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Pennsylvania Gold Mining Claim - Colorado - 2017

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The Pennsylvania is an incredible 80 acre mining claim, offering rich mining history, and a huge potential for production. The mine produced gold and silver with trace amounts of lead, zinc, iron, and copper. It has a long and detailed history and made millionaires out of many investors prior to 1941.
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nhra gold (1 day ago)
Lmao.. figured the ball crusher was my ex ;)
Paul Leopold (5 months ago)
has anyone ever said Jessica talks way too fast? lol
Paul Leopold (4 months ago)
We will pass that along!!
Dave S (1 year ago)
Just wanted to say that, as a history buff, thanks for sharing your videos. I dont understand the negatives on this video.... but it may be from butt hurt snowflakes.These mines were built but men who understood how to truly make the USA what it is today. Hard Work, Ambition, getting your hands dirty... qualities that are all but lost on the snowflake generation. They think they are all environmentalist.... but in reality they are just paying some other poor country to do the dirty work when they buy Iphones and star bucks. Keep up the videos.......... and your wife (I think she is your wife) may be a ball crusher... but she is a lot better to look at that you... LOL....
T LUCk COmpany (1 year ago)
Having just moved to colorado the funny thing about these minded folks(i think they are from CA) is they want all the cars internet tech...but for you can't move leaves. College students at boulder didnt even know plastic was a derivative of oil. (i had an oil hat on; because i got it free). I am almost certain that is always where the negativity resides.

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