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Please watch: "THE US BANKRUPTCY AND THE TRADING WITH THE ENEMY ACT (SOVEREIGN CITIZENS)" https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CCvNDAW0afw --~-- Audio Book- Cracking the Code Chapter 10 (3rd Edition) http://www.welcometothefoundation.com/documents/CRACKING%20THE%20CODE%203RD%20EDITION.pdf SPC University: http://spcuniversity.privatesidesolutions.com EMAIL LIST: https://tinyurl.com/y7ye7dys DONATION HERE: https://paypal.me/yusefel
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High Frequency Radio (4 months ago)
I mispronounced largesse. I know how to pronounce the word. Your comment is just going to get deleted a blocked.
Gizmo Goose. (1 month ago)
Equity law is ROMAN law. The ROMAN alphabet and the original Latin alphabet are All Capital Letters . . . . _fancy that!!!_
Gizmo Goose. (1 month ago)
Your "mistake" is actually pretty close to the way Serbians pronounce it!
blake chattaway (1 month ago)
Jason A 15:58-16:16 shows several ways
Rob Hayden (1 month ago)
Does the course apply to Canada?
High Frequency Radio is this real? https://youtu.be/d961FSk2WH8
bmassey128 (1 day ago)
You can read the PDF in the description.
Queen~Cafe (2 days ago)
Rubber stamp or red ink pad for your print
Queen~Cafe (2 days ago)
Centexzen2 (6 days ago)
Stating Tyrannically Imposed Liabilities without Providing Clear & Concise Remedy *IN Layman's Terms & In Simple English for the Legally Unlearned* is no more Constructive nor Liberating than the leagaleze of pure evils that have been thrust upon us by the Tyrannical powers that continue to steal kill and destroy The Natural Man & Woman That GOD HIMSELF CREATED. Therefore, IF you cannot or will not give clear and concise information for the layman at large, MAYBE you should find something else to occupy your complete wastes of time. Thank-You.
+Centexzen2- Sign under your name UCC 1-308. Is that brief enough for you?
+Centexzen2 - I would love to give you a dissertation on all the surplusage contained in your comment.
Centexzen2 (1 day ago)
+High Frequency Radio I am on another tangent right now; good for us all that is, or I would give you an exacting dissertation on how truly ignorant your reply is in your above comment. I will just leave my reply to this; as is & Pray that you do not block, shadow ban or ignore Future comments on what it is that I see as Truth & Justice (& Remedies) Within Case Law as I understand it in the future... ra
Just say you dont understand how to sign your name.
LYFESTYLE de VIE (10 days ago)
I am lost,, lol.
jack bone (8 days ago)
Keep the Faith. Keep to The Path. Remain Humble. You have found a Righteous Shepard. Immerse your self in This 'Stream of Consciousness', be guided and allow the Lifegiving Waters to permeate your cells. Be cleansed and rejuvenated. When enough of the sludge has been removed, the Truth will be More Clear. The Way is hard, though, and you may be tested, so remain diligent. See you at The Clearing. Good Fortune and GodSpeed.
JUSTINIAN - BANKING (14 days ago)
Cheers 👍 Again
aperxmim (19 days ago)
16:00. I guess I can use this signature formats when I sign my checks
Mike Kretmar (19 days ago)
Great on the boardgame Monopoly the old guy character with the cane they censored out his eye glass,go figure
Thomas Allen (17 days ago)
Mandela Effect
Mike Kretmar (19 days ago)
The English guy mentioned something about in 1938 that Monopoly the game was paytented what is paytent ? I heard of patent but paytent no
Sir Maldonado (22 days ago)
Excuse me brother EL, can recommend any information that explains how and what capital units are?
ROBERT GATES (29 days ago)
Where can I buy the book Secured Party?
High Frequency Radio (29 days ago)
Purchase: https://www.amazon.com/Cracking-the-Code-3rd-Edition/dp/0971758824/ref=sr_1_5?keywords=CRACKING+THE+CODE&qid=1553226108&s=books&sr=1-5
High Frequency Radio (29 days ago)
SoulMusiQ100 (30 days ago)
What about what Just asked for your Client Initials?
Gizmo Goose. (1 month ago)
Equity law is ROMAN law. The ROMAN alphabet and the original Latin alphabet are All Capital Letters . . . . _fancy that!!!_
Andrew Snowmon (1 month ago)
John Alexander (1 month ago)
Love it BROTHER! keep it up. May want to update the Deluxe information, there is no "About Checks" any longer. They learn from us. I'm still trying to find the "Check Security Features" anything.
Higher Vibrations (1 month ago)
Your great my bro, Thank you
LO am I (1 month ago)
I like your style and so appreciate your help!
Carl Tilley (1 month ago)
If you want to see how massively we have ALL been tricked with words then take a look at Romley Stewart. He has two channels on YouTube, Justinian Deception and the GLOSSA channel. Very eye opening stuff.
Emyth Man (1 month ago)
I guess this is over a lot people's heads I understand I've been studying this a long time now I pass on to anyone who wants to know the truth, great videos, great job educating everyone. 👍
Karen OKane (1 month ago)
Emyth Man-- Then what is the correct way to sign your name with out liability please?
Is this real? https://youtu.be/d961FSk2WH8
Barbarossa (1 month ago)
There is a lot of magic in spelling and symbols to the point it is hypnotising but do keep in mind that words and names are not actually anything tangible. That is, words are not objects in themselves, but representations of a thought, or idea, or an object. literature is literally fictional, and can only exist in the mind. . What and how the "name" has been used to create sureties for credit by the central bank's is the problem. The banks borrow against the name without the knowledge and/or permission of the "body". That's fraud! . Legally, a name written in all capital letters can only be one of two things. It is either: 1. a corporation of some kind or 2. a dead man's estate. So you can be sure that your name in all caps signifies that your body has been declared dead in order to create the corporation that bears your "name" in all capital letters. . So identifying with a name that is not legal because it's based on a contract voided due to non-disclosure it creates a significant reason to be aware of the details. When those details expose that you, your children and grand children are being defrauded out of all your estate assets, you might be inclined to do something about it. . The legal system can only act on a name, whereas the law system can act on anybody. When in the court of commerce, a judge rules from the Bench aka in Latin as a Bank. The state owns your legal name and so it is bound by their legal frame work, in a sense they own that intellectual property (intangible property that is the result of creativity, such as patents, copyrights, etc)The ID.entity as a whole. . A noun isn't a part of nature, it's a part of speech. There are no nouns in the physical world, it is indeed a nether world of fiction. A noun is a word that identifies a person, animal, place, thing or idea, all these can be legally owned. The English word noun has its roots in the Latin word nomen, which means “name.” A verb signals an action, an occurrence, or a state of being. Actions are louder than words for words cannot speak for themselves. . When parents 'register' their offspring they stand in front of an actor/ actress known as a 'Registra', (i.e. - not in the capacity of a man or a woman but..), an Officer. Since only biological beings can create a like being, the 'officer' can only create in their own like - fictional entities. The item (child) being registered, has its' given name (from the creators/parents), used (mischievously) to create a company (or a named 'vessel'), a fictional entity, and this then remains the basis for every interaction between sentient being and state thereafter. . You can never be a name, as you simply cannot be something that was given. Legally and objectively you choose to represent a name, title or role(self servitude- legal slavery). When you look in the mirror, what you is see is only a reflection, a true likeness, it can never be you. People cannot distinguish between the self, ask anyone who they are and you will get a name or a description. . When you 'utter' in Law it's to put (forgery) into circulation. Your word is your bond and to utter a name is just that, be prepared to pay for such a bond. Do not play the name game let your actions be your convictions!
Carl Tilley (1 month ago)
+Barbarossa his friend Rohan Lorian has only just got out of prison after 6 months. Tyranny is rampant all over the world.
