break when I watched this and I’m a hurry lmao 😂 that was supposed to be a thumbs up 👍 I’m so embarrassed I apologize
martin bisschoff (11 days ago)
Snooze on mate. With respect.
Newer Account (14 days ago)
John Quinn 🖕
JoeRock (18 days ago)
Noob question. Does the name I use as my signature have to be legible or can I keep using my scribble signature and simply add the said text around it?
Joshua Medina (12 days ago)
So if im making a bank withdrawal can i place AUTHORIZED SIGNATURE on the withdrawal slip instead of my name?
stee vo (15 days ago)
Jim, At least it is clear you are not helping. Yes I enjoy wise quotes, I'll consult my master within, a lot more pleasant than your nonsense shouting. Bye oh grand one lol
Jim Flask (15 days ago)
you are asking me to explain it, not the other way around. I DO NOT HAVE TO FORCE FEED YOU KNOWLEDGE. when the student is ready the teacher appears. AKA GO LOOK IT UP YOURSELF
stee vo (15 days ago)
Jim, that was word salad. If you can't explain it simply, you don't understand it well enough. Einstein. Have a nice day, bye.
Jim Flask (15 days ago)
when the student is ready the teacher (student) appears, i already answered it 3 times check more comments
eggmanslim (18 days ago)
By order of or put the copyright sign next to your name and afterwards comma agent OR authorized representative.. Thats nothing but pure sex to me. Sexiest YouTube ever
CHB (19 days ago)
if im understanding you correctly. your saying to sign everything with your name in cursive, but "authorized by" under or next to line. this way your not contracting that you are the corporate fiction, but are only authorized to sign for it. is that right? and the proof that this is real is personal checks have this already written in, but secretly in micro print. because then people could contest the checks as "bad" since its impossible for flesh and blood to sign them.
Vincent Gatekeeper (18 days ago)
dont forget the copyright behind both names so they cant disallow by stating they are the owners of the name your borrowing. Its a trick they try and use in corporate arena.
Logical Fallacy
Jim Flask (17 days ago)
Jim Amirault 5G*KillZ (20 days ago)
Thank you for the information. Is there any circumstance where we would not need to do this? Or are there many? Besides on a personal check?
Vincent Gatekeeper (18 days ago)
He stated in the video it pertains to EVERYTHING you sign our name on. EVERYTHING in this business world is a CONTRACT of one nature or another. If your too tired to sign it the way he states, get a personalized stamp that has exactly this setup. Make sure it is black ink only, it is legal in business use. And UCC is used in almost ALL COUNTRIES now. If they are run by a Bankster, they use UCC.
Jim Amirault 5G*KillZ (20 days ago)
+High Frequency Radio ** no problem. Thank you.(Lost in Text-lation)😊
High Frequency Radio (20 days ago)
Oh, I apologize. I sincerely thought that everything in this video was self explanatory. A link to the BOOK that I am reading from is in the description. If you are looking for advice on situations you should use this in on a public forum then I am sorry I can't help you. However, the answers you are looking for are in print if you choose to avail yourself of those resources.
Jim Amirault 5G*KillZ (20 days ago)
+High Frequency Radio I guess. Thus, my reason for asking. Is that your final condescending answer?
High Frequency Radio (20 days ago)
If you have to ask this question you did not understand anything you were watching.
Ms Love (21 days ago)
What about now with Electronic Signatures And banking?
Ms Love (21 days ago)
+High Frequency Radio but I got it mixed up and so confused. Does this make us Sovereign?
Ms Love (21 days ago)
+High Frequency Radio I've only done it a few times but I remeber once was by initials of my name. And the other was to type it out. I did type one in all caps I remember that and the other first letter cap of both. The onky reason I remember is because I recall something from my childhood about signatures. There is a cartoon also that Merrie Melodies use tp show about business but anyway. I was wonderi g was it the aame and how can I resea2 tgis further to understand fully.
High Frequency Radio (21 days ago)
How did you sign the signature card?
Nenad IC XC Shuput (21 days ago)
Just don't.
Harmony (25 days ago)
Santos Bonacci interview after court https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NYUGabNgKHM Your Birth Certificate is Worth WHAT https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3egDmWYx5Tw&t=1s Meet Your Strawman! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ME7K6P7hlko
tyronejonez01 (27 days ago)
U. C. C. 3-402 read it
Shawn King (1 month ago)
Or u could just sign everything intoxicated 😂 therefore its not binding the law never said how intoxicated was too into intoxicated
Fast Internet (16 days ago)
Im an alcoholic now.. Thanks forrr thee heelp
Nikki Martinez (1 month ago)
Youtube search Michael Tellinger Ubuntu one small town ! We are creating a new world!!!
