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What Is the FOUS4 Day Trading System

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► LEARN HOW I WAS ABLE TO MAKE $70,000 IN 1 MONTH WITH THIS DAY TRADING STRATEGY: FREE MASTER CLASS HERE ► https://fous.ly/2VIpXGv The FOUS4 Day Trading system is an online 14 hour training course teaching you everything I have learned about becoming a profitable trader trading small caps and penny stocks. Its a Step By Step guide designed to make you a profitable trader http://fousalerts.com/how-to-trade-stocks -~-~~-~~~-~~-~- Please watch: "HOW GARY "VEE" VAYNERCHUK CHANGED MY LIFE WITH 3 WORDS - MOTIVATION 2019 " https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QaiBLQ3h0gw -~-~~-~~~-~~-~-
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Text Comments (44)
Cameron Fous (4 months ago)
nicolas alvarez (8 months ago)
Cameron fous I want to have it in spanish puede ser? Can I learn to trade with you?
Stoelk 7 (1 year ago)
Great Video!
Edward Atwood (1 year ago)
I believe that a scam cannot survive for so long with the same performance. I have used several binary robots to make money. But I was disappointed. Most of them don't work well. Finally, I found this great one >>>( http://bit.ly/2x7cxXb ). It worked for me. It is the first multi-broker system in the world that gives me a decent and consistent profit. No need to be an expert or previous trading experience to use it. I am so glad to use this app.?
YUVRAJ RANE (2 years ago)
Do your staratagies apply to all stock markets across the world.... E.G: INDIA
Avishek Paul (2 years ago)
is this available in india?
Zohaib Ahmed (2 years ago)
I want to learn please guide me please and I am fan of yours
Aaron Truth TV (3 years ago)
I'll be joining tomorrow. can't wait.
Chris Oliver (3 years ago)
hi i am 11 years old and learning to trade stocks
Corey Mccreight (3 years ago)
hey fous this is corey am one of your students i have your dvds and i have been studying like crazy once you study whats the next step i would like to know more about the hedge fund
Mr.Titts Mcgee (3 years ago)
You inspired me a while back to get into trading glad to see some new videos but you are awesome and I want to say thank you for kicking up my curiosity,I'm on profitly,and am learning from Tim Sykes taking his lessons Etc. but I owe you a thank you getting in the market was the best decision i've ever made you and Tim are awesome traders and it's great that there are guy like you and him that actually help people with a dream and a drive to achieve that dream or anything they encounter in life I am too ready for 2016 hopefully it will be a great year!!!!!!!!!!!
Rudy Vlogs (3 years ago)
Cameron Fous, please put out a video on PSUN pacific sunwear. It will make your students a lot of money
Daniel Reynaga (3 years ago)
I truly believe you should check out some of Timothy Sykes DVDs like 'How to Make Millions' get your education up bro
michael88863 (3 years ago)
People are so fucking gullible. Making money in this way is much the same as gambling. Some win some lose. But this guy is just a snake oil salesman.
C. A. J. (3 years ago)
+awarebrah Ouch, what a burn. 🍻
Cameron Fous (3 years ago)
+michael88863 yup 90% of traders fail. Not hiding anything there . But most people lose because they don't even get any kind of education. All i'm doing is trying to help people learn how I did it. So fuck you and you negativity. If you don't believe you can. You most certainly will not. Being successful is a mind state.
Mustafa Ali (3 years ago)
good video.... looking forward to be a successful trader one day
Robert Cole (3 years ago)
Hey Cameron, been watching a lot of your videos over the past few months; really interested in becoming a day/swing trader. Tired of working so hard at jobs and getting let go. Always had a thing for numbers, starting with $2000. Can we get in touch need to learn.
yourik van beek (3 years ago)
Love those paintings on the wall. What is the name of those paintings.
matsterness (3 years ago)
I am 17 and have your dvd's, studying like mad. Thank you for making these, didn't prepare myself properly when i traded last time but have had a long break and revised your dvd's and i feel like i understand the chart patterns a lot more and will be more of a sniper when i go in due to my account size being smaller. Thank you Fous. P.S. WHAT IS THE TUNE IN THIS VIDEO?!?!
Andre Decoteau (3 years ago)
Great Video can your system work for swing trading, I have a full time Job.
vincere415 (3 years ago)
lol is that a hicky?
RantZ_IE (3 years ago)
I'm 15 and getting into trading. Love your channel even though I cant buy the dvds. I have been paper trading though and have made some decent money although I have been giving my self a lot of starting capital to play with so. Anyways don't know if there is any plans but it would be cool to have a dumbed down version of the lessons at a cheaper price I mean I only have like 150 bucks.
Moneyinlife (3 years ago)
Great video!
kalepo vanilau (3 years ago)
Anyone from New Zealand up in here?!?! Would love to start but sounds like more of a American trade ground
Jorge Acurero (3 years ago)
+cameron fous Hi I am studying with the fouse4 I am trying to get the $99 membership for the live tv but I don't understand what I have to do to get in it, the website says to put in my info but no body has contacted me yet. Any sugestions? Also I have questions about the hedgefund account I tried calling customer service but no one answered.
Cameron Fous (3 years ago)
+kalepo vanilau dont matter where your from as long as you have wifi you can trade with us. Fill out the form here fousalerts.com/hedgefund
Bob Bayer (3 years ago)
+kalepo vanilau the FOUS4 system works anywhere!
Brendan Fox (3 years ago)
I'm 17 and I guarantee I'm going to be a millionaire by 21 by using your strategy I've been studying everyday and been staying on that grind
Check Ing (8 months ago)
+friedrik larson Don't judge too early, dude.
Shaun M (10 months ago)
lies lol. you're so irrelevant it took me two years to even notice your comment.
friedrik larson (1 year ago)
Haha... Keep n dreaming. The one that is making money is this oil snake saleaman... You will thank me when you are 21
Lukas Louwman (3 years ago)
+Owen Alpp That is why you are watching this video... :). I am 18 and have the same dream. With your mentality you will never ever getting somewhere.
Jack (3 years ago)
+Brendan Fox He is a business man more than a trader. He just selling his product. That's how he make money.
Jay Johnston (3 years ago)
Seriously About to start trading right now... Id love learn the right way from the best. Id be on the right track for being 17
GTEI GENEYO (3 years ago)
Great video, very professional! I'll be getting these DVDs as a Christmas present for myself. Really interested in getting my education done right. I've done a lot of research, and you have made a new customer! Looking forward to be learning with you!
G (3 years ago)
+GTEI GENEYO Hi, please PM about the dvd :)
John Pipkin (3 years ago)
Cameron, love your stuff, super original content in terms of a trader, although I am not a trader your mentality and lifestyle is motivation in itself. But i cant get over what appears to be a hickie on your neck. Anyways keep up the awesomeness.
Sergey Dzema (1 year ago)
Just wonderful, I've been looking for "the max trading system" for a while now, and I think this has helped. Have you ever come across - Sonatthew Trading Tachypneic - (do a search on google ) ? Ive heard some decent things about it and my co-worker got amazing results with it.
Cameron Fous (3 years ago)
lol its my birthmark kids
Christopher Dixon (3 years ago)
Haha it happens..
Christopher Dixon (3 years ago)
+John Pipkin Hah, he's got that in most videos.. Probably a birthmark or something.. all good :D

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