Barbarossa (1 month ago)
+Carl Tilley indeed, I've listened to Roms stuff, shame about his interaction with the state down under.
Carl Tilley (1 month ago)
Romley Stewart has two channels on YouTube that's well worth looking at. Justinian Deception and the GLOSSA channel. We have been deceived about everything.
Emyth Man (1 month ago)
That's quite a breakdown of the topic, well stated👍
Barbarossa (1 month ago)
"Personal property" is not the same as "Private property" _Execution of a warrant to take goods, ect?_ *Yes, I will be mentioning Trust* Lawfully individuals do not need a Trust to have a right to Private property, Legally they do however need a Trust for Personal property. Lawfully individuals owns their Assets, whereas Legally a Person only has a beneficial writ on Goods and Assets. Legally a Person does not have exclusive rights to Private property, they benefit solely by a writ to Personal property. A Legal Warrant can only be issued by an Executor d. lege constitutus for the Crowns Pubic Trust Inc. against all alleged named beneficiaries, a Person. An individual cannot be something(Property) that was given. A Person is something that can only be a given(liable). An administrative tribunal can only proceed legally In Rem, Whereas Criminal court proceeds lawful In Personam. Objectively to conflate In Rem with In Personam is to imply that individuals are legal persons, a property, a held bond within a Trust, legal slavery by fraud. So identifying with a given name that's not legal(or lawful) because it's based on a contract voided due to non-disclosure it creates a significant reason to be aware of the details. When those details expose that you, your children and grand children are being defrauded out of all your estate assets and rights. In rem (Latin, "against 'the thing'") is a legal term describing the power a court may exercise over property (either real or personal) or a "status" against a person over whom the court does not have in personam jurisdiction. Jurisdiction in rem assumes the property or status is the primary object of the action, rather than personal liabilities not necessarily associated with the property. Quasi in rem (Latin, "as if against a thing") is a legal action based on property rights of a person absent from the juris-diction. In personam is a Latin phrase meaning "directed toward a particular person". In a lawsuit in which the case is against a specific individual. In personam means that a judgment can be enforceable against the person whoever he/she is. On the other hand, if the lawsuit is to determine title to property (in rem) then the action must be filed where the property exists and is only enforceable there. *What is PRIVATE PROPERTY? * *The ownership of tangible and intangible goods by an individual who has exclusive rights over it. The transfer of a private property can take place only by the owner’s consent or through a sale or through its presentation as a gift.* What is PERSONAL PROPERTY? The belongings of an individual, excluding any real estate property or other buildings. Generally includes tangible and intangible assets of an individual. What is TRUST? 1. An equitable or beneficial right or title to land or other property, held for the beneficiary by another person, in whom resides the legal title or ownership, recognized and enforced by courts of chancery. See Goodwin v. McMinn, 193 Pa. 046, 44 Atl. 1094, 74 Am. St. Rep. 703; Beers v. Lyon, 21 Conn. 613; Seymour v. Freer, 8 Wall. 202, 19 L. Ed. 300. An obligation arising out of a confidence reposed in the trustee or representative, who has the legal title to property conveyed to him, that he will faithfully apply the property according to the confidence reposed, or, in other words, according to the wishes of the grantor of the trust. 4 Kent Comm. 304; Willis, Trustees, 2; Beers v. Lyon, 21 Conn. 613; Thornburg v. Buck, 13 Ind. App. 446, 41 N. E. 85. An equitable obligation, either express or Implied, resting upon a person by reason of a confidence reposed in him, to apply or deal with the property for the benefit of some other person, or for the benefit of himself and another or others, according to such confidence. McCreary v. Gewinner, 103 Ga. 528, 29 S. E. 9G0. A holding of property subject to a duty of employing it or applying its proceeds ac- cording to directions given by the person from whom it was derived. Munroe v. Crouse. 59 Hun. 248, 12 N. Y. Supp. 815. What is GOODS? *In contracts.* The term “goods” is not so wide as “chattels,” for it applies to inanimate objects, and does not Include animals or chattels real, as a lease for years of house or land, which “chattels” does include. Co. Litt. 118; St. Joseph Hydraulic Co. v.Wilson, 133 Ind. 405, 33 N. E. 113;Van Patten v. Leonard, 55 Iowa, 520, S N. W. 334; Putnam v. Westcott, 19 Johns. (N.Y.) 7G.In wills. In wills “goods” is nomen generalissimo, and, if there is nothing to limit it, will comprehend all the *personal estate of the testator,* as stocks, bonds, notes,money, plate, furniture, etc. Kendall v. Kendall, 4 Russ. 370; Chamberlain v. Western Transp. Co., 44 N. Y. 310, 4 Am. Rep. 081 ; Foxall v. McKenney, 9 Fed. Cas. 045; Raileyv. Duncan, 2 T. I!. Mon. (Ky.) 22; Keyser v. School Dist., 35 N. II. 483. What is ASSET? A financial contract or physical object with value that is owned by an individual, company, or *sovereign,* which can be used to generate additional value or provide LIQUIDITY. Assets are credits to the balance sheet, and may include CASH, investments, ACCOUNTS RECEIVABLE, LOANS granted, INVENTORY, real estate, plant and equipment, and GOODWILL. Assets are characterized by varying degrees of LIQUIDITY, and may be funded through DEBT or EQUITY. What is CHATTEL? An article of personal property; any species of property not amounting to a freehold or fee in land. People v. Holbrook, 13 Johns. (N. Y.) 94; Hornblower v Proud, 2 Barn. & Aid. 335; State v. Bartlett, 55 Me. 211; State v. Brown, 9 Baxt. (Teun.) 54, 40 Am. Rep. 81. *The name given to things which in law are deemed personal property.* Chattels are divided into chattels real and chattels personal; chattels real being interests in land which devolve after the manner of personal estate, as leaseholds. As opposed to freeholds, they are regarded as personal estate. But, as being interests in real estate, they are called “chattels real,” to distinguish them from movables.
The True God made all men equal, man created government, government controls man. Dosent make sense . So why do we let this happen
Authorised Autograph
MrSteve72 (1 month ago)
Official Monopoly rules: The Bank..."The Bank "never goes broke." If the Bank runs out of money, the Banker may issue as much as needed by writing on any ordinary paper."
Frank Muhammad (1 month ago)
Great Job Sir
farsensor operant (2 months ago)
You pronounce 'largesse' as 'largess', not 'largeesy' ;-)
Delwin Campbell (2 months ago)
I thought this would be a good article to share. https://www.nytimes.com/2019/02/13/opinion/legal-issues.html
Saundra Brown (2 months ago)
Brother I respect your intelligence but I feel like I have ptsd. Me and my child have been enslaved by the corrupt system. And I wish I unstood exactly what you were saying I'm sure its helpful for those who understand. But I do know that our people are destroyed by lack of knowledge. I've been told by two judges that I have no rights.
Anthony Mckinney (1 month ago)
+Carl Tilley Romley is very good also.
Carl Tilley (1 month ago)
Take a look at Romley Stewart and his GLOSSA channel and his Justinian Deception channel on YouTube. He explains how we've ALL been tricked with their word games
George Mooyman (1 month ago)
+High Frequency Radio You are a bit over critical to those who aren't quite as intelligent as you are. We want to understand what you are saying but our minds can't comprehend all that you say. It's not our fault that we seem a bit thick to you as we are different in our thinking.
Saundra Brown (1 month ago)
High Frequency Radio It sounds like you are right. I was traumatized, I felt hopeless and defenseless. My child and I have been enslaved by the corrupt system of Pharoahdelphia for 6 1/2 yrs. There are no courts of real law here unless you can pay for it. Fraud upon the courts happens every day all day. It is the belly of the beast.
High Frequency Radio (7 days ago)
The man who wrote this comment has poor, I mean at the level of a slug, understanding. They didn't even take time to read the description which speaks volumes of their intent as well as intellectual acumen regarding these subjects, making their opinion with about as valuable as cow dung stuck at the bottom of their shoe.
