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Big Data Opportunity: Structured vs. Unstructured Data

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http://www.patrickschwerdtfeger.com/sbi/ Where's the opportunity in Big Data? Is it with structured data or unstructured data? Experts estimate that over 95% of the data in the world today is unstructured and only 5% is structured, so there's definitely a lot MORE unstructured data to be mined. The case histories so far suggest that the biggest opportunities lie in the messy unstructured data; the data the INCLUDES the outliers rather than marginalize them. The outliers add the most interesting insights to the process and allow the algorithms to calculate probabilities using the entire sample size, rather than relying on sampling inferences based on a small subset of the population. So research your unstructured data. Look at all those machine logs and metadata and see what insights you might be able to glean. Those are the building blocks for predictive analytics and algorithms that value.
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Cosm00 (2 years ago)
Are web pages and transactions unstructured data
Aqeel Ahmed (2 years ago)
Awesome Explanation...!! One of the best speakers I have watched till now...!
Peter Thygesen (2 years ago)
I am sure that guy you wrote the e.g. "unstructured" log information would claim that the log entry have a structure... So.. unstructured data must be data that is not structured in a way you prefer.. nothing new here.. its plain good old data cleaning (data mining step)
pawandeep singh (3 years ago)
I was not knowing about machine learning google uses in google translate. thank you for such an awesome video.
Pattabhi Madhavaram (3 years ago)
Thanks for the insight. One suggestion though would be to include visuals. Would've helped it...a lot!
Nawal (4 years ago)
Jaspreet Banga (4 years ago)
thank you again patrick for explaining the extensive usefulness of unstructured data in very simple manner ..

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