Tomcat Tomcat (1 month ago)
Illegal immigrants live the real American freedom Because they are not taxed and monitored like the sheaple citizens They realize you cannot take anything with you any way when you leave this earth.
Carlos Rios (4 days ago)
Illegal immigrants don't pay taxes.. but are able to sue small businesses the American dream is winning lawsuits and fleeing back to their country
martin bisschoff (11 days ago)
No need mate. The multitudes of "snoozing" folks pick up the tab.
Brandon Berg (17 days ago)
Sales taxes are Lawful tax, the 16 Amendment was never properly ratified and should not be deduct it out of your pay. When you pay sales tax you are participating in Commerce.
209mexkn (17 days ago)
Lmfao really is that what you think...what kind of a moron actually believes that if the govt is so greedy that nobody goes with out payin ..thats like letting somebody in at the fair no pay.. Evry1 pays txes idiots its all over the place you cant not pay any taxes ..payin gas paying for things at the store paying your bills even paying for late fees ..its taxes on evrything you actually think somebody says oh well sorry your an imigrant no tax charges for you....the fact that people dnt understand this is why the majority think alike .. Imigranta get if any less in tax returns people actually wana pay taxes and get that return but guess what yea you file your taxes pay all your dues and heres the best part you dnt get what evry one else gets back
Brandon Berg (17 days ago)
If you ever win a case, ask for the Replevin Bond. Its a insurance bond that backs them if they made some errors in the paperwork. Remember to forget what you been (Charged) with and point out there fraud and scam. Or simply say this " Judge I wish not to Consent to any contract verbally, written and by my own appearance." If you have a Warrant for you and they didn't mail it to you then you can write them back and let them know that legal is not law as long as you are not participating in Commerce.
Jessie Sanchez (1 month ago)
No legal tenders but still getting cash. No legal papers no legal home or license just cash and a job. No social security no nothing just some wheels and some cash. Criminal records under many names and same prints.
Jessie Sanchez (1 month ago)
What happens too illegal immigrants.
There is no such thing in reality only on paper. They're illegal but not unlawful ;-)
wolfie13s (1 month ago)
Victor T (1 month ago)
Whenever doing things online like beginning subscriptions for web based services, does this same phenomenon apply?
High Frequency Radio (1 month ago)
Andy Head (1 month ago)
Unwittingly volunteering is not volunteering. Coerced volunteering is not volunteering. There is not a legitimate agreement. There is only fraud.
martin bisschoff (11 days ago)
Correct. In Court the con starts with the opening statement " state your name and I.D.number for the record." As soon as you do this, you have "contracted." You are stuffed. As simple as that.
Vincent Gatekeeper (18 days ago)
As the govt and courts see it, not knowing, not understanding, being too lazy, is NOT a justifiable reason. EVERYTHING you do or say IS VOLUNTARY! If your wife/girlfriend tells you she wants you to buy this or that, and you do it, you VOLUNTEERED! If a cop ask your name, and you immediately give it, you VOLUNTEERED. If he ask for YOUR license, and you dont tell him you hold a card with a name you use but it isn't you, then you VOLUNTEERED to go into contract with him right then and there. See how the world works?! Why do you think so many people who go to court and the judge jerk denied their sovereignty or freeman status...cuz they ALREADY VOLUNTEERED and now fall under that jurisdiction! EVERYTHING you sign is a contract, so the trick is letting them know your an agent of anything your signing, AND that if there is a contract, you want it ALL written to you in layman's terms and not legalese.
Janet Canary (1 month ago)
Doe the same apply when endorsing the personnal check.?do we need to do our name above the line and add auth rep below or next to our name.do we sign above the endoresment line also.?
5winder (1 month ago)
I always hated that stupid game. Now I know why... rich people don't go to heaven.
MoneyIsSilver (1 month ago)
Interesting story is that my internet bill used to be addressed to me in ALL-CAPS. Ever since I stopped giving them a SSN when I order service, now all my internet bills have my name spelled with only the first letters capitalized.
anthony romano (1 month ago)
This is all nice but wtf happened to uncle pennybags's monacle?
Adam Blackman (11 days ago)
Mr. Peanut stole it and sold it to Scrooge McDuck.... Thanks a lot Nelson Mandela..
anthony romano lasik
anthony romano (1 month ago)
Update: i have looked in to where uncle pennybags's monacle went and no big deal its just on a different timeline than the one im on now..whew, good to know im not crazy.