Anu-Adsila Bey13 TM (2 months ago)
Well Done! Th Ankh Yah
Annoying B'stard (2 months ago)
My signature is just my name in block capitals. I've never lost a court case.
Karen OKane (1 month ago)
What name exactly are you signing in block capitals? JOHN SMITH DOE? JOHN SMITH? JOHN DOE? Or something else? ETC.......
Gerry Laarakker (1 month ago)
Some proof please?
richard greig (1 month ago)
I'm with you bruv, but have you got any example court cases, Coz here in the UK we have the burden of an utterly corrupt legal system
High Frequency Radio (2 months ago)
Makes sense...
HOWARD B. (2 months ago)
It gets WORSE JAPAN HAS MONEYTERISED its dept! And seems to be working. USA and UK will be next
Annie Rife (2 months ago)
Deepest thanks for posting this extremely valuable information. You are a hero.
A D (2 months ago)
Make a short video with basic steps fuck all this explaining just tell people what to do
Joe User (1 month ago)
I agree! I have no idea what he said. He is the worst teacher and I've understood lawyers talking better than this guy. He is more confusing than lawyers! now thats an insult!
Patrick R Healy (2 months ago)
Karen OKane (1 month ago)
Patrick---I think I get it. We are to sign our name in all CAPS!?
I AM Nathan El (2 months ago)
bobby young (2 months ago)
HFR at 10:53 it says...we cant help it if they are too stupid too know that they are the, authorized representative.... but as you speak,  you say...that they are NOT the Auth. Rep.   Its just that I thought the yellow writing was official UCC CODEING, can you please clarify  thank you
Oona Goodman (2 months ago)
have+High Frequency Radio make not may, have another person read what you write first before posting.
bobby young (2 months ago)
no sir, from what I have seen so far, I have a lot of respect for you, I don't have a very good education, only seventh grade, and the legalese wording can be really tough for me, I am embarrassed to say but one word like that can have me questioning the whole point.  I didn't bother to read the comments, I have made enough mistakes in my own life, I try not to judge other people, I have enough sins of my own. thank you for you`re hard work.
High Frequency Radio (2 months ago)
If you look through the comment you are probably the fifth person to point this out. I know ya'll are looking at every word I say to see if I may a mistake. It is called an error. That is why the words are on the screen so you can READ ALONG.
James Kirby (2 months ago)
Your copper money is worth more that the paper crap they invented There keeping all the gold Stashed away in there banks No ones ever seen the gold in fortnox it's all lies and Briton is just as bad
Oona Goodman (2 months ago)
they're and their not there.
I AM Nathan El (2 months ago)
Help me comprehend why I am obligated/compelled/forced/uneducated as to JUMP thru these hoops? Seriously, please.
Truth Seeker (2 months ago)
I AM Nathan El you aren’t they set this debt system up fraudulently therefore no remedies are needed
Grace Joubarne (2 months ago)
Was reading Cracking the Code (3rd edition), with much enjoyment. I went to the link provided www.bbcoa.com, but Google kept popping up an offer to join their give-away competition...I simply could not find a way into the website. Then I sent an email to the provided [email protected] and it was returned as 'unable to deliver'. Anybody know what is going on???
Bosslady Wesley (12 hours ago)
Further up in the comments its has a ? How do I get the sovereign book or something like that. Anyway the link is there in the answer for a pdf download
Josh Shaw (2 months ago)
Who else but high frequency radio gives such vital information ? THANK YOU SIR !!
Karen OKane (1 month ago)
Hi Josh, I have a question. Since you addressed him as sir, does that then give him a title, and therefore he is not a flesh and blood man, but a person? In a court of law, would this change his rights or privileges?
bobby young (2 months ago)
What an eye opener, sneaky bastards. thank you...HFR
Charles Ivie (2 months ago)
There is nothing legal or lawful about any system, judiciary etc. It's all arbitrary and capricious. They decide what to hear, fabricate,omit, suppress, etc ET AL! Most contracts are illegal, as no consideration, agreement etc. All treaties etc illegal! Why would anybody agree to any-of-it(Rhetorical with an "H"! Put that in your Blacks Dictionary, and Smoke It!
Toronto416 (2 months ago)
What a crook! Capitalism is just legalized stealing! They stole the woman's idea. But I bet they were all in cahoots!
Karen OKane (1 month ago)
That does seem to be the only answer since they are willing to take and destroy anyone and everyone.
FarmersAreCool (2 months ago)
+mrunconventional We got an out of control human nature problem and we are gonna having to beat asses in every town in theworld to fix this.
Charles Ivie (2 months ago)
You got it! Everything is stolen, all patents, and no copyrights!
mrunconventional (2 months ago)
Capitalism isn't the problem. You don't even understand capitalism if you really think that.
watchtheirhands (2 months ago)
While there is no question we are unknowingly enslaved in their monetary system, I believe the more pressing issue is the transgender agenda that is steamrolling towards us. Check out "Transpocalypse Now" channel.
FarmersAreCool (2 months ago)
The transgender ties in baphomet worship, all tRsuts are masculine and if you flip man and women, all trusts end, if all trsusts end in scoiety you have anarchy, anarchy is a transition for the rulers to smash shit and change how thigns are done.
watchtheirhands (2 months ago)
@whitey  my last comment has mysteriously disappeared. I can't find it in my history records either. YouTube has been messing with my comments for awhile.
Whitey Cantley (2 months ago)
+watchtheirhands - I will check that channel out, thanks.
Whitey Cantley (2 months ago)
+watchtheirhands - transgender is just another distraction encouraged by the 'Masters' ..... So many many distractions for the Borg collective to follow like good drones. Until enough wake up it will be rinse and repeat ! Do what's right for you and your loved ones and God help the rest.
watchtheirhands (2 months ago)
my point is a very high percentage of the satanic cult running the show are trannies and their agenda is to transform all of society
IAM MAN (2 months ago)
Did this in Family court, judge doesn't want to talk to me
Karen OKane (1 month ago)
IAM MAN----What did you do in court please? I cannot find the rest of the dialog.
Maria Aldrete (2 months ago)
You know those machines that accept change to get paper money(coin-op).......well....now I understand why it has to catch up while processing your receipt.......I just had that experience..... I literally said to myself.....hang on I need to catch up!!!!!!!lol. Great video....I just need to catch up now.....thank you sweetheart I love learning what you know!!!!!!maria
Kate (2 months ago)
@19:40, the narrator says while reading, "...We can't help it if they are too stupid to know that they are NOT the authorized representative..." Please note he meant, "...to know that they ARE the authorized representative..." There is no "NOT" in the text.
Joe User (1 month ago)
This video further confused me.
Tony CudA (2 months ago)
Thanks for taking the time to make this video
Hick Billy (2 months ago)
Ever tried this in court? I have. It took 5 yrs of fighting over a speeding ticket because the court did not want to fold even though they knew i won.
Brian Levesque (3 months ago)
You made the mistake at the 19:52 mark when you said the word "not" the authorized representative. You should have not said the word "not". It Is printed correctly though in the video. This is a great video. Thank you.
Joe User (1 month ago)
The whole video was a MESS! I forgot my own name watching it!
Tony CudA (2 months ago)
Brian good job. I like it whenever someone voices their opinion about what they find the video is lacking instead of giving a thumbs-down wish YouTube had more people with that type of integrity peace love flower power tie dye and deeds
itsUNO American National (3 months ago)
We the People are bring down the BANKS and taking our country back. HOW YOU SAY? By paying off debts and loans with PROMISSORY NOTES. Learn this do this and teach others. To brake the chains.
Karen OKane (1 month ago)
George--I am finding some information on this video, however it sure seems as though it could have been presented in a more clear way. Yes, the actual 'codes' are quoted, but there is not an answer that is simple. Why do people do this? Is it a game to them?
George G (3 months ago)
What do you mean, how to do it?
Grace Joubarne (3 months ago)
Hello from Canada...have tried your email address to find out if your materials apply in Canada. UCC does not apply in Canada, but the Bills of Exchange Act does. Please advise and thank you for all your dedication.
Charles Ivie (1 month ago)
+Karen OKane just leave. Having been through the church, ordained, monk...know it's a control-scam and cop-out to do nothing about the planet's problems caused by him I-sapiens. All religion is a lie! None have seen god, or the creator!just do good!
FarmersAreCool (1 month ago)
+Karen OKane HAs to do with Churches having bank accounts and other commercial instruments placing them under commercial law instead of God's law. All the churches can't preach against the state, as all the pastors are employees of the state, as the wage of sin is death. The apostle Paul had a job, yet preached the word of God because IT WAS A CALLING NOT A JOB. All these Pastors are being possessed by the nation state that is bankrupt. We separate ourselves from commerce as much as possible, build real group of Actual Christinas, people who love the Truth not Glorify in lies and self pride. I want out too, we are all under this yoke too, begins with local councils, local churches being corrected of their error. Gather in fellow ships and raise up our neighbours, the young are in trouble, for I am a Man in my prime being destroyed by these traitor govenrmnets, that means the children/elders are all in peril.
Karen OKane (1 month ago)
Hi FarmersAreCool-- Can you tell me why Christians are liars please? I am trying to understand this lawful, legal, and everything else stuff. Thank you. I am looking to get out from among them, but I am not entirely sure how to do that? Do you know? And could you help? Thanks again.
FarmersAreCool (2 months ago)
+Grace Joubarne Canada under Trudeau in 1974 gave up the last vestigages of national sovereignty by giving up currency creation to the IMF under usury interest. Canada never was a sovereign entity, always exists under the crown as a colony. Now Canada has no Gold and will be sucked into a North American Union or we will be all killed and removed , 35 million people of this much resources? Ezekiel 33 LEviticus 26 Canadian is a nation of idol worshippers and the families that lives here have separated themselves from God, thereby have gone down into Egypt(the left mind, not - see- ism is simply left brain totalitarianism, right brain enslavement, Aka split personality, Cain SLays Abel)) into slavery. All the Churches are places of businesses, all the "Christians" are liars and follow the ego and the state and have left the Truth Swinging in the wind.
Charles Ivie (2 months ago)
Have helped many Canadians also. Conservative, love debt, anti-authorities, taxes, monarchs!
Incognito Express (3 months ago)
I have tried to contact you through your email address SPC University. I’m trying this way now but I will also be trying your PO Box
Charles Ivie (2 months ago)
Am under-attack. Email, call, text etc. For as long as lasts!
Charles Ivie (3 months ago)
That's it!
Karen OKane (1 month ago)
Hi Charles Ivie, Are you in Canada or America? I am looking to find out more about how everything works. Thank you.
Charles Ivie (2 months ago)
I know how everything runs and works$!
James Schwandt (3 months ago)
as the hours of filtering info goes on, saying I am thankful to have found you just doesn't get it. Guidance is whats needed. I can research . Direction with honesty, is an understatement. 1? can a passport be obtained with a possible charge pending
ervin mars (3 months ago)
axe2grind911a (3 months ago)
This is pure BS, since the micro printing of the words "authorized signature" are NOT legible or known by the signer. In any court (if it was ever to be brought to court!) this would not hold up since it is unknown to the signer and therefore fraudulent. A person cannot be held liable to something outside of their intent or their knowledge by reasonable means. That would be no different than signing in invisible or slowly disappearing ink! Actually, in the latter case, you could potentially claim that you never signed (and risk fraud yourself!) but you might get away with it without witnesses or notary.
King Cyrus (8 days ago)
+High Frequency Radio they are blind brother because they have too much pride
Karen OKane (1 month ago)
High Frequency Trust-----What is a constructive trust please?
axe2grind911a (1 month ago)
@24Revealer Very interesting. That does sound more correct that a birth certificate registers only the event. Your contention is that there is a second registration? And that this is a registration of a name for use in the public? This is not clear until you show the evidence for the secondary registration. Who registers it? And where does this legal fiction reside? There must be a recording of it somewhere. So show the proof and I will be forced to admit it. I don't function on beliefs. I need facts. What you guys are saying COULD be true, but you need to demonstrate it. "Proper" does not mean "property". Where is the letter (and from whom) stating that an individual cannot own a name? I would like to see it. This sounds like BS. I can register any available name as a business in my state. It can be my own name - as long as it is not conflicting with another registered name. Here are some problems with your overall contentions: 1. There are MANY John Smiths. So according to your cult, there would then be many straw men with the same legal fiction called JOHN SMITH. How does the government (or whoever) handle duplicate names? 2. In general, I cannot register a business with the name JOHN SMITH if another one already exists as John Smith. They are too similar. So right there, the whole idea is caput. Capitalization alone does not create a distinction. While it is true that I can register a name like this: John Smith BE A MAN and the state will accept that as the formal spelling, someone else cannot generally register a name: John Smith Be a Man. The reason is that capitalization alone is not distinct and they will reject it as a duplicate name which already exists. Call your department of business registration if you doubt this. 3. The basis of your whole argument SEEMS to rest on this idea of capitalization. Where does this erroneous belief come from? And don't quote from some ancient Magna Carta or some such document. And don't cite "Maritime Law" as this is not the law applicable in the several States. There needs to be CURRENT law in the Federal Register or in the Statutes of your state. 4. Where are you getting that names are owned by the "state" and especially by the "Crown"? 5. When Jesus died on the cross, there was NO church. So how did he split it in two? 6. How does the seal on the BC prove agency? And who is the agent? All this is very complicated and or convoluted. The question is which? Is it truly a deep scam made by the secret controllers, or is it an elaborate invention by well intentioned paranoid Libertarians? Or possibly a mixture of both. But I smell lots of old shoes in this stew! Bottom line: SHOW me where any of this is true! If it can be proved, I don't need to "believe", then it is simply true. But if you rely on historical claims from other times, venues, jurisdictions, cultures, and most importantly legal systems, then these are either irrelevant or it must be shown how they are incorporated into modern jurisprudence. What is the quintessential book to read? (Though I will not read it until any of you show just ONE simple piece of evidence supporting your claims.) I'm all ears.
24revealer (1 month ago)
+axe2grind911a You are talking about two different documents. The statement of birth proves you were born and has your Christian and family name on it and is held by the state as a security. The birth certificate has the seal of the state/province on it and also had the legal name of the agency on it. The seal on the certificate proves agency right there.
24revealer (1 month ago)
+axe2grind911a I have a letter from the Registrar General that states they do not register people, they record events. What I have found in these government letters is that they tell half the truth, or half a lie. They in fact register an individuals name, and then create a legal name from it for use in the public. The event that happened was the birthing of an agency into the public. I have another letter that states that I have no legal rights in the name and that an individual cannot own a name. They are telling me that it is their property and that I cannot own a legal name as all legal names are owned by the State/Crown. A man has a proper name, proper means property, so their statement is a lie as anything proper to a man is his property. I am just trying to share some facts, whether you believe of not is up to you. The only reason that you can qualify your signature is because you are an agent, its all part of agency law. It took a lot of reading, but I also found that a bill of exchange is to force the principal to pay as most transactions are done by an authorized agent. The agency is the resident that is being taxed. Social Security is created from the birth certificate. I got a certified copy of the application my mother filled out for a Social Security number and the witness on it is the "birth certificate". This proves the state/provincial resident is the taxpayer at this level. Like I said a man can never be part of the public, so they tricked you or someone with authority over you to create an interface so you could be part of their taxable jurisdiction. Here is another video that is pretty interesting: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Pl0ha5bH8Oc Here's one on the matrix document: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AzxDZfdEKbQ I used to have a video that showed the birth certificate is for treasury use only, but it would be hard to find today. Some said, treasury receipt. When Jesus dies on the cross it split the church in two. The church in the bible is the people, so there are believers and non-believers. I'm sharing this information to help those that believe.