Cynthia Ayers (1 month ago)
A picture paints a thousand words.
Cynthia Ayers (1 month ago)
I see if you're going to do this write out an example show one in capital letters, and show how you should write it out, not just talk about it put it in crayon on paper so people can see. The who what?
Zetetic Eye (3 days ago)
Cynthia Ayers he did
Chris M (14 days ago)
Exactly. This guy must think we all speak Fluent "LAR-JEEZY" or something!! FFS! 😂
Cynthia Ayers (23 days ago)
+Quinton Joyner thank you
Quinton Joyner (25 days ago)
@cynthia Ayers, he shows examples of signatures @16.02 min.
Cynthia Ayers (27 days ago)
And example of how to write out ones signature, sorry if I'm a little confusing to you didn't mean to be just want to know how to write it out correctly that's all thank you.
Dorothy Barrow (1 month ago)
So, forgive my ignorance. If we sign a check as stated, does that mean we are acquiring the items purchased by said check for free? Will the amount on that check clear our bank account? Will the check ever be posted?
Brandon Berg (24 days ago)
Promissory note is money! Money by definition is (anything that has value that can be traded for a service or and goods.) A check is money, but the banks will not clear it if you don't have significant funds. But there is a trick The Good Faith rule. EXAMPLE; If you bought a car on a check and you did not have sufficient Dollars in your account, and 4 days pass and you get a letter about the exchange. You have 72 hrs to respond to the letter. The Bank is a Trust! You have signed a check and it was accepted by a dealer, the bank then writes a letter 86hrs after the fact. The Bank is not acting in Good Faith. Make sure the date on the Postage is after 72 hrs if it is then write back point out there flaws. Law vs legal Law is the Supreme law of the land. The Bank cannot be a victim NOR a WITNESS because it is a entity, fictitious, and corporate. There lawyers are acting as a third party in court. There is so much more scams and fraud that goes on in and outside of courts so research and open your mind.
High Frequency Radio (1 month ago)
If there is no money are you paying for things or offsetting obligations?
Curtis Trent (1 month ago)
If I could run for president i would kick the feds out .
martin bisschoff (11 days ago)
They have OWNED all your Presidents friend. Sad, but true.
Curtis Trent (1 month ago)
If I could afford to run for president this crap would change and help to take back the money back to the people.
Nicki Washington (21 days ago)
JFK tried that....
Anonymous pop-up guy (1 month ago)
Much needed content sir "SUBSCRIBED" Lifting the veil is what we all should stride for. Entertainment & the media distractes the ppl from the truth
debra Berry (1 month ago)
I do not consent.....
martin bisschoff (11 days ago)
Nenad IC XC. Absolutely correct. If only most folks can realize, when in "Court" they think they listen to "English" when nothing could be further from the truth. You have obviously looked at the definitive authority of "Legal jargon" in "Blacks Law Dictionary?' I will explain the way I understand it. Please correct me if I am wrong. So, you stand in the "Dock." The "Court", for those that do not know, is actually a "Ship." But let us leave that for now. So, the second in charge of the scam ( Prosecutor ) reads out the charge and asks you, before you plead " DO YOU UNDERSTAND THE CHARGES?" The moment you say "Yes " you are contracted, you are stuffed. Why? The word is actually meaning "STAND UNDER" in legal definition. Meaning your rights a a human you forfeited. You acknowledge the fact that you are actually just an "asset", and acknowledge that the "Court" is your "Trustee." Am i more or less correct friend?
Nenad IC XC Shuput (21 days ago)
Not sure I stand under.
[email protected]~Most Outstanding Day
brent sargent (1 month ago)
I HAVE AN IDEA. I will incorperate my own name , i will search to make sure it is not incorperated first in all capital letters then i will search in all non capital letters if my name has been incorperated in caps then i will sue and i will incorperate in non caps and send letters to the said people stateing i am no longer an agent of the crown. now i can do exactly what they are doing fight fire with fire.
Jasper Bruh (18 days ago)
@GaBoiGregG bro can i get your email address? i got a couple questions
jeffery beans (20 days ago)
Peace family.... might have to approach that angle in a different way... don't fight fire with fire due to it BECOMING a continueous battle so fight fire with something to "put it out"......
thebaddog410 (1 month ago)
brent sargent..Goooo buddy. Good luck brother. going into battle alone takes balls..much respect from a fellow Canuck.
brent sargent (1 month ago)
YES true i know i can direct the minister of finance to pay all debts in regards to the corp name .I tell you this i am going to figure out how to burn these bastards with there own fire. No matter what i know there is a way to do it without all the crap .When you are a criminal you hide your stuff all we need to do is cause them to have to produce it in a court for the whole world to see. I care less about the money i will pay off all debt and give the whole works away to a good charity. but it is high time we figure out a simple easy process to blind side these crooks. fire with fire. Work within there criminal program use there own system to destroy them period. The courts up here in Canada are out of control the judges are doing what ever they want so its time to drag this into my court civil court and pound the piss out of this. I apreiciate the feed back from you nice to see some of us are awake.