Contently filled (3 months ago)
Would a job application be smart to put this on? Like type it in on the electronic signature?
Panikos Of Grays (2 months ago)
on a job application you should also type the reason you're doing it in as much detail as there is room for. :)
Casey Graham (3 months ago)
Thats y im here. Im writin exempt on my w4
David Billings (3 months ago)
Don't show up to their court and they will issue a bench warrant. They will get you regardless of what you do. They cannot let the system fail.
Chris V (3 months ago)
I signed a contract using the method in the video in a agreement with a college to get enrolled, they told me that they cannot accept the contract/agreement with that form of signature and I cannot be enrolled unless I sign it with just my signature. I told them I have the right to sign it in this manner and they responded saying they have a right not to accept the agreement with that form of signature. Is this true can they refuse?
IAM MAN (2 months ago)
The Rhins Ranger see examples at 16:02,
The Rhins Ranger (3 months ago)
High Frequency Radio - I’m sorry, I’m confused as there’s too many people saying this and that, can you type me out an example of how I should sign in a forced situation. Please tag my name in the reply or I won’t see it. Many thanks.
High Frequency Radio (3 months ago)
Absolutely true. They have a right not to do business with you. You have to decide if you want to do business with someone who forces you to abide by their terms.
Sonia Alvarez (3 months ago)
This is the wisdom I was looking for Thank you God the Creator of the heavens and earth for enlighten Ed this man's mind to share with all are willing to receive. Amén
Poison Ivy (3 months ago)
Fed Reserve owns the USA. Our Govt filed BK in 1933, the Fed Res bought us. Our Govt became a Corporation. States are Franchises. Judges (etc) are Administrators. This is why they steal our tax dollars, no one can be held accountable. Under the Terms, the Pres (or should I say “CEO”) must issue an Emergency every year. As long as the Public favor is good, things continue. When it’s not, we become “The Enemy of the State”. We are there now. Things are going to get a lot worse Sources: 1973 Senate Report 93549 1993, Mr Traficant got it on the Record. STOPTHECRIME- NASA WAR PLANS, 5G Silent Killer, tidal waves, fires, Earthquakes, radiation bursts, Fry microwave lasers, blow up things, Trojan Horse Everything. “They” are going to eliminate a lot of us (95%). They cause 90% of nat disasters at this point, it’s documented. Aren’t even hiding it. New Orleans is a RESILIENT CITY. What does that mean? They used it as a Test/Pilot. They threw every disaster they could at it. Now it’s a police state. Ever see Minority Report? That’s N.O. They have infrared cameras all over town. Facial Recognition that can predict someone will do a crime BEFOREHAND and arrest them. Don’t believe it? Google it or look up resilient city. There will be “33” (of course). Also look up “Trump goes to Saudi Arabia & puts hands on crystal ball”. They are trying to mimic prophecy by creating things to happen as it says in last days. Even “The Red Heifer” - Science achieved that. Maybe they think People will commit suicide? Most Christians are passive, turn to the Bible and accept anything.
I AM Nathan El (2 months ago)
and you accepting that man can control Nature and The Red Heifer can mimic Prophecy, doesn't fall in the category of "Accepting Anything"?
Charles Ivie (3 months ago)
you got it! my dad was "poison " ivie professional basketball player. only one to ever beat the globe-trotting clowns! traficanti is mafia! so, all self-Unregulated. just stand-up when they come for you! don't pay anything, and go to trial!
Kissma Kate (3 months ago)
Fab thank you
KingdomCome (3 months ago)
Will this work for Canada, they don't follow the UCC?
Grace Joubarne (3 months ago)
+High Frequency Radio Sorry to bother you and thank you for the clarification.
Grace Joubarne (3 months ago)
+High Frequency Radio Thank you so much...helps to clarify. I was at the law library and they looked at me as though I had two heads. I also see that Canada is a signatory to the UNIDROIT, and I had previously learned about the Bills of Exchange Act and the PPSA, but could not put it together solidly enough to feel confident that the 3 together were the equivalent of your UCC.
High Frequency Radio (3 months ago)
+Grace Joubarne THIS SHOULD KILL THE CONVERSATION FOR YOU. https://www.mccarthy.ca/en/insights/blogs/canadian-ma-perspectives/you-say-ucc-we-say-ppsa "U.S. counsel will be familiar with Article 9 of the UCC, but what about its Canadian equivalent? The good news here is that the Canadian equivalent of the UCC in common law provinces and territories, the Personal Property Security Act (or more commonly referred to as the “PPSA”), need not be a source of intimidation to U.S. counsel and business people in the context of a cross-border M&A deal. This is because the UCC and the PPSA are old friends, with the PPSA being based (at least loosely anyway) on the UCC and because there is a separate, yet comparable PPSA in each of the Canadian common law provinces and territories, the PPSA is not unlike the regime provided for by the UCC." Now all you have to do is go to the Law Library and pull this book off the shelf and you will find all the court decisions to your heart's delight. YOU CAN'T FIND IT BECAUSE IT IS NOT CALLED THE UCC IN YOUR COUNTRY.
High Frequency Radio (3 months ago)
High Frequency Radio (3 months ago)
+Grace Joubarne - IN TEXAS (MY HOME STATE) IT IS NOT CALLED THE UCC.. IT IS CALLED THE BUSINESS AND COMMERCE CODE. https://law.justia.com/codes/texas/2015/business-and-commerce-code/title-1/
Jack (3 months ago)
when i was a kid you would always try to be the banker because you had access to the notes and could steal the game .Is this just me or did other kids do this?
yes men ist the best
Tiffany Covell-Harris (3 months ago)
Great info
Shakir Rashada (3 months ago)
Interesting because after I listened to this broadcast, on dec 7th i was pulled over and issued a summons for allegedly speeding. I signed in the not guilty section of the summons, by signature and then Auth. Rep. Next to the signature and requested a supporting deposition. I mailed the document to the court. I went to the court and I went to the court 2 weeks later, the clerk told me that the info has not Bee uploaded into the system, the she so helpfully informed me that if I didn't receive a court date in 90 days the case would be dismissed then she said the clock has started? Oh really? well let's just say, if I don't receive my supporting deposition by the 7th of January I will be filing a motion to dismiss anyway, but I truly believe that by me signing that ticket how you suggested, gave that court a heads up, that they likely did not want me there due to what I might know?
Charles Ivie (3 months ago)
The "hole-thing"(sic)(k) has been illegal from the beginning! Hence all the phony-cowards that hide their names and identities while they surrveil. Almost-over!won't last-long! Nothing with no integrity, ethics, or morality ever-does!
Lindeman (3 months ago)
They definitely don't like the knowledgeable ones. Look into notice and demand as opposed to the motion which typically grant jurisdiction.
kerrmann (3 months ago)
Charles Ivie (3 months ago)
Happens to me all the time!
lauren donahue (3 months ago)
So we would write authorized rep by a signature, to give up liability...but that is what it says under our personal checks already..why? I'm more confused.
The Rhins Ranger (3 months ago)
Yeah that’s why I’m confused
Charles Ivie (3 months ago)
You are affirming that you are the "Authorized Signitor"
Tim Bordonaro (3 months ago)
Mochab001 (3 months ago)
J130 G810 (3 months ago)
For a contract to be lawful there must equal means of exchange , both party's signing in wet ink and NO small print, people also need to research "Legal & Lawful" ...two completely different things
knowledgeispower4u (2 months ago)
Sadly... That is no longer true, according to the latest Black's Law dictionary.
Charles Ivie (3 months ago)
Yes, must be the "meeting of the minds" and "consideration. Nothing is legal, or lawful!
fragrantlilys X (3 months ago)
CONTROLLING THE LIVING & THE #DEAD ... escape the Mundi Prison with #virtues https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=caNZwk6sekE #mundi https://youtu.be/tEfsb7LuLNA
Kalla Susort (3 months ago)
Thank you!
C Evan (3 months ago)
Wow! You have missed the ENTIRE point of, well, everything. It starts by you claiming that “we had a gold backed currency”. Really? Who is this “we”? You had something to do with a now defunct banking system from over 100 years ago? Secondly, you people all focus on the wrong thing. UCC 3-402 is how to claim AGENCY with your signature. UCC 1-308 simply gives notice of a reservation of rights....as in the rights and defenses to a Negotiable Instrument. The fact that you signed anything grants you certain rights and defenses with or without a reservation of rights. It’s when you haven’t signed something that you’d want to reserve your rights. But my oh my......you e got the ENTIRE picture wrong.
King Cyrus (8 days ago)
+C Evan you are so wrong david win miller laughed at your arguments
King Cyrus (8 days ago)
Illuminati banker are we?
MisterRlGHT (2 months ago)
+C Evan You can use your fancy logic to deny the mystical hoodoo powers of this horseshit all you want, but your logical denial has no authority to deprive this horseshit of its mystical hoodoo powers
C Evan (3 months ago)
Let’s start with my first question. Who is the “we” that you claim had a gold backed system and when was this?
C Evan (3 months ago)
No, I simply can’t stand you whack jobs who can’t read, don’t understand, yet preach to others.
Aaron Maughan (3 months ago)
This is how you sign once you've filed your ucc-1 and related documents needed to lay claim to your strawman. You never again want to confuse your strawman for your physical self.
C Evan (3 months ago)
Aaron Maughan really? I use it all the time. Why couldn’t I? I liened the fuck out of it! It’s now mine.
T C (4 months ago)
Read the rules in the 'Monology' game. ..this is mandatory reading for my 11year old son...as he is the 'banker'...in our sessions. I'm thoroughly pleased with your presentation of this subject matter.
Talisman (3 months ago)
T C Read Section 10 from “Cracking The Code” and UCC 3 - “NEGOTIABLE INSTRUMENTS”; specifically, Part 4 - “LIABILITY OF PARTIES”, which should be “required reading” if an adult over 18 years is to participate in the commercial “game” of LIFE!
CipherBytes (4 months ago)
When I was in the military I was "persuaded" to sign documents all the time. I quickly learned how to sign "Compelled" as a signature. Not many people actually try to read a signature. They just look for the scribble to ensure it exists. Fortunately nothing ever came back on me to need the defense, but.....
Catherine O'Connell (4 months ago)
When working on the post >>> Indians signed with X for their registered post...........just an X will service............X means you have crossed yourself off......
I AM Nathan El (2 months ago)
Do you have any proof that "Indians" signed with only an "X" at the post? Were you there? Define "Indians" please. Please refer me to where you get your information, so that I may deduce my own conclusions. I only request because you seem to say what you say with "authority".
Helen N (3 months ago)
It should also be assumed the indorser wasn't properly informed or capable of being informed.
CHRIS.D.EM. (4 months ago)
This is why paper cheques arnt used anymore..Notice how yr bank card has yr 'TRADE NAME' RAISED from the card and YR 'Authorised Signature' on the back of it is NOT. It's just words written in pen by 'You'... NOT Raised...NOT Recognised.. And that's because from THEIR point of view... 'You'.. EXIST to Them, as much as yr 'TRADE NAME'..EXISTS to 'You'.!.. The system is a Reflection of itself..And that reflection ... Is 'You'.. Cos when 'You' look in the mirror, WOT do u see....? U see the 'Creator'. And that Creator .... Is 'You' . Manifesting YR experience of the creation from the ONLY point that exists for ALL of us.... & That point is... 'NOW'. 🙏❤️😎👍x
James Schwandt (2 months ago)
Great insight to a perspective that many are seeking to find. Yet can not seem to hold on to once they have.
Nicks TaxFree (4 months ago)
After reading most of these comments, I want to remind people that this is about qualifying and protecting your Signature on what can be called "Adhesion Contracts" with Government agencies and quasi government agencies like banks and other financial institutions. Wherever your name is spelled in all upper case letters, this information is very valuable to protect yourself. They use this Strawman technique because they don't have real Jurisdiction over you unless they can deceive you into giving it to them. The best example is at the Motor Vehicle Department. You were born with a God given right to travel, recognized by the Courts throughout all the American states. The only law you are subject to is the common law in this regard. Without an injured party (corpus delecti) there is no violation of any law. Would you bother to go get a drivers license if the MVD told you that by signing the application for a license you are converting your right into a privilege which can subject you to all and any statute there corporate regulators can dream up to charge you with. So who is deceiving who?? This is nothing but slavery by other means. Sounds like some people want to remain on the plantation. Good luck with that. Courts always ask the DEFENDANT to raise and state your NAME. Or are you JOHN DOE? If you do either you will "adhere" your John Doe name to the written NAME on their paperwork. You are not that PERSON on Court or the drivers license, that's a legal fiction. You are a flesh and blood man or woman made in Gods image. So, at least qualify your signature on the Application next time and point it out to them if they don't see it. See what they do! Your just the non-liable authorized representative for a legal fiction who could possibly drive anyhow. If in court, ask them to spelling it and then show you their paperwork, so you could say No your honor, that ain't me. Government Corporations can only do business with and control other corporations that they created.
Jay Sagatti (4 months ago)
Nicks TaxFree How does this affect practical real world applications , ie: everyday commerce?
The Street (4 months ago)
I once used a ucc code above my name on a court order and the motion was dropped, I can’t remember the code, but basically it was meant to say under duress, as I was told if I didn’t sign I would be stripped naked beat down and thrown into a holding cell in solitary. Anybody know how to sign a court document under duress? I thought it was ucc 101-2 but could be mistaken
Area81parts (2 months ago)
+High Frequency Radio I wrote under duress on my citation when the officer told me I would go to jail if I did not sign it. I sent the citation withdrawing my consent registered mail it along with notary. Today is the third business day since the citation. The court clerk just called me and told me it is unacceptable. I must go to court and talk to the judge.
Jason A (3 months ago)
+High Frequency Radio why didn't you just say that in the first place instead of giving what looks like random answers to the rest of us sane people. after watch your video, I still have no idea how i'm supossed to sign, because your statement are clear as mud. why cant you just clearly explain in normal english at the end of the video how you should sign! your not helping anyone with this type of behaviour. I'm more confused now after watching your video then before, great job of explaining....NOT!!!!!
refusalxx1 (3 months ago)
The Street UCC 1-308
James Cox (4 months ago)
+High Frequency Radiopeace fam n thank you for this valuable info and your efforts, forgive me if you've covered this but I'm new to this. Does under duress have to be written in Latin or can it be in pain English?
High Frequency Radio (4 months ago)
+JULI TAIT - It means " You have forced me to do..."
Ian Forgie (4 months ago)
Michael Agape (4 months ago)
I used to sign Without Prejudice and cited UCC, now I simply sign- For: JESUS CHRIST By: Ambassador. This is pursuant to Col. 3:17 in the Ambassador handbook ;) Using the Bible as God's Law is in agreement with man's legal system, whereas Public Law 97-280 defines the Bible as the Word of God. Peace be with you...
Charles Ivie (3 months ago)
The New Jerusalem: Vatican, London, & D.C. Trinity.
Michael Agape (3 months ago)
+C Evan For following God's law? Nope. But those in rebellion get locked up as a matter of policy daily. Thanks for trolling. Peace be with you...