GaBoiGregG (1 month ago)
+brent sargent maxim of law: law is for the benefit of man
Richard Kronjaeger (1 month ago)
Brother, what about signing papers for your children, how would it look, if you don't mind my asking. Thank you and Yahuah barak you for your efforts in sharing Truth.
GaBoiGregG (1 month ago)
Better to have an express trust (written document) since they play the name game. Your 'strawman' cant have heirs or offspring anymore than it can conceal a weapon or get married or drive. Thats how they get away with the license crap too. And how it can get multiple life sentences lol. Its already dead
GaBoiGregG (1 month ago)
This worked for me... I was in court amd I hadn't done any previous paperwork. But when asked for what interest I was there for I stated my offspring and heirs beneficial interests. Not my own. Didnt identify as anything else
sub you...and sub for me ..thanks
Ronbo Nick (1 month ago)
we all should be learning this asap.. this is as important and in some ways more important as ammo... please sell this on CD
Anonymous pop-up guy (1 month ago)
The info he gives is "Gold" we as so called Americans/ employees of the United States Corporation need this
Rider Glider (1 month ago)
Yusef your material is amazing.
Rider Glider (1 month ago)
You shall know the truth and the truth will set you free.
Sergio Garcia (1 month ago)
I'm too stupid to understand...good presentation, but I'm a dumb guy....
Dick Flinghammer (1 month ago)
It's legalise. A construct of confusion. Your not dumb
Dick Flinghammer (1 month ago)
Your here though. And your spelling and punctuation are perfect.
David Parsons (1 month ago)
Their is only three guys that i lising to and you are one of them and you do great research on the living and the dead entitys i don't believe in fictional entitysthe court's rulings are for the sleepers and i love waking them up thank you my Brother GOD will be with you all the way home.
the real bigfoot (1 month ago)
Michael Maxey (1 month ago)
Sorry I'm at work right now I use voice to text but I do not limit my knowledge do not want to be close-minded
Michael Maxey (1 month ago)
David Parsons I got you agree with you I listen to this guy and only a few others I look for other aspects that he may not be aware of so I do not live in my Norwich but I do follow this post I seek the truth I seek enlightenment
jds hempfarm (1 month ago)
Is it true the "Bar" is in Jamaica? I meant Puerto Rico!
the real bigfoot (1 month ago)
+High Frequency Radio 😂👍
High Frequency Radio (1 month ago)
Actually I think it is on Mars...
chasajr (1 month ago)
Nice twist, keep posting it...
Jim Flask (1 month ago)
Thank you very much for the re-upload i had saved it before knowing YT shenanigans, very powerful evidence exposing generations of fraud
Jim Flask (1 month ago)
somewhere i had found in the UCC that said, "failure to disclose the principal the agent assumes the liability" i do not remember where or the exact terms used but basically it said just that, we presume we do not need to disclose the principal since the third party is the one preparing the documents with the name of an organization in place of our own, but it makes perfect sense to me, when i think about agent principal relationship i think of hollywood where everyone has agents imagine someone is looking for an actor just any actor will do the agent of the #1 best actor in the world shows up but never discloses who precisely he is representing at the moment as he may have many principals now imagine it is time to sign the deal for 3 weeks of acting, the agent merely signs his name on the line without disclosing ifany major actor will show up which of the many people he represents would any judge think is responsible for showing up and acting EXACTLY zero actors will show up to act and in fact the agent himself just secured the gig for himself and is now responsible to show up as he agreed to yet in contrast if at the time of signing the agreement the agent says for this contract i am representing JOHN DOE and he will show up and perform and i am authorized to sign for JOHN DOE or maybe he doesnt say anything and just signs unambiguously as agent for JOHN DOE and everyone knows him as he is a household name and has been seen in many movies and clearly the agent is not nearly as handsom as JOHN DOE the famous actor *this is really what is going on as mentioned in this video*
GaBoiGregG (1 month ago)
Awesome comparison. Ever wonder how real estate agents and car salesmen he paid prior to you paying a dime. Same concept as well.

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