C Evan (3 months ago)
Michael Agape wow....do they lock you in a looney bin?
bob marks (4 months ago)
Good info to study, but wisdom suggests one takes NO action till one does a heckuva lot more investigation.
dperry1 (4 months ago)
soon they will try to force the chip in our bodies. For now it's the chip in cards probably to get the chips on folks to link all the information they have from the cars chips.
dperry1 (4 months ago)
this is why most places either do not accept personal checks anymore or bc they have duped us all to using debit and credit cards.
Monte Brodie (3 months ago)
most businesses don't accept personal checks because the checks bounce and then much time is spent by the business to recover the payment.
USA#1 !! (4 months ago)
All of this appears to be based upon the Rule of Agency. The problem there is that only the government has this rule. Between private parties, or a private party and the Government, he who assumes the authority has the authority. If your friend gives you his Credit Card (or a check) to make a purchase for him, it is not considered forgery when you sign his name because you have his tacit permission. The person or store accepting that payment believes you are an Authorized agent, then the transaction is lawful. The problem with forgery and bad checks is when the owner of the account does not give permission or, in rare circumstances, changes his mind after the fact and claims that the signature was forged. In that case, the owner of the account is still liable for the purchase and the person or store accepting it is held harmless. With credit cards though, credit purchases are insured through Visa, MasterCard, etc. so the store still gets paid and the account holder might get away without being charged the amount. But that is due to a contract between the cardholder and the Credit Card Company and therefore not subject, by definition, to Tort law. Regardless of who gets paid or not, if you claim someone forged your name unlawfully you have a civil and possibly criminal case against the forger but not against the person who accepted the payment in good faith. The rest of what is said in this video, while theoretically true, it would not pass the laugh test with either a judge or a jury so you would likely lose your case for pettifogging the intent of common law, which is based largely on good faith. You might even be held in contempt if I were the presiding judge.
Nicks TaxFree (4 months ago)
Maybe you missed the main point this video was showing. Another point that was not pointed out was - as an "Authorized Signing Agent" for what you believe is your own bank account; where it's a check or a withdrawal slip - your Authorized status can be removed from you by the bank. When you deposit currency/checks into a bank, it is really theirs. Those are debt notes belonging to the Federal Reserve and the FDIC institutions are all members of the Federal Reserve System. They are just letting us use their notes to offset or transfer your liabilities, not pay off or extingush them completely. Remember, there will be no more bank bail-outs! Next time we will have bail-ins with depositors deposits. You will receive a $1 par value equity stock share for each One dollar robbed from your account, Oh sorry, your strawman's account who you were once authorized to use, but not any longer. Try selling or spending a share of worthless shares anywhere!
roger white (4 months ago)
Sign the vvords , "under duress" in your best script like its your name, that CLEARLY states you didnt vvant to nor agree vvith vvhatever you're forced to sign.
roger white (4 months ago)
+The Street I'm sorry , have never been to SD & I only learnt of it about 10yrs ago . Have you checked FaceBook? there are alot of us there ( over 1000 )
The Street (4 months ago)
I’m asking because he told me about the code twenty years or so ago
The Street (4 months ago)
roger white I once used the ucc in a court order the code meant under duress do you know what that code is? Are you the roger who owned the hostel in sd
JULI TAIT (4 months ago)
roger white I apologize for bothering you. Back in 2008 i was forced to sign a contract..I was not in agreement..actually I did state I signed under duress, the judge agreed but the opposing lawyers didn't care so they did what they had to do...screw me over.
JULI TAIT (4 months ago)
roger white What can u do if u WERE under duress and signed a document yet didn't state you were under duress at that time?
Sassy Love (4 months ago)
May I have your phone number please sir
Sassy Love (4 months ago)
I found you on Facebook yes
High Frequency Radio (4 months ago)
Scarakus (4 months ago)
Solution: Don't use Checks.
Michael Belden (4 months ago)
Not trolling. Just facts. What you are showing does not account for anyone. I will give you the facts. All researchable. All on earth and every law and Government is made by and must follow plus are Freemasons under the Queen of the UK. The all took an Oath. 1 line in the oath, you will lie to everyone or you will be put to death. 2 line. You will not lie to a Freemason or you will be put to death. In all means. All laws and Government on stands for a Freemason. Nothing on earth can follow under any of it because as their oath or the Queen states under death they have to lie to everyone. For what they are doing they can do to a Freemason all day lone. Why. They must under death tell the truth to each other. Research. Facts are facts and I love them. Thanks for your info. True laws. Life, growth and expand. Not hard.
I AM Nathan El (2 months ago)
Question: Do you believe that "fact" mean the same as "truth"? Example: Islam Fact ALLAH is God; Christian Fact Jehovah is God; Monk Fact Buddah is God I have given you all the facts now you tell me the truth of the name of God. Keep loving your facts, i prefer to stick with the truth.
Michael Belden (2 months ago)
+Bray Bulahan who said doing harm to a lodge? As I see with the lodges, many are closed and abandoned. My dad lodge is shut down because no one wants to join. He says nothing to me about Freemasons. I learned it from elsewhere. My dad is a 33 degree. I'm not one. He is the only one out of our family.
Bray Bulahan (2 months ago)
The rank & file members of Freemasons have no idea that those at the very top (33 degree Masons) are complicit with the cabal (Illuminati) and nowadays, even those guys aren't complicit. Back in the early days the very top level knew, but not in the modern age (after WW!). In Europe they used the organization as a way of networking for their nefarious purposes - but no one ever told the guys at the bottom that they were being used. The same as how the Fed has deceived us for a century. Blowing up Mason Lodges would accomplish nothing but get you a huge amount of karma by killing innocents.
Rebel Yell1 (4 months ago)
Michael Belden : so how about we ALL become Freemasons and infiltrate and "destroy them" at there own game! Hmmmm  lets start a movement shall we!
tony taylor (4 months ago)
Hi I saw your info on a case on subrogation. I have a case coming up and would like for you to assist me or educate me more about winning it. Its on a lawsuit about money
C. Smithey (4 months ago)
Total bull sh*t!!!!!
Charles Ivie (3 months ago)
Robert Deskins (4 months ago)
@High Frequency Radio Man you still caught up in the game man, all currency is and always been the same thing- the representation of the idea of money. Gold is not money, species money is not money and has the exact same value as any other currency: it only has the value people assign to it. A good reason for leaving the gold standard is gold is not very abundant or evenly available and it has to found and mined but for most of recorded history the only yellow-rock had going for was it was shiny and rather malleable it only recently became a useful material. Humans is & be crazy for life, all every last one but, most of them think they are sane & rational and in control and they think up strange shit and start believing it because that is part of what humans do but why is your favorite color your favorite color? Why do some people LIKE asparagus? I despise asparagus but the City of Stockton has a festival for asparagus. All in all currency is not the craziest idea of humanity
Bray Bulahan (2 months ago)
You are wrong! If the currency is backed up by gold or silver, or oil, or whatever a country's prime resource in the ground is, then that will suffice (and with no inflation).It's when the Fed started printing worthless monopoly money that would end up bringing down the system (with them filthy rich, and us as paupers). They designed this way back in the early 1940's. Read The Creature from Jeckyll Island - by G. Edward Griffin. (don't confuse with Dr Jekyll & Hyde) Jekyll Island (off the coast of Georgia) was owned by one of the big banksters and that's where they met to design when they could collapse the dollar which would cause other countries to collapse, so they could start their One World Govt - after which they planned to kill off 7/8 of the world's population.
Poison Ivy (3 months ago)
Robert Deskins Everything you say makes total sense and said so calmly without cussing or anger. I watch AIM (American Intelligence Media) he was NSA and totally knows how every aspect of Govt and Fed Reserve act/ should act. They have on many occasions described our money as “Fiat dollars”. You may already know, the real problem started when a small group of Bankers got WAY too wealthy. The Civil War crippled the US financially (purposely by the Bankers) and in 1871, our Constitution was thrown out & another used in its place. We borrowed a ton of money from The Vatican & Britain. Then the Bankers got smarter. They created the Fed Res. They pooled their resources and caused the 1929 collapse, purposely. In 1933, the USA filed BK and guess who bought it? The Federal Reserve. Under Emergency War Powers. The receiver who expedited it was the UN. At that moment, we all became their collateral. Our Pets, our jewelry, properties, EVERYTHING. That’s why we truly own nothing and why our names are in Caps on our birth certs. They own us, therefore we are their slaves? Indentured slaves. So 1933, The Constitution was suspended. Law has been abolished. Fed and State Govts are NOT real. They are privately owned Corps, doing business as “federal or state”. The Judges are privately employed Administrators called Judges. Laws are therefore Corp Regulations called statutes, codes and Ordinances. In order to maintain dictatorial control, President must declare an Emergency every year. All they “need” to continue is to have Public opinion on their side; EOs, laws and statutes can continue to be passed. Understand, that we are the enemy of the state. They use Expert programming, conditioning, prejudice and patriotism to keep us thinking we are still a country. They have sold our Industries breaking unions, raised taxes, stolen our silver and gold, our farms, stores, homes, started false wars, staged false events, poisoned our air, water and food. And they plan to kill 95% of us “useless eaters” per Ted Turner. How? Tidal waves, Earthquakes, radiation blasts, Fry microwave lasers, blow things up, 5G (cooks live things), Trojan Horse everything (RFID). Sources: 1973, Senate Doc 93549 1993, House of Rep -Mr Traficant got it on record (Author “the last minuteman”) Google STOPTHECRIME- (DEBORAH TOVARES - she has all the documents to prove it all and we are encouraged to download and use.) (YT Vids) NASA WAR PLANS SILENT WEAPONS FOR QUIET WARS 5G THE BURNING OF CALIFORNIA And many more APLANETRUTH PARADISE LOST VIDS 1-52. HOW CAN WE STOP THIS???
High Frequency Radio (4 months ago)
+Louise Reay - So is that your professional opinion? I will allow a CPA to explain it to you. The Left is entirely Jewish. ANy idiot can do research and find it out. SO you must be beyond idiotic. Money Matrix https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FG5bBagq5Xw&t=441s Here is an ATTORNEY that works for their Federal Reserve. I doubt your small mind can grasp what is saying or whether you can sit through 30 minutes to educate yourself. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5St19Ws1Opk
Louise Reay (4 months ago)
+High Frequency Radio I read the comment, and your reply. I have to say that Robert Deskins seems to have a very good grasp on the utility of money, while you are conflating economic participation in an economy with slavery while using antisemitic slurs as argument. In other words, @High Frequency Radio, you come across, not as utterly clueless on this topic, since that's a very high bar, but you are missing the reality of what money is. @Robert Deskins, Isn't it amazing how many people equate opposition to government policy in Israel with antisemitism.
Robert Deskins (4 months ago)
+High Frequency Radio  High Frequency Radio  Also I have nothing but disdain for the apartheid and oppressive activity of the state of Israel and it's Zionist politics but I have nothing against Jews in general but the reason I don't like the Zionist political movement is the reason I don't like people who call other people "Zionist Jews" because both groups are inherently racist. You really are totally caught up in the game aren't you? You're just running program man
Savior Of Noobs (4 months ago)
Signing your signature, with the intent of no liability, is fraud.
Panikos Of Grays (2 months ago)
Gods Child so you lend me some money and I promise to pay you back. Later I say "na na I don't have to pay you because I had my fingers crossed!" lol Would you be ok with that (and can I borrow $10,000)
TPFLR Metals (4 months ago)
Not if you say it isn’t
AMYAS Seek Truth (4 months ago)
+Gods Child Gordon Hall vs US
Gods Child (4 months ago)
Uh how do you figure? That is not fraud to not agree to all the terms and if they accept it and dont see it then it's fair play just like they trick us into signing things by basically forcing us or you could say theft by deception or liability by deception because in most instances if you don't sign or agree you either cannot get the service or thing you have to get so have no choice like a license so that would be fraud or duress and anytime you sign anything you are waiting all rights, that's a fact and that is FRAUD. A signature or agreement cannot be made using trickery which is when you are not told in writing on the form all the underlying conditions of what that signature really means. So NO it is not fraud to sign a thing with no liability. Our government hates when you know your rights!
OneBlueFroggy (4 months ago)
Well, that's clear as mud !
Tracey Kays (4 months ago)
OneBlueFroggy well that’s a new one to me. Laughed out loud. Thank U and I’m gonna steal and use ur statement in the future.
Apollo Lasky (4 months ago)
what a coincidence, i downloaded cracking the code two weeks ago. Its almost like google WANTS ME TO KNOW ALL THIS INFORMATION.
thewormzerjr (4 months ago)
go to http://reaperishere.weebly.com/under-standing-laws.html click on number 17(a)
Stevie Aurum (4 months ago)
For any who know the basics of transvestigation, look at Elizabeth Magie Phillips.  She is an obvious FTM tranny.  Oh, yes, folks, they were doing it way back then and long before.
Rebel Studio (4 months ago)
What would happen if you were to sign a ticket writing out your name in all caps when you sign it? I mean. It belongs to a dead man so if the dead man happens to sign it wouldn't that mean he is then now considered alive and no longer dead?
24revealer (2 months ago)
+Panikos Of Grays A bill of sale with the seller and buyer signature on it would have proved he owned it. If it was witnessed by a notary it could not be disputed as the notary is an officer of the court. Like I said further below, none of these signatures in the video avoids liability. You have to understand the difference between a private man and the public trust, and the role you play. I should add too, that you need to understand law and deeds at common law. You must understand how they work as they are still in force. The problem is the law society agents are leaving these lawful instruments incomplete so they can be used in their public (trust) and so they can keep all the property taxable because a man who has the right of dominion over his life, liberty and property is not able to be taxed unless he consents. Every time you sign something where you are the only one signing it, you are giving your consent be taxed and governed and regulated unless you learn how to qualify your signature by using "without prejudice" and "under duress" and are able to verbally confer to a judge that this means you did not make any promises to perform or that you voided the contract from the beginning. They test you to see what your level of understanding is and who you are. There are too many people who do not believe they have a creator, the father of mankind, who is called God. Without understanding of who God is in relation to you, you have no inheritance of his laws or his estate/earth and therefore no birthright you can claim. The 1611 King James version of the bible is man's guide book and was created by the British monarchy as they uphold God's laws and run the public trust of children, until the man grows up and is able to inherit his God given right of dominion. Queen Elizabeth the 1st organized the armorial bearing system as the definition of a lawful man is one who bears coat armour. It is the recognized coat or covering of a man, under God.
Panikos Of Grays (2 months ago)
There was a guy on a forum did all that. They also asked him to prove he owned the car and he proudly explained that he didn't have to do that because he wasn't under their jurisdiction. They asked him if he understood what would happen and he remembered not to say "I understand" as that is supposedly code for "standing under" someone. He followed all the advice and had his car impounded and he never got it back. lol This is all clickbait gibberish.
24revealer (4 months ago)
SIgn the ticket "under duress by your autograph". You void any promise to perform for the pirates.
B.C. Schmidt (4 months ago)
Yes sir
Rebel Studio (4 months ago)
Thanks mane.
Dave Ridlespriger 2 (4 months ago)
I'm not above the law. And never claimed so.
Janetta Schuch (4 months ago)
Can there be more what specifically to do & less what almost guarantees lack of understanderbility. I see explanations like this & feel that there was no real objective to explain
Jack Benimble (4 months ago)
I’ve stumbled into that weird part of YouTube 🤣 and to think. I started with a video about Helen smash memes.
Full Metal Patriot (3 months ago)
Me too... I went from Disney not understanding lightsabers to...

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